We Meet Again

An Enchanted fic by Gigi

Summary: Nancy is Queen of Andalasia now and happily married to Edward. But what happens when she visits New York and runs into Robert and Giselle

Chapter 12: Ever After?

A/N: Alas, my readers, we have reached the end of this wonderful journey. It has been extremely fun, you guys. You have been awesome. Just because the story is over doesn't mean my dabbling in Enchanted plots is over! But I'm going to try to finish another fic first. I love you guys.

One minute left.

Nancy was rapidly falling into a permanent state of slumber. In the last twenty seconds, she turned three shades whiter, her lips carrying the faintest tint of blue.

"Kiss her, Edward," Giselle whispered, her eyes watering at the thought of such a sweet, kind woman losing not only her life, but that of her baby as well. "It's the only way to save her life."

Edward's eyes widened in apprehension. It hadn't worked last time when he was in a similar situation. What if it didn't work now? Was he doomed to live forever in a loveless life?

Robert rushed to his side, noting the more deathly air surrounding Nancy. "I really don't think you have time to spare. Do it now!"

Ten seconds left.

Strangely enough, Nancy began to...thin. She was--evaporating, almost. Panicking, Edward thrust his face on hers and covered her cold lips with his.

After a few seconds of hoping she would miraculously recover and respond to the kiss, Edward finally gave up and lifted his head, heart-stricken.

He'd lost his wife. He had no true love. Was there no justice in this world? Why did he have to lose two of his brides in 6 months? AND his baby?

Edward bent over his wife's unmoving body, weeping into her stomach. "This is just not fair!" he cried.

Robert's and Giselle's hearts melted at the King's grief. Everybody at the--now completely demolished--dinner surrounded the four people, faces crumpling at the forlorn sight before them.

Spitzer sidled up to Robert's side, whispering in his ear, "What's going on? I thought you and Ms. Tremaine were together?" Robert shook his head sadly. "Care to explain?"

"It's a long story," Robert sighed. "But Nancy and I are not together anymore..."

"If you're saying that because she's...well...incapacitated..." Spitzer glared. "That's no reason to--"

"No! We were quite serious. We were together for five years, before these two dropped in," Robert declared, motioning to the prostrate body of Edward and the woman standing alone trying her very hardest to contain her tears. "She is my girlfriend and that man was--is her husband."

"So why did you come with Ms. Tremaine?" he asked in a soft voice, not wanting to seem disrespectful, but he was curious.

Before Robert could open his mouth, Edward emitted a particularly loud wail into the motionless co...body.

She could not be a corpse.

Edward suddenly felt a stirring beneath him. A faint grumble...almost like someone was digesting food.

Who on Earth would be eating right now? he asked himself, before he felt two hands lightly touch each side of his tear-stained face. No...could it be...?

Chancing a glance up at his lost love's face, he notice she had ceased dissipating. She even had a little color, and, though her eyes were still closed, they were, indeed, her hands on either side of his head. Well, it was hardly her hands. More like the very tip of her three middle fingers barely brushing both sides of his chin. But a faint smile adorned her thin lips.

The smallest glimmer of hope burst into flame in Edward's heart. Could she really be alive? Was she his true love after all?

Moving up her body, he examined her beautiful features, looking for any other indication of life. For a few agonizingly long moments, everybody leaned forward to see what would become of the woman.

Stranger's POV

I shoved my way to the front of the crowd, right behind a small woman with red hair who was crying. Sobbing. I look down on the floor. A man is hovering above a heart-breakingly beautiful woman. But she wasn't moving. Her chest rose and fell maybe a centimeter every time.

My heart went out to the man, knowing the hope that was showing so much on his face was about to slide off like butter on a stove.

I'd seen death too much not to be able to recognize it when I saw it. I could tell she was still alive, but only slightly. She was making peace, touching the man--her husband, if the ring on her finger is anything to go by--and finally accepting the inevitable.

It happened to each person in my family who died. Right before they left me to pick up the pieces.

The man's face fell after a few moments, eyes tearing up. Then something in him...changed. He took on a new air. Almost that of--Royalty was what came to mind. Solemn and somber, he lay the woman back down, having picked her up when she showed those last signs of life.

He closed his eyes for a moment, almost as if gathering strength. Opening his eyes, he whispered something to the woman as he bent over. The words were so low, so soft, that I almost didn't catch them. Even had I not heard them directly, the emotion in his voice, in his eyes, and in the way he held his love conveyed the feelings just as powerfully.

"I'll only ever be yours. I love you."

He bent down to kiss her one more time. A kiss so full of love and affection that I knew he meant what he said with every fiber of his being.

Soon, my vision became blurred. I was crying, weeping. The redhead in front of me turned, understood, and offered me her shoulder while she silently mourned as well.


Edward straightened from the kiss--the goodbye kiss. "Goodbye, my love," he choked out before he forced himself to turn away. He couldn't look at her anymore, knowing she would never wake up from her slumber and whack him on the head for watching her sleep again. He would never hear her laughter again. That sweet voice that tinkled like chimes in the wind. It was all gone.



Why had he hesitated? Was it his fault that she died? Should he have kissed her sooner? Did his self-doubt actually counter the kiss?

Was she even his true love?

That question reverberated in Edward's head. How could that be? They had been so happy together? Was it Robert again?

What was he thinking? True love doesn't change like that! Nancy Tremaine was...is his true love, and there was no changing that. Maybe she had already passed when he kissed her?

Then why had she touched him?

All this went through his mind as he made his way to Robert and Giselle. Tears fell freely down his cheeks, a waterfall in honor of the goddess he had the honor of calling his wife.

"Mmnh..." a groan of pain sounded from behind him.

Edward froze. He strained his ears. It couldn't be wishful thinking this time. He'd lost any hope he'd had in the world.

Slowly turning around, Edward spotted a slight sparkle at the edge of Nancy's eye. A tear.


Why was everything so black? I heard everybody...crying. How long was I out?

Nancy felt her husbands warm lips envelop hers. She wanted so much to hug him and to kiss him back, but she couldn't control her body. She couldn't move.

Her eyes watered as he bid her farewell, a single tear escaping the eyelid as she finally emitted a moan. If it was the only way to let him know she was still there, then so be it.


Edward was back at Nancy's side in a heartbeat, wiping away her tear with his thumb.

"Please be alive..." he whispered.

Nancy moaned in response, her face contorting with anguish. She let out three soft, almost incoherent words.

"Don't leave me."

Burying his face in her hair as he picked her up so she was in a sitting position, Edward was jubilant as he held his very much alive wife. Crying into her hair, he replied, "I promise. I will never leave your side. Not ever."

8D Nancy POV

"I promise," he cried into my hair. "I will never leave your side. Not ever."

I finally gained control of my eyes, straining to lift my heavy eyelids as he held me before him. I saw his tear-streaked face and his eyes that danced with joy and relief and, most of all, love.

He leaned down to kiss me again.

This time he got a response.

A big one.

Everybody started clapping and hooting out in joy.

But we didn't care.

We just kept kissing.

The End

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