Warning: Contains Shassie.

Author's Note: My first Shassie fic. Thanks for reading.

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White Light

He fought hard to comprehend what had just happened. No matter how hard he tried to focus and think about what occurred, the bullet burning in his side distracted him. All he could see, all he could feel was a white-hot glaze flashing inside his mind. Stuttering and writhing was the only thing he found himself doing. The cold ground against his hot, flushed body made him nauseated and brought on vertigo. It seemed like the longest time that he bathed in the pale burning light before he felt hands clamp hard against the sides his head.

"Spencer, open your eyes! Open your eyes!" Lassiter began tapping on the younger man's face probably harder then he should have. "Shawn! Look at me! Look at me!" Lassiter was good a barking orders but this time be panicked when he didn't get the response he so desperately needed. He reached for his radio and fumbled it before placing it near his mouth. "Back-up move in. I have a civilian down, bullet wound to the torso. I repeat; Civilian down, I need a bus here at central point immediately!" The entire time that Lassiter was speaking into the radio he was looking at the young man underneath him. His eyes were tightly shut as he grabbed his side. Blood was spilling over his hand. Lassiter dropped the radio and it landed hard with a crack. Stripping off his jacket and folding it into a messy clump, he pried Shawn's hand off his own body before pressing the cloth against the wound. Shawn cried out and he continued to twist in pain, but his movements begin to slow. To the detective this was not a good thing; if he stopped moving it meant his body was becoming weak and would fail. "Spencer." Lassiter began tapping the man's face again with his free hand.

"Lass…" The younger man finally spoke and his dark green eyes were barely visible past weak lids. He grabbed the detective's arm and squeezed hard as another pain shot through his body, causing his back to curve and his legs to shuffle. He opened his mouth as if to yell but the white-hot light in his mind coursed through his body, silencing him until it faded away. "What happened…?"

"Don't worry about that now. You have to stay awake. Do you hear me? Keep awake and talk to me until help comes." Lassiter stammered. The worst scenario he could think of just went down in front of his eyes. He should have known better. He should have known that Shawn had followed him. He should have been prepared but he had been blind sighted by his undercover act. As the man, he has said to hate more than any criminal, was bleeding on the ground next to him, he couldn't have felt more ashamed or worried. He's not a bad guy. He isn't a murderer, rapist or a druggie. He's just some kid that decided that he never wanted to grow up. He doesn't deserve to be like this and it's my fault. It's entirely my fault.

Shawn kept opening his mouth to say something, but he couldn't concentrate on what to state. His mouth was dry and he could feel his throat get coarse. He wanted to cough, but was scared of the pain it would cause his body. The light. I don't want to see that light in my head again. "Are they coming? It hurts…"

"Soon. It's gotta be soon." He said, stammering, as his own panic heighten. He looked around for any sign of his back-up. The night was still and quiet. They only thing audible was the buzz of the street light directly above them both. "We set up a large enclosed perimeter that divided me away from stand-by. It shouldn't be too long now, though."

Shawn tried to laugh. "Large perimeter? Did your fat ego decided that one?"

Lassiter looked down angry at his unexpected comrade. "It was to prevent anything like this, Spencer!" He pressed the cloth harder against Shawn's damage as he begin to notice that the psychic didn't show any sign of more weakness or fading. Shawn groaned aloud before shooting a glare towards the detective. Lassiter knew this wasn't the best time to scold the phony psychic but as his panic dissolved because of Shawn's humor, his anger surfaced. "How the hell did you get past the barricade in the first place? And then you go and step under a light with no cover, in plain sight. You read the damn report! The guy is more paranoid then a mental patient. He would have shot anyone at all, why do you think we closed off the entire area?"

The psychic sighed deeply, acknowledging that he really did mess up this time but argued nonetheless. "Funny, the report forgot to mention he was a firearm wielding freak. What the hell is he trying to compensate for carrying that gun around with him?" He shifted trying to get comfortable on the hard ground. His side no longer burned but turned sore. It was weird; arguing with Lassiter seemed to make the pain dissipate some.

"Criminal, Spencer. Criminal! It's still your fault. You just had to get into the middle like always. I know we butt heads a lot, but don't you trust me in my job in the least bit? I mean, there is a reason I'm head detective after all!"

Shawn pasused for a moment and looked at Lassiter. The detective thought the psychic was about to say something but when Shawn did nothing but stare, he became confused. "What…?"

"Lassie…" Shawn closed his eyes as a chill past through his body and he found him self shivering. "My stomach hurts…"

Lassiter looked down at Shawn's wound. It was still bleeding. "You got hit right below your rib cage. Depending on how deep the bullet went, your belly could be filling with blood."

The younger man suddenly seemed very pale. "That's what I thought…" He began to struggle to get up. "I'm gonna throw up, help me up…" Lassiter looked around franticly before grabbing Shawn's arm and helped him turn over on his knees.

"I don't think you should…" Lassiter stated but stopped when Shawn began to heave. Blood spattered the ground and gleamed from the light above. It wasn't much, but enough to make the experienced detective sigh and turn his head away. Lassiter's hands were resting on the man's shoulders. When Shawn began to dry heave a second time Lassiter rubbed Shawn's frame. The detective could feel the man trembling in his hands. "Spencer, you have to relax. The spasm the vomiting is creating could be making your injury worse."

Shawn nodded slowly, as the light in his head past from retching. The pain was intense enough to convinced Shawn that throwing up again was not a dazzling thing to do. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes becoming lightheaded, but he was just glad that white light would go away. " Lassie… I…can't…" Shawn suddenly dropped out off the support from his knees in an awkward manner and fell into Lassiter.

"What's wrong?" The older man asked in a quiet and seemingly concerned tone after catching the man in his arms roughly. "You can't what?"

When Lassiter didn't get an immediate response he shook Shawn. The man was limp and extremely still against him.

"No, no, no. Spencer…" Lassiter tried to disturb the boy again before holding him in a cradling position. There was no color in his face, except the scarlet around his mouth from the moment before. "Sh…Shawn!" Lassiter felt the panic from before swell back into his stomach. He continued to try to stir the smaller man in his arms. "Listen to me! I told you to stay awake. Don't you remember?!" Lassiter paused. Wait… he did remember. That's what he meant when he said 'I can't.' "No…" Lassiter looked around nervously when he heard numerous sirens in the distance. He yelled into the darkness for someone to hurry before looking back down into the younger man. "Come on, Spencer." He spoke to the unconscious man as he stood up and lifted him up in his arms. The head detective met the patrol cars halfway. The driver in the crusier in front hit its brakes hard when Lassiter suddenly stepped in front of it.

O'Hara nearly tumbled out of the cruiser before it even stopped. "Lassiter!" She placed a hand over her mouth when she realized who the damaged civilian was. " Oh my God! How did he…?"

"Where's that damn ambulance?" He asked in a harsh tone directed straight at Juliet. "He's already lost consciousness. He isn't going to last much longer!"

She gaped at him, still looking at the lifeless figure in his arms. "They were behind us. They'll be here soon."

Just as she spoke the warning of the ambulance became clear.