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The convenience store bell rang yet again in the middle of the silent night.

"Well, that saved me!" Tsubasa tucked the two cans of warm coffee in his jacket's front pockets.

Misaki carried on and headed to the direction of the dorm. Serio-sensei wouldn't be too happy to see one of the amateur models breaking rules and staying out that late. She's scared that he might even misunderstand and think that she pigged out when the training included a one-meal-a-day rule. Her forehead wrinkled in the thought of the mentors circling her and reprimanding her nonstop, especially Serina who seemed to be taking too much of a liking of her.

She realized as she walked that there was an idiot beside her who was still staring at her face the whole time. She didn't even catch what he said.

She squinted her eyes, "What are you still doing here?"

Tsubasa's wide and toothy smile remained painted on his face, shrugging his shoulders in reply.

Misaki continued to walk, convinced that if she ignores him, he'd leave in his own accord.

"So..." she heard him from behind. "What are the ointments and bandages for?"

She got conscious of her steps because of what he asked. He obviously knew, or at least had a hunch. Bandages, duh.

Misaki walked on with Tsubasa behind her, thinking who knows what. He must be looking at her behind, 'checking her out' because that's so typical of him.

Her pace got slower as the pain of her twisted ankle heightened. Something she must not show. She's fine! Definitely fine.

"You know, we should probably have that looked."

She winced, the edge of her shoe stepping on a broken brick that twisted her ankle again. "It's fine!" her voice got louder.

With her next step, the pain just took over and she yelped before falling on the pavement.

"Hey! Harada Misaki! Are you alright?"

She looked up to see him crouched next to her, warm eyes fixated on her. It was embarrassing.

"Alright. Knowing you, you'd never walk into that hospital with me in tow. I get it." he said. "Let's just get that fixed up ourselves."


They sat in the nearest park they could find, one that Misaki passes by everyday when she goes to training.

Tsubasa forced her to sit down and shut up, and she did because things just piled up and everything suddenly felt a whole lot painful- more painful than a mere twisted ankle.

Tsubasa's hands were smaller than what one would expect with his lean height. He had stubby fingers but there were nimble and strong. He took some ointment and pressed her feet. It was quite painful, but it helped. He was doing everything with his mouth shut, eyes never perking up to her and it was so unusual.

She cranked her head away from his eyes. Thankfully he was busy figuring out how to open the pack of bandages. And then, the tears won over her willpower. They fell. And no amount of self-talk could stop it.

For the first time in her life, she was scared. Her life was totally uncertain at this point. Serina was scary, Serio was scary, and modeling is scary. She's a small child in front of those huge monsters that are going swallow her if she does one mistake.

Here she was, a penniless, career-less, and friendless woman. All alone.

Well technically, with the jerk who caused it all.

Tsubasa took the bandages and wrapped her ankle, making sure it was tight.

"..." she peeked at him, feeling like he was meaning to say something but nothing came out of his lips.

She pulled the plastic bag and put the contents back, opening her bag and making some space for it. The peach colored heels she wore was there, painfully reminding her of herself. Totally broken, useless, something you throw.

"If you're being dramatic on how you're just like..." he pulled the heels out. "these stupid heels..." He propped each up on his hands, "then stop. Okay? You're a person, not some commodity. If you fall, you get up. Because that's what people do." With how serious Tsubasa was, she wondered how he made it seem like he's smiling when he's really not. And then she took a good look at him and she sees his eyes, perfectly curved in a half-moon shape with the ends curling up like his smile.

How could such words come out of a jerk? Or was she wrong all this time? This man took Nobara away from her.

She watches him play with the heels, spinning one and letting it fall on the ground. When he was about to pick it up, he seemed to freeze for a few seconds locked on the shoe.

"And to prove my point," he stood up and walked to the nearby trashcan, shooting the pair of broken heels. "These kind of things are meant to be thrown away when they hurt you." He looked her in the eye. "Let go, okay?"

A chuckle escaped Misaki's lips. She covered her face but in the end, her laugher got louder.

Tsubasa kept his smile, "Why?" He walked towards her and lightly pushed her shoulders, "Hey! Why?" He poked her shoulder a few more times.

"You're calling me dramatic but look at you." She held her laughter and took a deep breath. "You're talking about a shoe."

Tsubasa sat beside her and laughed louder than her, looking up the night sky and enjoying the cool wind that brushed through his skin.


The two jolted and looked at their right. A woman stood with her long lean legs that seem to never end, one hand on the other arm, keeping herself warm. She was covered with a midnight blue tux and it didn't take much for Misaki to figure out that it was Tsubasa's.

"You said you're just getting coffee!"

Tsubasa jumped on his feet and looked back to Misaki, trying to get out words that she didn't wish to hear any longer.

Misaki nodded and picked up her bag. "Go. I'm already fine." She lied.

She cursed herself for liking the attention.

"Hey! Hey! He's fine!" Koko raised his voice, holding Sumire back and making her fall on her bum.

"BUT! BUT!" Sumire tried to force her way to her pet. "KENTA-CHAN IS SICK!" she wailed.

Koko opened his backpack and picked two small vials, reading the small text and setting the aside. He opened a pack of syringe and attached the needle.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HEY!" Sumire glared and sat in between the small space between Koko and her dog, arms open wide trying to defend her pet.

Koko knelt and tried to make way but Sumire held his shoulders, "Hey! Let go! This is dangerous!" He raised his right arm that held the syringe.


"SUMIRE SHOUDA, I'M A LICENSED VET!" Koko growled, shutting her up.

Her eyes were wet and red. She sniffled and let her eyes wander back to her dog. She was kneeling on the carpeted floor of her humongous flat. "... My Kenta... you can't leave me okay?" she mumbled.

"He's going to be fine." Koko petted the dog and flashed his wide grin that looked exactly like the dog's. With his swift and light hands, he administered the antibiotic. Kenta was an old male beagle, his short legs made him look really young except for his whiskers that were turning white. It was really unexpected that Sumire Shouda would own one, and a male one at that. He would've guessed that she owned a chihuahua groomed to the tiniest crook of a nail and dressed in those flamboyant dog clothes. Instead Kenta was simply kept clean and had a small made-up bed beside hers.

Sumire has crouched beside Kenta, the tears now dry. She seemed to have never left her eyes off the sweet dog who was now asleep.

Koko smiled, silently going to the kitchen and cooking up hot chocolate. He came back and handed it to her together with a fleece blanket that he draped on her back. "Hey, you can't get sick too. Else there's no one to take care of him."

Sumire turned her head, her droopy eyes finally meeting his sharp ones. "Thank you." She said.

He chuckled. "You know I wasn't really into animals before but my friend really liked them." Koko sat comfortably beside her, watching Kenta snore. "With time I really got into cats and dogs too."

"I don't really like all of them, but I grew up with Kenta." She hugged her knees. "It's just painful to think that in the future…" Sumire buried her head on her knees. "in the future… "

"People always say that. That they won't even get a pet again." He patted her back sighing himself with the thought, "It sucks that they don't have the same lifespan as ours."

Mikan woke Natsume up past 2 am when she finally called off the 'night'.

"I'll take you home" He offered. He took the initiative to drive her home with his black sleek car.

"No need." she marched with poise only to be dragged back by Natsume's ungentlemanly manner of pulling her hair. "Ow!" Mikan spun on her heels and slaps his arm. "You seriously have no redeeming qualities!" She sends another strong hit on his arm.

Thus, the next part of their banter.



It had taken them about fifteern minutes of spewing nonsense before she unwillingly crept to the front passenger seat.

"Stop trying to make up for being lazy and falling asleep. You didn't even help me store those heavy boxes!" she buckled up and removes her heels. "...so unlike Ruka" her mouth spilled but she stopped herself from saying Ruka's name out loud.

"Oh yeah? But never forget that you're ugly, flat-chested and unladylike so he won't really be into you." he retorted as if it was something new from his mouth. He had added in a few more insults like how she's got a bad habit of sniffing like a pig, how unproportionate her stick body was to her gigantic feet.

He was exaggerating of course, but she was quick to retort by grabbing his hair and distracting him from driving.

He had groaned, "Let go! Pig!" He held her wrists as he tried to focus on the road.

"You have such a bad mouth you asshole!"

He grinned as if he was just praised. This made him earn another strong pull on his hair roots, the pain bearable but it made his face turn red. The car swerved a little causing the car behind to honk at them. "Sakura Mikan, let go or we're really going to die here!"

She retreated quietly, opening the window and taking in the cold night wind.

Natsume took a big breath and adjusted his tie as his other hand steered the wheel. "God, you are so violent." He spat, his beet red face slowly turning back to his well-tanned one.

After a few minutes of silence, he noticed her unbuckling her seatbelt. "Over here is fine."

He smoothly halted at the side and was going to speak but she quickly walked out muttering "Thanks. Have a good night. Bye."


Mikan slowly treated the deserted pavement and took a right on the corner. Natsume Hyuuga was annoying. She didn't know when or how but their daily banters had become part of her routine. What confused her is why she doesn't really get mad for real. Yes she's quick to fight back but she never meant anything seriously. Hopefully Natsume was the same or else her hair pulling might have come off as offensive.

"Where are you going?"

She snapped out and stepped back out of fright. To her right was Natsume Hyuuga in his car, driving slowly at her pace.

"What are you doing?" she said, raising her tone.

"I asked you first."

"You are starting to creep me out." She gaped. "Are you a stalker?"

"This can never be a face of a stalker" He smirked driving and following her steps waiting for an answer. "So?"

"Urgh. I'm going to have my dinner! Happy? What the hell are you thinking? This is a one way street! Do you want to cause an accident?"

He shut the engine and stepped out, his keys clanking throughout the empty street. "I'm Natsume Hyuuga." He shrugged.

She rolled her eyes, "So?" She marched away leaving him behind.

"You are such a bad person. I stayed with you all night and you won't even invite me for dinner?" He huffed. "I feel cheated."

She sighed.


"Table for-

"One, please." Mikan said, eyeing the tall young receptionist whose mouth was left hanging.

Natsume threw a look at the receptionist and gave that dazzling smile that make both men and women swoon. "Nah, it's two. You know, she's just..." he shrugged, eyes on Mikan.

Her mouth formed an 'O' and she rolled her eyes, following the waiter in surrender.

"Women." joked the receptionist before Natsume could follow.

Mikan scoffed, "Excuse me? What do you mean by 'women'? That is so ru-

"Okay, okay, carry on Sakura." She felt his big hands cup her shoulders, pushing her away from a fight she knew she will never back down.

"God, it was a wrong choice to come over here." she murmured, grabbing her seat before Natsume could even attempt to pull it for her. "And what's with you? You keep on following me!"

Two menus were handed out but the two never left each other's eyes.

"Am I?" he replied, opening the menu right to the pasta section. "For your information, I am having my dinner too." He pointed out his order as fast as that and closed the menu, handing it right away to the waiter whose eyes wandered from him to her.

"Uninvited though." She continued to turn the pages, having an internal debate whether to have a heavy course or stick to one meal. Surely, Natsume Hyuuga would be remarking how pig-like she is if she orders too much. But he would be teasing her either way if she orders a light meal for pretending to be a demure lady who is under a diet. Whatever. Full set it is.

"Well you never shooed me away." he raised his eyebrows. "But never mind that. Do you you always have to do that?" he said, looking bugged.

"Do what?"

"Do you always have to pick a fight everywhere, to whomever?" he spelled it out. "Thought you only did that to me." she thought she heard him say or something.

"No I don't. Do you think shutting up when you're being treated unfairly is fine?" she snapped. "And I only do that when I'm right."

He gaped, "Am I treating you unfairly?" His hands landed on the table with a light tap.

"Go ask yourself. You think calling me flat-chested is fair?" Oh God, why did I say that? Wrong one.

He laughed, unfolding and folding the table napkin a few times, "I don't know. Go ask yourself." He threw back, eyeing her head to chest.

She knew that was coming. And she brought it to herself. She stood and banged the table. "You are so-

Something hit her face. He threw the table napkin like a catapult right to her face. "Oh. Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." he pretended to be unaware of the situation. "I think we were talking about yer... chest?"

"I AM SO DONE WITH YOU!" She flailed her arms, about to grab his collar but then she hits something else. A loud bang replaced the sweet jazz music that was playing in the restaurant turning every head to their direction.

"My full course meal..." she sulked, feeling totally defeated.


"I can't believe you did that." Natsume laughed one more time.

"Sure. Enjoy it you asshole." Mikan bit onto the strawberry ice cream on her hand. She was so embarrassed to even re-order so she dragged Natsume Hyuuga out and marched away. She's convinced that the guy is on crack as he still followed her at three in the morning. Due to the time, they couldn't even find another place to eat nearby that they sticked to eating ramen at a convenience store and buying two cones of ice cream. "That was my full course meal." she sighed one more time.

She actually lived nearby and she had told him when he was about to offer her a ride yet again.

They walked through the brightly lit park that was infront of the house complex.

They walked, and walked. Mikan greeted the guard on duty who tipped his hat in acknowledgement.

He seemed to be enjoying the silence since he kept staring up the sky back down to the buildings where a few windows were still lit up like stains on a white shirt.

Mikan could care less, chomping down the ball of pink ice cream. She was still dead hungry, already planning to cook meat when she gets home. Her eyes wandered back to Natsume Hyuuga. "Your ice cream." she said.

He jerked his head to her. "Huh?"

"Your ice cream. It's melting onto your fingers." she bit the last of her cone. "Do you even eat strawberry?" she muttered, fishing into her satchel and feeling glorious when she pulled out the sought after tissue. She took out a few sheets and offered it to him.

"Ah this." He was looking at her, his face point blank as if he was wondering where the hell he is or whatever the hell he is doing here infront of her place.

"Yoo-hoo?" Mikan waved the tissues.

Cold met her lips. He poked the ice cream into her mouth. "You can have it, pig." He turned around as if still in a daze, his long legs taking him away into the dark, leaving Mikan in confusion.

She was totally confused. She had always been eating strawberry flavored anything. But that night she wondered if she was allergic to it. Her chest sure felt tingly that she forgot all her hunger.

A/N: Internal debate if Natsume Hyuuga is pulling a Christian Grey but when I think about it, nah~ He's just a playful and annoying human being. ^_^