Title: Magnificent
Disclaimer: Let's not sue me. I don't own Naruto.
Pairing: ShinoHanabi
Listening to: "A Little Priest"
Rating: K (G)

A/N: This one is CobaltHeart's "Sunrise" written from Shino's point of view. I don't usually write things like this, so, here's my sad attempt at a poetic, first-person, present-tense fic with Shino and Hanabi as the main characters.


I want to meet with her,
a first date of sorts
doing something that she wants to do.

I want to see the first rays of sunlight
reflect off of her perfect porcelain skin.

I want to see her
so badly that my kikaichu's
buzzing is attracting a few
small animals.

If I want to see her so badly,
I wonder, why is my body
reacting as if
in danger?

I want to ask
my otou-san why my
body reacts
in such a way,
however, I do not have
time to ask, as I
need to leave as quickly
as I possibly can.

As I walk closer,
I wonder how I've
managed to get butterflies
in my stomach.

Simply by looking at her,
closed eyes and beauty,
so sure of everything she does,
I can feel my
kikaichu calm.

Perhaps, I doubted she
would join me here.

Looking at her now,
I wonder why
Hyuuga Hanabi
would even think of
joining me on a date.

Have you been waiting long?

I'm quiet,
a bit more than usual.

Not long at all.

Her voice is soft,

I stare at her momentarily,
gathering my thoughts,
gathering my courage.


I start slowly,
tasting her name on my tongue.

Her eyes seem to
I take it as a sign that
she feels the same way I do,
whatever it is I feel.

If you take my hand, we could get there easier in the dark.

Her eyes soften and I
feel like an idiot.
it was a stupid question
that I shouldn't have—


I can feel my cheeks heat
and the kikaichu begin
humming beneath my flesh.
I take her hand in mine,
her fingers tangled
with mine.

I begin our trek, turning
my head away from her
so she cannot see me blushing
like her nee-chan.

Shino, why?

I know what she
wants to know.

Why her?
Why today?

I bite back a response
I know Kiba has used
time and time again.
instead, I dodge
the question.

There's something I want you to see.

My glasses slide
down my nose.

Her form blurs
a little, but from the
of color, I can tell
her eyes are wide.

I continue our pace,
having pushed up my glasses.

Hinata told me how much you enjoy watching sunrises.

We walk further.
I know if we continue
at our pace I can
tell her a small
piece of my past while
explaining where we
are going.

When I was younger, my father and I used to go on long walks to look for insects.

I can feel her soft
gaze on me.

Once, we stayed out all night and stopped to watch the dawn awaken. From where we both stood, we agreed, we had seen the most beautiful sunrise, one that made the beauty of a butterfly pale in comparison.

I can almost see my past
in the darkness.

That sounds beautiful.

A few insects before me
twitter quietly and
I step over a rock in
our walkway.

I smile at her,
wanting to say something
that will make her smile.

Indeed. It is very beautiful.

Her cheeks color brightly,
giving her a look of innocence.
We continue walking,
even when she draws her
thumb over my hand,
leaving behind a tingle.

The kikaichu buzzed, warming
my center and brightening
my cheeks.

I can feel her
relaxing as we walked
down the path.

She nearly stumbles,
as I feel her
hand clasp mine tighter.
I take my free hand
and pull her closer to
me, feeling her warmth
against my own.

I don't want to let
her go, but I know
I should.

Minutes pass slowly
I feel my stomach
clench painfully.
We stop our walking,
I release her hand.

Open your eyes.

I whisper softly
into her ear.
I watch her carefully
for any sort of

Her smile defeats
the radiance of the
area of which we are in.
I sit in the grass
relaxing and waiting
for yet another, brilliant

She sits beside me,
closer than most
even dare to.
I smile softly
beneath my layers.

The sun rose without
haste, caressing the
navy blue with
warm hues.

Her mouth opens,
creating a perfect 'o',
releasing a small gasp.

I discard my glasses,
for watching the
sun rising with more
blurred colors is what
I find beautiful.

Magnificent, is it not?


She whispers softly
onto the breeze.
She looks at me,
her eyes soft in delight.

Magnificent indeed.

I wonder what is on
her mind, until
her arms wrap around
my chest. She
leans her head against
my collarbone,
breathing deeply.

Thank you so much. This has been one of the best things in my life.

My cheeks feel like
they are on fire.
I wrap my arms around
her smaller form, pressing
my nose into
her hair.

She smells sweet,
which befits her stature
in the Hyuuga compound.

I pull her closer,
unwilling to let go.

Mine as well.

She pulls back,
away from me.
I wonder, for only
a split second,
if I've done something

But, instead of a
chastise, she
blushes in a way
that could rival her
nee-chan's blushing.

She smiles softly, just
staring at me, and
waiting for something.


I whisper softly,
not wanting to ruin
what would be
considered a 'moment'.

Can I kiss you?

She nods slowly.

Yes, you can.

I lean closer
to her, pulling down
my collar. with my
eyes closed, I
press my lips against

I can feel her
smile and press ever closer,
returning my kiss.
I pull back, watching
her eyes flutter open.

Thank you.

Her lips curve into
a soft smile.

Thank you, Shino.

She leans her head
against my shoulder.
We sit and watch
the sunrise.

At least, she is.
I am watching

She moves to get
up, when the sun is
in the sky.
She takes my hand
and I stand, my
glasses in my
other hand.

I should get home.

I push my glasses up,
guiding her back to
her home, hand in hand.

We get there quicker than
I would have liked.
I lean forward, holding
my collar down for a
split second, and kiss
her cheek. I let go of my
collar and her hand.

In a soft puff of
smoke, I transport
to my room.

I lean against my door
with a smile on my lips,
and wonder how long
it will take for my
heart to calm and my lips
to cease tingling.

I wonder, how long
should I wait for our
next date.


A/N: I do hope you like this, CobaltHeart. I did try my best.
Thank you to all of those who read this!

With Love,