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Elena rushed through the halls of the arena, she was late…again. If she knew her clients correctly she was in for an ass whopping when she arrived and then again before she left to do their 'Errands'. Her clients weren't exactly nice, on or off screen, they were demanding and a royal pain in the ass but she kept her mouth shut and took the lashing they dealt with a straight face. Never in her life would she show any emotions to them, hate or love.

She skidded to a halt out side their locker room door and gently knocked before entering. Their in their ring attire stood MNM, Smirks spread across their faces as if they had known she was going to be late.

"You're late!" Melina snapped

"Here is a list of Errands, have them done by the end of the show or I'll let Melina take her frustrations out on you" Johnny said smugly before shoving a pile of paper into her chest and leading the others out to the gorilla pit. It wouldn't be the first time it's happened, over the two years she's worked for MNM she's been beaten by Melina, threatened and cussed at. Johnny made it clear that if she squealed about the beatings she pay for it.

Elena swore, the list was a mile long and she had to move all around the different departments. Dumping their post match towels and water on the table she left the room and headed to her first order of business…costume.

IF she had a choice she'd drop the P/A job and run, but it was bringing in the money she needed to pay off her home. Life had been pretty shitty for her in the beginning, her mother passed when she was 10 and her father was designated unknown. Her next door neighbor took her in and showed her a nice life until she too passed when Elena turned 18. She finished her education and set out into the work force, picking up odd jobs that would pay the rent and support her basic needs.

Running into the costume department she apologized to lily and handed her a list of MNM's complaints and ran off to her next jobs.

The last job on her list with 5 minuets before the show ended was to hand in a list of demands to Vince, and another rejection would follow if she knew Vince well enough.

She knocked on the office door and poked her head around the door.

"Vince can I have a second please?" she asked not noticing the four men sitting on the two couches across the room.

"Sure Elena" he waved her in and she walked quickly to his desk

"MNM asked me to give you this" she placed the paper on his desk and sighed perhaps she should say something "I know what your answer will be, I've read what they want…I'm sorry, but they are slave drivers and if I had the chance I would yell and scream at them and tell them to shove their demands, but I cant so perhaps you could deal with them for me?" Elena had never asked for anyone's help when it came to work but the last few weeks had been pure hell and they had become more physical when MNM's need weren't met on time…exactly on time.

"Well I think I can help you out there, we were just discussing who could be P/A and Manager for the newly reformed Evolution" Vince said gesturing to the men on the couches.

"Shit, sorry boss I didn't even think about you being in a meeting" Elena apologized and made to leave the room with haste

"Don't move" a voice called out

She turned and looked in the direction of the voice; she met the eyes of HHH and looked at the ground. She was taught at the beginning of her work for MNM that you never look a superstar in the eyes and you don't speak unless asked. Vince was different, he was the boss and MNM served him, but in any other case she was not in their league thus not deserving enough to look at them.

"Vince, she's looking for a new job…we're looking for a P/A and would love to piss MNM off…Why don't you put her with us?" He asked looking her over.

"I like it, it can be the start of a new feud with MNM" Vince clapped his hands together and pulled out a Managers contract

"You haven't signed a contract for MNM because you are not their manager BUT if you sign this you will be free of them off screen and you will become part of Evolution" Vince held out the contract and Elena raced over to sign it.

Finally she would be free of the arrogant asses and the bitch from hell.

"Welcome to evolution" Ric smiled as he led her into the locker room.

She felt more at home with Evolution than she had ever felt with MNM.

"Thanks" Elena replied looking at the ground

"Rule number one" Dave stated looking at her "Look at us when you talk to us…we aren't MNM your part of Evolution not a slave" he finished lifting her chin.

"Okay" she replied unsure

Dave, Randy and Ric sat on their leather couches and HHH pulled out a stack of scripts he handed them out and gave one to Elena.

"What's this?" she asked looking it over

"What you'll be doing as our manager, an ex evolution member causing trouble to start with" Randy smiled

Elena looked through the papers, apparently she was going to cause some shit for Evolution with some mind games. Her part was as a former behind the scenes member of evolution who left when they disbanded. She'd film segments that explained during the week and then she would go onscreen with it all.

"Let's head to the hotel" Elena sighed, she'd have to deal with MNM until the next town

"I'll see you all tomorrow then" she waved and started for the door

Dave grabbed her wrist gently and she flinched slightly, and tried to act as if it hadn't scared the shit out of her.

"You room with Evolution sweetheart, not MNM, lets go get your gear" He smiled and they all followed Dave out the door and down to MNM's Locker room.

Elena felt as if they were her security guards, she had Dave and Ric at the front and Randy and Hunter behind her

Dave knocked on the door and smirked when Joey answered with a look of fear.

"We're here to get Elena's things" he stated pushing into the room

Randy, Ric, Hunter and Elena followed him in and Elena darted to get her bag, she darted back to Ric's side and sighed with relief as they all left the room unscathed.

"Ok, let's head back to our suite!" Randy hollered happily.

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