We Meet Again

An Enchanted fic by Gigi

Summary: Nancy is Queen of Andalasia now and happily married to Edward. But what happens when she visits New York and runs into Robert and Giselle?

Chapter 1: I Love New York

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"Edward?" Nancy asked timidly, peeking around the shower door and whipping back as soon as she saw he had no clothes on. Smiling at herself, she waited until Edward put a towel around himself and walked out, grinning.

"Yes, my darling?" he chirped.

"Sorry," Nancy laughed.

"Ah, nonsense, my dear. We are married now! It's perfectly alright. Now, what was it that you wanted?" Edward asked, sitting down on the very large bed they shared.

"I'm feeling a little...homesick," she admitted, blushing.

"What do you mean? This is your home!" he declared, confused. After a few seconds, realization flickered across his face. "You mean New York, don't you?" Nancy nodded. "You would like to visit, wouldn't you?" Again, she nodded. "Come here," Edward commanded as he stretched out his arms for his wife. Once she was firmly settled in his lap, he went on. "I would hope you want your husband to accompany you on your voyage?"

A big grin broke across Nancy's face. "Really?" Now it was Edward's turn to nod. Squealing with glee, Nancy flung her arms around her husband. "I love you," she whispered, still smiling.


"Giselle, slow down!" Robert called after his girlfriend. "I know I promised I'd take you to see Wicked but it doesn't start for another four hours!"

Giselle stopped and turned around in the middle of the sidewalk. "Robert, do you really think that's the only reason I dragged you out here four hours early?" When he nodded, Giselle couldn't help but giggle, mumbling something that sounded to Robert a lot like "silly oaf". "A new store opened up on Portal Street!" That's what Giselle had become accustomed to calling 5th street, because that's where the manhole to Andalasia was.

"Broadway, Giselle. It's Broadway, not Portal Street," Robert corrected for the umpteenth time.

"Ah, that's another thing for another day, let's go!"




"I don't remember the fall hurting that much last time..." Edward said to himself as he rubbed his head. "Are you alright, my love?" he asked Nancy. "My love?" he repeated when she didn't respond.

After a few minutes of digging her way through her dress, she came up for air. "Yeah, just fine." Taking a look at herself, she sighed. "Eddy, I really shouldn't be wearing this around New York City," she declared, fingering her gown. "Can I change now?"

Edward nodded, taking on a glum expression. "I guess that means I should change, too."

"Well, tights and puffy shirts and swords don't really go over all that well in the city," Nancy laughed.

After they had changed--Nancy was wearing a Theory shirt and a pencil skirt while Edward wore a smart suit--they heaved the manhole cover aside and tried to emerge from the middle of the street with some shred of dignity.

Smiling, Nancy looked across the street. "Oh look, Eddy, they opened a new store!"

"Who did?"

Rolling her eyes, she pulled her husband along as she wove deftly through the crowds and into "Nu Look".

"Wow, this place is really nice!" Nancy said to herself as the couple stepped through the threshold of the new department store. "Oh hey, remind me to buy a new cell phone, okay?"

"Why?" Eddy asked, puzzled.

"Because, in order not to get homesick again, I need to be able to stay in touch with my friends here," Nancy answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Sighing, Edward looked around the store, looking for the men's department when his eyes alighted on a familiar redhead. "Giselle?"

"What was that?" Nancy turned around to face her husband. "What about Giselle?" When he didn't answer, she followed his eyes and saw not only Giselle, but Robert as well. She couldn't help but feel a tiny flame of jealousy spark up at the sight of them together. Sure, she was married--and happy--but did he forget her so completely? "You wanna go say hi?"

Apparently he had the same train of thought as his wife, for he quickly wiped a grimace from his face and turned his back to the apparently happy couple, whispering, "Let's see if they recognize us, instead."

Nodding in agreement, Nancy dragged Edward around the store, trying on this and that, and making him do the same, always using the excuse, "If we're going to be here a while, we need to actually have clothes!"


"Oh, Robert, look at this dress!" Giselle motioned to a pink dress with ruffly sleeves and lace trim at the bottom. "Isn't it divine?" Robert, sufficiently bored, just murmured agreement. "Would you mind if I tried it on?" Seeing his grimace, she hurriedly added, "It will be the last one, I promise!"

"Fine, come on," he ceded, leading her to the dressing rooms--when he sees a tall brunette man leaning against the wall outside the fitting rooms as if waiting for someone. Stopping short, Robert pulled Giselle behind a clothes rack and whispered. "Am I hallucinating or is that Edward over there?"

Giselle peeked over the rack to make sure and it was, indeed, her ex. "It is! Oh, fiddlesticks, what are we to do?"

Robert laughed at her lasting innocence. "Well, it would be rude to just ignore him, especially since you want to try on that dress, so why don't you go say hi?"

"Will you come with me?" she pleaded, clutching his arm.

"Yeah, of course," Robert said, trying to pry her fingers from his arm. She was starting to cut off his circulation.

Walking out from behind the rack, Robert and Giselle made their way to the fitting rooms. Giselle looks into Edward's face to confirm her suspicion. "Edward?"

As if snapping out of a daze, Edward suddenly focused on the petite woman in from of him. "Giselle!" He swooped down and hugged her and Robert in turn.

"What are you doing here?" the redhead asked.

"Ah, we're just here for a short visit," he declared.

"We?" Robert piped in.

"Yeah, we--" Edward started but was interrupted by the other half of the "we".

"Eddy, I think this would be perfect for a--" Nancy stopped short upon seeing the couple right in front of her. "H-Hey, guys!"

"Oh, so th-that's the 'we'," Giselle stammered, obviously surprised.

Robert stepped to her rescue. "I didn't know you two were an item. Nancy, you told me you got a new job out of town..."

"I did," she replied quickly. "You are now looking at the Queen of Andalasia." Giselle's eyes just about bugged out.

"You...You're married?" she spluttered out at Edward. "So soon?" Robert looked at his girlfriend when he heard the...hurt...in her voice.

Edward, unable to handle the emotion, looked for something to distract him. He clutched his wife close and held her hand. "Well, the same night you found your true love...I did as well."

Robert's and Giselle's heads snapped back toward the couple. "Who?" At that, Nancy rolled her eyes in exasperation. Why were they being so slow?

Edward was also obviously confused. "Well...um...Nancy."

"Well, Nancy," Giselle started, trying to regain her composure, "you're lucky to have such a gentleman as your husband. Treat him well." Nancy fought to keep the wince from her face. Treat him well? As if she wasn't already? Instead, she kept her features smooth and nodded her head graciously. "Edward?" she continued. "Would you like to take a walk and...catch up?" Grateful for the way out of all the awkwardness, he quickly accepted, excusing them both and leaving just Nancy and Robert.

After a few minutes of silence, Robert had to remark on his ex's quick comeback. "So, you bounced back, just like a true New Yorker, huh?" He couldn't help but add a bite to that last part.

"Hey, at least I got a guy who stays faithful to me, this time," she snapped back. Fixing him with a frosty stare, she was the Ice Queen as she paid for her clothes and started walking to Central Park for some peace and quiet...until she noticed Robert was following her.

"Excuse me, but are you actually saying I cheated on you?" he asked, grabbing Nancy's arm and stopping her in front of a bench.

"Well what else do you call kissing another woman?"

"You TOLD me to kiss her!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, but not to keep on kissing her!" she retorted, trying to resume her walk only to be jerked back again.

"Would you rather I stayed with you with both of us knowing I loved another woman?" he whispered out.

"No, but at least TELL me we're done before you fall out of a shower with her on top of you!" she forced out, her eyes tearing up, remembering how much it had hurt her to see them like that.

Robert grabbed her by both arms when she once again attempted to escape his grasp and decided to confess something: "Just so you know, that night, I was going to ask you to marry me." He let her go and left to find Giselle, trying not to see her shocked, pained expression.

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