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Possession 01


'To all passengers of flight 13769 Paris to Tokyo, Japan, please proceed to the luggage area to claim your baggage' It was the dominant sound in the airport at that time. The place was so crowded with people, some were crying not wanting their loved ones to leave, some were in a rush not wanting to be left by the plane, and others had a smile written all over their faces.

A brunette walked from the arrival area, heels clicking the marble floor. Her auburn locks were swaying from left to right as its soft curls bounced up and down. She was carrying a shoulder bag and her passport without any luggage. She marveled the whole place, gazing from left to right. 'Japan,' She took a long breath, 'I love it in here'. Just the mere thought that she was there standing at Tokyo's Airport makes her feel jumpy.

She walked to a coffee shop then took a rest in there. The long boring flight made her crazy, hell crazy. The place was empty. She and the owner were only the people inside. The jazz music filled the place making it more peaceful."One cafe latte please" She ordered as she sat by the window. The scenery outside was beautiful for her, the tall buildings, the busy streets, the cars that lined up as the spot light turned red and most of all the Tokyo Tower. "Here's your order, miss" An old man called catching her attention.

"Um, arigatou" She smiled back to the man.

"You can speak Japanese?" The man chatted back.


"Well then enjoy your drink" She watched the man's retreating figure then picked her cup from the table. Her hazel orbs brighten as she smelled its aroma. She sat professionally, her auburn locks falling up to her waist-level. She placed two more cubes of sugar in her cup as she twirled her hair with her other hand. She stirred it cautiously not wanting the liquid to pour on her newly bought blouse.


"Hyuuga-sama, Yamette Kudasi (please stop)" Men wearing black pleaded as they ran after a raven-haired lad. 'Tch what the hell's with these escorts? And how the hell did that old hag learn that I'm coming back?' The lad thought as he strode around the airport. Minutes ago he was breaking up with his 79th girlfriend but after a second or two he was already there scampering with those escorts. It was all that girl's fault. After he broke up with her, she shouted out so loud catching the attention of those men.

He dragged himself through the crowd wishing that those men will stop trailing after him. He tried to hide in different places, the C.R, the stock room, the shops and restaurants but he always end up being tracked down. He entered a small coffee shop with only two people inside.

She was sipping her coffee when a raven-haired guy burst inside the shop. He was panting hard and looks very nervous. The guy was looking everywhere from up, left, down, right, and even under the tables. The brunette stared at the guy, crimson eyes, messy raven locks and a serious face. 'What's wrong with this guy? He he's a little good-looking but...he's kind of weird'. She continued to study the guy but she ended up meeting his eyes. Her hazel orbs met his crimson ones.

'What's with this ugly? another fan girl?' He stared at the brunette. Ideas started to pop out of his witty brain. For a second his attention was caught with the men running outside. With no time to think, he abruptly walked towards the tense and uneasy brunette then gave her a tight hug.

"Wha- what are you doing? Let me go you bastard!" She screamed out loud as men entered the shop. They were asking the owner if he saw a man in the picture. "Shut up" He whispered to the brunette as he tightened his embrace to stop her from shouting.

"I'm sorry I...I haven't...seen that lad" The owner trembled in fright. The raven-haired guy stared at him viciously enough to silence him. After several minutes the men left and the brunette was released from the lad's deadly hug.

She pushed the man hard "What's wrong with you, Mister!" Mikan screamed on the top of her lungs.

"Shut up ugly. And don't call me mister, I'm just twenty" He replied coolly.

"Hey why the hell did you hug me, you bastard?' She hit him with her Gucci shoulder bag.

"Wha- Don't hit me flat-chested" He backed away not wanting to be hit.

"I'll hit you if I want, I'll kill you if I wish to-" Her eyes widened. She shrugged "You," she pointed him, "called me..."




FLAT CHESTED, those words rang through her ears




"KYAAAAAAAAAA! PERVERT! YOU"RE A PERVERT!"She hit him harder. She wanted to kick him, to punch him, to kill him, to peel of his skin, to pull his crimson eyes out, to grind him to a billion pieces, to pull his hair, to stab him with a knife, to hit him with a hammer, to hang him up side down, and everything to torture him. ", Ugh get out of my sight you pervert or I'll kill you" She was hell serious. Hearing the word ugly and flat-chested makes her world collapse.

"Will you shut up? You're making my ears bleed" He complained as he cupped her mouth. "Mmmm!" Mikan moaned as she tried to get off his grasp. Her soft curls got ruined as she tried to fight back. Her arm had reached on something, her cup of coffee. She pulled the cup and without hesitation she poured it on him, right on his gorgeous face.

"Ugh, Shit!" He growled in pain. "Fuck you bitch!". Mikan sighed "Never call me by names you perverted moron!"

"You poured coffee on me!"


The sound echoed through the air. "You slapped me! How dare you hurt a girl!"She started to complain, her eyes were starting to water. Her left cheek was reddish. She was hurt. She can't fight back anymore. She felt remorse. The crimson-eyed lad left without any regret. His crimson eyes glistened as he gave a last glare at the brunette. 'You'll pay for this you ugly' He cursed silently.

"Are you alright, miss?" The owner offered his hand. She dropped off her knees. Her eyes were brimming with tears. "I'll never forget this" She muttered to no one in particular. Wiping her tears, she stood up on her own then headed to the counter. She dropped a thousand yen at the counter then picked her bag up. "Be careful miss, that man is one of the most influential person here in Japan" the man warned as he stared seriously at the sobbing lass. "I don't care, he will surely pay for this" She stated fiercely as if wanting to kill a person. She stormed out of the shop while her curls waved freely. The laces of her blouse swayed as she moved.

"Miss, your change"

"Keep them"


"Hotaru!" Mikan screamed at the phone."I lost my virginity...Uwah!" Her best friend was loosing her temper because of the brunette's howling. "Baka, if you won't calm down I'll hang up"She muttered frankly. Mikan pouted more "Hotaru you're so mean. Your best friend was harassed by a perverted moron", she jumped on her bed then rested her back on the feather pillows. "I'd rather take pictures of fashion designers than attend to your non-sense " the ice queen replied coldly as always.

"Don't you even care that a moron hugged me then gave me a slap on my face?"

"I don't care," Hotaru replied by the time Mikan finished her complains "and since when did hug made a woman loose her virginity?"

"But...HE CALLED ME FLAT-CHESTED!" She freaked out."Why are you so mad that you freaked out? Maybe he told you the truth" Mikan twitched. She shifted her gaze to her chest "but...". She thought it herself, it was indeed flat.




'My chest is...FLAT?' She dropped half-dead on the damned floor. She sobbed "Why...Why...Why was I destined to be a flat-chested?". She sulked at the corner of her room. "Mikan, if you're planning to sulk in there then forget about my reason for calling you" Hotaru complained, ready to hang up anytime. "yeah, what were you saying again?", she asked recovering herself from her crying. " Japan's fashion anniversary will be held tomorrow"

"Tomorrow!When? where? Are you going?" She asked filled the brunette. The clock struck ten, the streets were now empty. The moon was in its full and the stars were winking as the people were safe and sound in their own homes. "I'll be going with my business partner,"

"Eh, you're so lucky. You'll meet owners of the most prestigious fashion houses, the 'RBT', the 'KuRo', the 'C and D', your fashion house the 'Ice Queen' and the others" She was envious that Hotaru will be able to go to the ball. "Shut up baka, you're invited too."EH!," She shrieked, "I, Sakura Mikan, am invited to the Japan's Fashion Anniversary Celebration?" She jumped up and down, shaking her apartment and even her neighbors. She was getting messy, her hair covered her face, her clothes got crumpled as she crawled on the bed, the floor and everywhere. She went out to the balcony then stretched.

"Hotaru, why am I invited?" The innocence of the brunette was taking over herself again.

"If you don't like then don't come," Hotaru took back her offer. "No, no, no, I will come" She finally decided.


"Old hag, I'm here" The raven-haired guy called as he trailed up the long staircase of the mansion. The place was filled with paintings in France, plants were placed at each corner of the place. "Natsume, you bastard" an older woman with French accent hollered. She waked down the grand staircase as her curly blond hair swayed through her movement. "Why, you mad about me tricking your filthy escorts" Natsume scowled as he faced the older woman.


"You bastard, you never got your father's traits. I'm glad Ruka wasn't like you because you are like your damned slut mother"

"How dare you? You are the slut who killed my mother!" He screamed out of anger. "Shut up Natsume, you should be thanking me that you're still living here" The blond lady retorted with her French accent"Here, tomorrow's Japan's Fashion Anniversary Celebration and you are expected to be present in there" The lady stated calmly but she threw the invitation on his gorgeous face.

"Tch" He walked away not minding the invitation. He was sure that out of their million maids, someone will pick it. He trekked the east wing of the mansion then headed to his room. Servants bowed down to him, even the little bunny on the side. 'Hn, the spoiled brat is here' He thought as he stared at the bunny. "Natsume! you're already here" a blond guy at his age called. His messy blond locks were covering his eyebrows. Blue orbs made his face look good. He matched Natsume's good looks but not Natsume's arrogant attitude.

"I don't need your presence here, Ruka" he opened his door and clutched it's knob. "It only pisses me." He slammed the door close leaving Ruka and his bunny. "So the game starts again" he picked his bunny then patted it lightly on its head. He gave a smirk, "I'll be winning again".

He threw himself on the king-sized bed then massaged his temple. Meeting the family of Nogi makes him go crazy like hell. He loosened his tie, his pants were already crumpled because of all the happenings. The smell of coffee made him uncomfortable, his raven locks smelled coffee too which made him remember the damned brunette, auburn orbs, pale skin, rose colored lips, cocky attitude, and a crying face. "I'll surely kill her the next time we meet".


She gave a yawn as she stretched on her balcony. The sight of the rising sun made her gape in awe. Indeed it was beautiful, the sun was behind the tower making it shimmer. "Time to prepare!YOSH!" she returned inside then hunted for clothes inside her closet. "OH, I forgot! I haven't brought any clothes with me when I went here" she was alarmed. Wearing her clothes yesterday, she rushed out of her apartment and headed to shop.

She hunted for gowns, shoes, accessories, and a lot of other stuffs. At last she found the perfect dress for her, cream colored bubble dress with black linings on the sleeve and neck part. It was perfectly fit for her body. The color matched her skin and the sandals made her look like a professional woman. "I'll take it " she said as she placed her card on the counter.

She headed to a famous salon where she had her hair curled softly and on a neat bun. accessories were also applied on her silky hair. A little make up was applied to her face. They said her rosy cheeks would look better if not added with blush on. It was six o' clock and she was more prepared than the most prepared. She waited...

10 minutes...

30 minutes...

45 minutes...

55 minutes..





It was already seven...

"HOTARU!" She screamed on the top of her lungs. "She left me..." she sniffed. She was already teary-eyed.


"Ruka, go inside first. My friend hasn't arrived yet" Ruka's business partner explained. "Are you sure? I mean well the progra-" He glanced at Hotaru, she was staring at him coldly making him back away. "I'm going in!" he rushed inside praying she wasn't mad. He can't imagine that he had made the Ice Queen his business partner. He never thought that his life was at stake. He entered at the grand hall, passing the red carpet and the cameras that kept on flashing.

At last Mikan arrived. "Hotaru, why the hell did you left me?" Mikan pouted as she massaged her heels. "Well, I already left a message on your answering machine" she replied as she stared down at the Mikan who was sitting on the floor. "Don't just sit there, many people might thought that I'm your acquaintance and will call me an ill-mannered lady" she ordered coldly. Her freezing stare made Mikan straight up.

"Let's go Hotaru" she pulled her best friend then passed the flashing cameras and the noisy reporters. She walked gracefully on the red carpet smiling her best one. She felt like in the fairy tale as she saw the magnificent place, people with different clothes, a large stage filled with flowers, famous people lingering around and chatting with each other, owners of different fashion houses and many more.

"Baka, go to the back stage now"

"Eh why?"

"You really are an idiot. I invited you here to find you a place to work"


"Just hurry up and head there" a furious Hotaru barked as the scared Mikan walked away unwillingly"

Just a minute later the program started. "Good evening ladies and gentle man, welcome to this year's Japan's Fashion Anniversary" Ruka and his co-host greeted "Now let's introduce the new applicants for being Japan's Designer of the Year"

Hotaru sat on a spot near the corner of the place not wanting to be seen by her old fan boys especially that Shouda. She saw a raven-haired guy walking silently and sat on the table adjacent to hers. By the second she saw him she realized it was Hyuuga Natsume, the owner of KuRo Fashion House.

'Applicant no. 10'...

'Applicant no. 11'...

'Applicant no. 12 Miss Sakura Mikan, studied in Istituto Marangoni found in Paris, France for ten years and graduated as their top student.' Mikan stepped up on the stage and walked cautiously. Her bubble dress swayed in every motion she made as her dangling earrings moved. She walked professionally with her infamous bright smile. She glanced from left to right to look for Hotaru and luckily she spotted the Ice Queen. But on her left, was the raven-haired perverted moron who hugged her in the coffee shop. It made her shiver as his crimson eyes stared at her.

'What the hell?'


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