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Elena and Dave had poured themselves into bed at 1:30am and celebrated; they slept until 7am when the guys had barged in ordering them to get up and ready to go to the gym and train. Elena had cussed them out and slowly but surely got out of bed and changed for the training.

They trained until lunch and shuffled back to the hotel room to relax until RAW began in a few hours. Elena was tired but excited tonight the final blow to MNM would happen and it would be a bonus for their group, Steph was going to make her first official appearance with Evolution and it was going to be fantastic.


Vince stood in the centre of the ring once again, to him this was getting out of hand, MNM had been defeated and Evolution now had two McMahons on their side.

"MNM has failed and although Johnny won the Title last week from Edge, I believe they have some redeeming to do." He stated with an air of arrogance about him.

Evolutions music hit and all 6 members walked out, heads held high and smirks on their faces.

"Vince, Vince, Vince…haven't you learned? MNM are the bottom of the barrel, I'm glad 2 of the McMahons have their heads screwed on properly. You need new goons" HHH stated laughing.

Vince's face contorted in anger.

"Daddy, you see I happen to have slight control over RAW and I just so happened to get some help…so between Elena and I we did something YOU wont like but Evolution will LOVE" Steph stated looking to Elena and nodding

"You see, when threatened the GM can alter plans and do things he wouldn't normally do…so Regal has granted a match…" Elena smirked and they all piled into the ring surrounding Vince.

"I do believe Elena that MNM should be out here for this…don't you" Steph smiled as Elena nodded.

MNM came out as usual and stood outside the ring, not daring to go in where Evolution was.

"Ok, as I was saying, threats and all that…As a surprise, we have managed to get a title match…Tonight on RAW Nitro vs HHH for the WORLD HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!" HHH stared at her in shock before recovering and kissing Steph, he hugged Elena and pointed at nitro.

"Your ass is mine" he snarled


Nitro lay in the middle of the ring dazed, a high knee had knocked him down and HHH was taunting him.

Nitro groaned and stood up again, he wasn't going down with out a fight, he used the time HHH was taunting to recover and deliver a blow to the back of his head, he lay in with punches and kicks as quick as he could, knowing if he didn't drop HHH early that he would lose for sure.

And he was right, HHH blocked the left hook and delivered his own right hook, kicking him in the stomach and bouncing off the Ropes and cloths lining nitro.

HHH Grabbed his hair and performed and inverted atomic drop, Nitro collapsed, but Melina climbed onto the apron and distracted the referee, costing HHH a possible pin.


Elena Walked slowly around the ring and glared at Melina as she climbed down.

"Listen bitch, you know our capabilities don't be distracting the ref again, or you FACE is getting re-arranged" Elena threatened, she smirked when Melina's face paled and walked back to her side of the ring where the rest of evolution were watching from the announce tables and ring corner.

She took a seat on Dave's lap and watched as nitro got the upper hand, connecting punches and elbows.

Mercury climbed in the ring while the ref was scolding HHH who had used a thumb to the eye to escape the beating.

They stalked him and when he turned set him up for the snap shot. Dave lifted Elena off his lap and climbed into the ring after Randy; who was already climbing in. Dave ripped Mercury from HHH and picked threw him out of the ring whilst Randy distracted the ref. HHH stood and glared at Nitro who was now looking a little pale, things hadn't been majorly physical by them in the match, mostly distractions and a few well placed blows.

HHH decided to end the match once and for all, He Irish whipped nitro into the turn buckle and performed another high knee, before placing more calculated blows to the head. He grabbed nitro's hair and grinned when Elena and Dave kept Melina and Mercury at bay, making them watch as he pulled a pedigree. He went for the 1,2,3 and began to celebrate.

"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW world heavy weight champion HHH!!" Lillian announced.


Evolution joined him in the ring celebrating; Steph planted a searing kiss on his lips and held his hand up.

"See, daddy…things don't always go your way…and now Evolution runs the show, start sucking up, because I think YOU have some redeeming to do!" Elena smirked

Vince growled and stalked backstage, Evolution now had all the power they needed.


Evolution walked backstage where Vince and Shawn stood waiting with huge smiles.

"Well Done honey, that storyline is now, finished." Vince hugged her and so did Shawn

"So now, the writers are coming up with a new storyline for Evolution…but for now, you guys are going to be defending your titles in you own matches…Steph and Elena will start out as the holders of the newest titles the Women's Tag Team Champions." Vince smiled

"But now its time to spend time with your old man" Shawn chuckled


Things had gone from bad to better and she had Evolution to thanks for that, Dave for supporting her, Hunter for being a friend, Ric for being a sort of father figure, Randy for his lame ass random funniness and brother like qualities and Steph for being an awesome friend. She had over come her demons and defeated those who held her back. She had a life and a father who she loved to death.

Things had worked out better than she had expected and she figured it's Better Late Than Never.