Harry was sure he was dreaming, but everything felt real. He studied his surroundings, some part of him just knew it was Glasgow. Death Eaters were running rampart through the town centre, spell fire blazed from their wands. Harry slowly turned around, seeing the spear in his hands, the blue metal point reflecting the light oddly. He put the base in the ground, the concrete flowing away from him.

'No more,' Harry said, everyone both muggle and wizard stared at him. 'No more!'

'It's him... Merlin. Kill him!' one Death Eater shouted, the rest casting spells at Harry. Each one fired more than three spells at Harry, yet none of them reached him. Almost fifty incandescent orbs floated around him. He looked at each one, all of them feeling evil to his touch. Another wave of spells shot towards him, likewise frozen in place.

'No more will you torture. No more will you kill. No more will you break families apart. Break your wands and leave, or face me,' Harry said.

The Death Eaters paused, more spells shot towards him in bursts, before a second of almost constant spell fire, then nothing. The artificial light from the buildings dull in comparison to what just happened. As the Death Eaters tried to cast more spells they noticed the blue glow that formed in the square, the more powerful the spell they cast the more the glow intensified. Finally they saw Harry, who had moved towards the northern exit, a great tower of blue crystal grew from the ground.

Slowly the Death Eaters tried to leave, but they blinked, away for a second, only to reappear. Their second attempt fared even worse, some of them upside down, landing on the concrete head first. The aurors then started to arrive, seemingly free of the magical misfires that the Death Eaters suffered.

Michael was a new to the Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort the embodiment of his belief. He checked his wand last time, and stepped into the crowded open air market. He cast one spell into the air, his first Dark Mark, then he saw his brothers in arms appear. Each one of them quickly cast spells at the nearest muggle, everyone enjoying the anarchy that reigned.

Another moment later one of his companions was lost in a pillar of rope, the only thing he could do was mutter, his words lost to the rope and screams. Another Death Eater was taken in a similar way, no sign of the attacker. He turned to see a man on the clock tower, a bow in his hands. He thought that was odd, but felt something on his leg. He looked down to see a rope climbing up his leg, reaching his waist in under a second. Before he knew it he could move his legs, then his arms were locked in place, his wand broken as the ropes held him in place. He looked to see all of the others were held in a similar way.

It was more than an hour before they were released from the rope prisons.

Kingsley was not surprised at the weirdness of the situation. The state the Death Eaters was unusual, in that one Death Eater had died, the others had lost hands or arms at best. The others looked at the stumps where they had limbs, on top of that a forlorn look. Kingsley saw the trail of broken wands and limbs. He watched each of the Death Eaters being led away, but couldn't shake the feeling that Harry was behind this. One of the younger aurors was collecting the removed limbs, the young woman pale far beyond her usual complexion.

'Michelle, take the night off,' Kingsley said, glad of his promotion. It was the third report of Merlin stopping a raid. He wanted to stop Harry from doing it, but stopping the attacks was Kingsley's priority, and he'd welcome all of the help he would get.

Voldemort raged, he would not believe that a single person could be in two places at once, let alone four. He aimed another spell, darker than anything he had taught his followers. It had no effect on the figure in front of him, short of shredding a conjured wooden shield.

'Another night of anarchy? I think not,' the man said.

'You have troubled me long enough, you will die,' Voldemort said.

'I won't,' the man replied. Voldemort cast the single most powerful spell he knew, the Unforgiveable that would take a life, yet to no obvious effect. 'That was supposed to hurt?'

Voldemort cast more spells than he had to in a long time, yet nothing affected the man.

'Wouldn't you like to learn this trick?' the man asked.

'You will tell me,' Voldemort demanded.

'Who said I was here?' the man said, his voice coming from behind him. He turned, yet he wasn't there. He looked around, no other person bar himself in the alley. He could hear the cracks of apparation, then the feel of Dumbledore's magic.

Voldemort apparated away, his mark floating in the sky. He was not there to watch the aurors and Dumbledore left stunned as man waved at them, the mark gone on his wave.

Sirius sat in his seat as the other members of the Order of the Phoenix arrived. He smirked at Hestia, who blushed for a second before a twinge ran up his leg. She was one of the most subtle witches he knew, at least when it came to wand work. Her charm left his leg numb, and he knew it would last the whole meeting. It was aggravating, but he would get more than simple revenge.

'Have you seen the other scenes?' Albus asked Kingsley as he finally arrived.

'I saw the Manchester and Glasgow, yes,' Kingsley answered.

'I felt Voldemort in an alley, but there was another, nearly twice Voldemort's power as well,' Albus said. 'Yes, he is that powerful.'

'How can that be possible? Was this Harry?' Arthur asked, as if he read Sirius's mind.

'No, I don't believe so,' Albus answered. 'I can not believe Harry would risk himself.'

'I stand by my belief, this is Harry, who said it was a magic we would understand?' Kingsley asked. No one answered him. 'We told Harry he would be denied magic. He made his own in his life.'

'And music, don't forget that,' Sirius added.

'So what about Harry? Was he hurt?' Molly asked. She looked worried as more details of the scenes were explained.

'He appears to be unhurt, as if he was never there,' Kingsley said. 'At least one case he used enchanted arrows. The other, I don't understand, I felt my magic touched, but not drained.'

'I saw the crystals, I have never seen anything like it,' Albus said.

'I'll check the library here, see if anything similar is mentioned,' Sirius offered.

'Thank you Sirius,' Albus replied.

'Could I help?' Hestia asked. Sirius nodded his reply.

'Thank you,' Albus repeated. 'How many Death Eaters have been captured tonight?'

'Upwards of thirty, at least, I've not seen the exact numbers,' Kingsley said.

'I'll send some people down in the morning,' Arthur said. Kingsley nodded.

'Molly, Arthur, could I ask you to stay,' Albus started. 'I want to discuss who goes to meet Harry.'

'We can stay,' Molly answered for herself and her husband.

Harry woke up, his mind jumbled beyond belief. Nym had fallen asleep on his side, and he didn't want to shift her. He sorted through what was left of the many dreams he had. He could pull out very specific details from each, almost enough to make him believe that it was not a dream, but that he was really there. Smell and sounds, odd feelings of having been there before, images overlayed on each other. One moment Manchester was little more than a simple village, the next a bustling city.

He looked to see Hedwig sitting on the balcony, his friend appearing to be asleep, yet a second later amber eyes focused on him. Harry gently shifted Nym to the side, wishing for a blanket to cover her. He looked to side, a white cotton blanket on the coffee table. He covered Nym gently, then walked to the door, the apartment just the warmth he needed. He opened the door Hedwig swooping in, landing on his arm. He carried her over to the kitchen bench, Hedwig sitting on the mug stand. She hooted gently, nipping his finger as tenderly as she ever had. He stroked her feathers glad of her presence.

'Morning Harry,' Nym said, holding the blanket around herself, but it didn't appear to be for warmth. She ran a hand over the fabric. 'Where did you get this?'

'I don't know,' Harry said. 'Didn't you get it?'

'Not last night,' Nym answered as she looked at Hedwig. 'Is that?'

'It is. I'm glad she found me,' Harry said. He continued to stroke Hedwig. 'Are you sure you didn't get it out last night?'

'I'm sure, you were really tired.'

'I was, thanks for letting me sleep.'

'You make a good mattress, I can't complain,' Nym said. 'I'll start breakfast?'

'Please, could you find something Hedwig likes, I'm sure she could do with something,' Harry said, heading towards the bathroom, with a strong desire to use the toilet. She walked to the fridge, pulling out some bacon and eggs. She started to cut the bacon, Hedwig hooting as she cut the rind off. She passed a section to Hedwig, who eagerly ate it. She heard the shower, and continued with breakfast. She also finished putting away last night's dinner, the pot lighter, but not by much.

She finished cooking, feeding Hedwig as she finished preparing breakfast. She sat down, Hedwig following her motion, until Harry returned. Hedwig turned to follow Harry as he and Nym at in silence. Harry finished after Nym did, before he looked at Nym.

'Where's the blanket?' Harry asked.

'I don't know,' Nym said, both of them very confused. They searched the apartment, but found no trace of it. Hedwig watched them, with what was the avian smug look. Her eyes glowed, trying to communicate the answer, but they didn't seem to notice.