After a nearly nine month long hiatus, I am returning to this story. My apologies to everyone who had wanted an update sooner. Anyway, this chapter was very fun for me write, personally. I've finally added some much needed information in this chapter about the case at hand. The only thing bad I have to say about this chapter is that my grammar went out the window.

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Gray Jacket

Lassiter was standing outside in a familiar place. It was dark and cool and he was dressed in his suit and tie. He couldn't quite place where he was at, yet he was having the strangest feeling of déjà vu. He was in an empty narrow street. Suddenly someone stepped into the light of a street lamp.

"Spencer?" It was Shawn. The younger man was crouching over, like he was trying to camouflage himself to the white car next to him. "Spencer!" Lassiter yelled to him in a loud commanding whisper. "What the hell are you doing here? Get out of here! You're gonna get hurt!"

But the younger man didn't reply, he just continued to crouch down by the end of the car, staring down the street. Then he finally spoke. "They aren't here? I thought this was the spot. Where's Lassiter?"

"Spencer! I'm right here! Get outta here, please!" Lassiter pleaded in a low voice. He tried to step toward the psychic, but his legs were frozen. I can't move…? What's happening? Suddenly there was a loud click from down the street. Both Shawn and Lassiter's heads jerked to the noise to see a gate of a small building opened and a man in a dress shirt and slacks step out. The man gently closed the gate behind him before locking it and started to walk down the street. Lassiter heard Shawn's tennis shoes scrape against the concrete, Lassiter's heart stopped as both him and the man turned to look into Shawn's direction. Shawn froze. "Spencer! Run! Get away from here now. If you go down the alley behind you, you'll find O'Hara. Go now!"

Shawn did not hear Lassiter. He stayed crouched down staring ahead at the stranger, who took a couple of steps further. "Who's there?" the man called out.

"Spencer…please…" Lassiter tried with all his might to move forward. "Run…"

Lassiter's pleads continue to go unheard, and his heart dropped when Shawn stepped further into the light, his hands raised in a surrendering position. River Coen panicked, stumbling a few steps back and drawing a gun from the back of his slacks.


The gun shot rang out. Lassiter saw Shawn's head fling back violently in slow motion, red mist coming from the back of the psychic's skull. Shawn's body thudded back against the white car, smearing it with blood as he fell to the ground.

Lassiter shot up, gripping on the sheets of the bed. It didn't take Lassiter long to realize it was only a dream. I remember what happened; I don't need to be reminded. He heaved a heavy sigh, his eyes shifting slowly to the other side of the bed. Shawn was soundly asleep, sprawled out like a slumbering child, taking up more than his share of the bed. Lassiter placed the back of his hand on the younger man's forehead, it felt cool to the touch. No fever, that's good. I should let him sleep a while longer.

Suddenly Lassiter felt cold himself. His face unknowingly turned red with embarrassment, remembering and seeing he was unclothed, still in bed with another man. He reached for the bedpost remembering Shawn's robe. He donned the short robe and rushed into the bathroom after gathering his jeans from the floor. He jumped into the shower and bathed quickly, trying not to think too much about what had happened last night. He put on his jeans after he got out and opened the door. Shawn had successfully stolen the entire sheet and was curled up nicely in ball. Lassiter then realized his empty stomach pain and found himself wandering to the kitchen, not watching the sleeping man very long.

This will be over one day. Spencer will wake up, forget about this, forget about me, and move on. This won't last, so I don't have to worry.

Shawn awoke with his side burning. He tried to roll over from his stomach to his back, but the pain was too intense. He was only able to shift his head to look at the other side of his bed. Shawn was not surprised to find the other side empty. He wasn't worried though, he knew Lassiter wouldn't have left or at least that's what he hoped. He laid there for a few minutes as if the pain in his side caused him paralysis. But while he was laying there he focused hard on listening for any noises. Though it was not very successful due to the ringing in his ears, thus he realized his head was throbbing. It didn't take long for Shawn to comprehend that his pain medication must have worn off. Shawn was thankful that the medicine worked wonders last night to save him the pain in his backside. His whole body was sore now and he groaned into his pillow.

"Lassiter." Shawn called, but there was no response. He waited a minute before trying again, this time louder. "Lassie!"

Suddenly the door flung open. Lassiter stood there. He was dressed in the same pair of jeans he'd been wearing for two days, a black t-shirt that Shawn pegged as his and a gray jacket that was zipped up half way in the front, a garment that belonged to Shawn too. The detective looked at his watch. "You're up before noon? Seriously?"

Shawn muffled a groan in his pillow. "I hurt…" Shawn admitted weakly.

Lassiter stood there for a moment, embarrassed and with a worried look on his face. "Um…where?"

The younger man sighed but then laughed weakly. "I was shot Lassie, remember?"

"Oh!" Lassiter nodded quickly before running off to retrieve Shawn's medicine. Lassiter came back with water and medicine in hand. He set them both on the nightstand to help Shawn sit up and then handed them to him. Lassiter watched as Shawn took his medicine.

He threw the pills in his mouth, tilting his head back and swallowed them. Shawn took one extra pill then he was supposed to. He'd needed it, he thought. "Thanks Lassie." He said softly, still sitting in the bed for a moment, his head down, waiting for the pain to go away.

Lassiter knelt down next to the bed. "I'll make something for you to eat now that you're up. Come eat when you're ready." Shawn nodded and Lassiter continued to speak. His voice was calm. "I remembered something this morning when I woke up, something I forgot about the night you were shot."

Shawn looked up to the older man, with a confused look on his face. "What did you remember?" Did he see something that I didn't?

"Get dressed and come out to eat, I'll tell you over breakfast." Lassiter stood up and rubbed Shawn's shoulder gently.

Shawn's curious gaze followed Lassiter as the older man walked out of the room. Shawn couldn't think of anything he missed. Creepy guy in a creepy alley. He couldn't remember much of the incident now that he thought of it, but Lassiter noticed something. Shawn got out of the bed as fast as he could without hurting himself. He hurried through taking a shower and then getting dressed in jeans and a dark green collared shirt. Shawn walked into living room. He could see Lassiter in the kitchen standing at the stove. Shawn took a seat in the stool at the countertop.

"You like omelets, right?" The detective asked without turning around.

Shawn nodded. "Yeah, sure." He folded his hands on the counter. "So what did you remember?"

Lassiter slid the omelet off the frying pan and onto a plate before sliding it in front of the psychic. "Eat first. You're gonna need it."

Shawn grabbed the fork that was already sitting on the counter and took a bite. It was good. "Nice. I need to keep you here longer." Shawn said with a little smirk looking up to Lassiter. The older man had a face of stone has he watched the younger man eat, his arms crossed at his chest. "What?"

Lassiter shook his head. "Sorry, just thinking."

Shawn took another bite of his food. "Well I'm eating, so talk."

The head detective was silent for a few more moments. Shawn kept eating when he finally spoke. "He came out of a building, before he shot you right?" Lassiter said. He was looking down at the floor, his forehead wrinkling as he tried to remember.

Shawn tilted his head, trying to recall that night for himself. He shook his head. "I couldn't see him. I didn't even know what he looked like until I saw the case file last night when we met Jules."

"I didn't think you did, since you were under the light. But I think…" He paused for a moment trying to remember. "Everything happened so fast. I was following him for a while but I lost him for a bit before you were shot. He ducked into that building."

Shawn's eyes widen. "You're right! I didn't see him, but I did hear something before too. It was metal. A door? A gate?" Shawn finally remembered now, he jumped out of the stool.

Lassiter nodded. "Yeah, I remember now. That's why you stepped out from behind the car. That's when…"

"When what?"

Lassiter lifted his head slowly, finally looking at the psychic. He spoke softly. "When I saw you. I saw you, but I didn't say anything." His voice was full of frustration. "You were looking for me, but I didn't want to blow my cover. I'd been following him for so long!" He paused, hanging his head to rest it against his palm and rubbed his brow. "It was selfish and I'm sorry. If I jumped in at that moment and distracted him, you wouldn't have gotten hurt. But I stupidly waited until he pulled that fucking trigger. I lied to Vick that I had no idea you were there, I even eventually convinced myself that I didn't know you were there, but I did see you…"

Shawn opened his mouth to speak, but no words came. Both men were silent for a while. Shawn sat back down and Lassiter shifted slightly before walking closer to the counter. Shawn looked up to him. The detective's face was stern and cold. "What do we do now then?" The younger man asked quietly.

Lassiter looked at the younger man's face. He couldn't help feel the way Shawn did. They were depressed. A break in the case and no one to tell and he finally admitted the full story. He felt so guilty. Lassiter walked around to the other side of the counter and stood next to Shawn. "We'll go check it out, if you're up to it?" The detective couldn't think of anything else to say.

Shawn nodded, franticly trying to shake off Lassiter's confession. He had no idea that Lassiter knew he was there. "Yeah, yeah. No problem, but won't the cops still be there. I mean that place is my crime scene, right?"

Lassiter tried to smile. He rubbed his thumb over Shawn's forehead, secretly checking for a fever. "Yeah, but they'll be gone by now."

Shawn didn't know if Lassiter was putting up some sort of façade or if he was really acting like he cared. Even after everything last night. Having sex, making love, whichever you'd called it. After that confession. Their situation seemed so far from any reality and he couldn't say it was like a dream, which would be to cliché and just not true. I have to know why he isn't pushing me away. Shawn reached out and wrapped his fingers around the gray strings of his jacket that Carlton was wearing. "Look Lassiter, about last night, if you're not cool with this, I can totally understand." Lassiter's smile faded. Shawn realizing what he was saying, he redirected. "It's not that I'm not cool with it, of course, don't get the wrong idea. I mean I'm the one that totally initiated everything. So don't think I jumped into it without thinking."

Lassiter's smile reappeared. "I'd never think you'd jump into something without thinking. I knew you planned to get shot the entire time, but that's okay, I won't tell anyone." Lassiter said smoothly, trying to play everything off.

Shawn sighed, continued to fidget with the strings on the jacket . "What I mean is…" Shawn paused. "You don't have to put up with any of this just because you might be blaming yourself. Because if you are, then I'm not cool with it either." Shawn finished, hanging his head.

"Spencer, I'm not 'cool' with it." Lassiter said grabbing Shawn's wrists, his face emotionless and cold again.

Shawn's heart dropped and he forced a laugh. "Yeah well, I didn't think so." So that's it. This cliché of a dream is finally over. This is Lassiter we're talking about.

"Hey, look at me, Spencer." Lassiter yanked on his wrists and Shawn looked up to the older man, still forcing his stiff smile. "I'm not cool with it," Lassiter repeated. "but… I'm okay about it."

Shawn's smile faded. He wasn't sure if Lassiter was telling a bad joke or if he really meant it. "You're not mad about it?" Shawn asked quietly, leaning closer to the detective.

Lassiter brought Shawn's hands to his chest, leaning in with the psychic. "No, I'm not mad, confused, but not mad." Shawn curled his fingers in the jacket as Lassiter closed the gap. They brushed lips for a moment, and then Carlton took in Shawn's upper lip and nipped at it gently before he pulled away. Shawn opened his eyes to look at Lassiter and leaned toward him for more. Lassiter, still holding the psychic's wrists nudged him back. "If we're going to check out the scene, we need to go now."

Shawn let loose a heavy breath in his chest and only nodded.

"Chief. Can I speak with you?" Juliet peeked into the office, cracking the door a bit.

Chief Vick shuffled some papers before setting them aside to her left. "Of course, did Coen offer anything of importance?" She asked looking up as Juliet fully entered the room, closing the door behind her.

"Well no, that's not what I wanted to talk about." She said sheepishly, cupping her hands together as she stood in front of the Chief's desk. "It's about Detective Lassiter's status."

"I thought I said I didn't want you talking to them." Vick said sternly.

"No. No, I didn't but Mr. Spencer, Shawn's dad, came is earlier before you arrived this morning. It seems that Lassiter is staying with Shawn in the mean time." Juliet was thoroughly flustered. Getting found out now would not be good.

"What's your point, O'Hara?"

"I'm just concerned." Juliet was getting more flustered.

"I gave them strict orders to not get involved." The chief said, tilting her head to the side.

"Yes, I know, but this is Shawn and Lassiter we're talking about. They're together." Karen paused for a moment, realizing what O'Hara was trying to say. "I'm just trying to say, one of them is bound to jump into this, whether there's consequences or not. I'm only requesting to be able to contact them, to keep tabs on them. I don't want anyone else to get hurt just because they don't know boundaries."

Karen's mouth twisted in hesitance. "You're probably right." She said with a sigh. "Fine, retain contact with them via Lassiter's cell. Tell him not to let Spencer out of his sight."

"Yes ma'am!"

The taxi pulled up to the curb across the street from Shawn's crime scene.

"We're here!" Said the old cabby in a gruff, low voice

"Lassie, look." Shawn said, whispering to the detective so the driver would not overhear. He was pointing to the police cruiser on the other side of the street. "What are they still doing here? You said they should be gone."

"It looks like they're taking extra precautions. You ever heard the saying 'they always return to the scene of the crime.'? I never told anyone that he went into a building; they just think I was still following him. They're just watching the crime scene because they probably have officers to spare." Lassiter whispered back, leaning into Shawn's ear.

"Hey! You're meter's still running, you getting out or what?" The old cabby grunted.

"Sir." Lassiter said in a polite voice, tapping on the cabby's seat. This is the wrong side. I'm sorry for the trouble but if you could go to the other side of the block. I'll give you an extra ten bucks if you could drive around."

The old cabby shift uncomfortably but nodded. "Sure, sure."

It only took five minutes to get back around the other side of the street. This side was clear. Lassiter paid the cabby his fair, plus the extra ten dollars as promised before helping Shawn out of the car. "Careful, Spencer. I don't want you ribbing your stitches out because I'm dragging you around town."

Shawn waved him off after getting out of the cab. "I'm fine. Stop babying me and act normal, we can't have anyone recognizing you. You're face has been all over the news for two days"

As the cab drove off down the empty street, Lassiter and Shawn made their way down the sidewalk. "It's clear. Let's go." Lassiter put his hand on Shawn's shoulder as they made a quick turn down the alley.

The alley looked totally different during the day, even to Shawn. That night the alley looked like a deathtrap that you want tell some character in a movie not to take a shortcut through, unless they wanted to get killed by some axe wielding serial killer with a grotesque face. That night the air was like ice, but today Shawn can feel the warm rays of the sun. There was no yellow police tape around the area as they walked up to the light post that Shawn laid under. No blood. Not even that white car was there. It was like the whole incident never even existed. They only proof he had that anything happened was the bullet wound at his side.

Lassiter was watching intently as the younger man studied the area. "You alright?"

Shawn nodded. "Yeah it just looks totally different then how I remember it."

The detective rubbed the psychic's shoulder before turning around. "Over here, I think." Lassiter said walking back behind them, Shawn followed suit. They walked up to a metal gateway. Shawn could see stone steps leading up to a stoop and big metal door that led into the building behind the gate. Lassiter sighed as he looked up and examined the gateway. "The gate's too high to climb alone, only one of us could get inside and there's no guarantee we could get back over. Besides, there's no way that door on the other side is unlocked."

Shawn tilted his head to the side as he examined the gate himself. There were three decorative mailbox looking numbers screwed into the side of the gate. 776 "Maybe it's unlocked. Try and open it."

"I saw him lock it." Lassiter sighed as he pulled his jacket sleeves over his hands and pressed down the handle. The handle clicked and the gate opened. Both men looked at each other for a moment. Shawn was equally as surprised as Lassiter was. The psychic went through the gate first and up to the stoop. Lassiter glanced nervously around before following. Shawn saw that the metal door was cracked open too before Lassiter did. He nudged the detective, pointing the door knob. "Stand back, Spencer. Don't come in till I come back to get you." Shawn went back down the steps as he was told. Lassiter unzipped the gray jacket and pulled one of his personal pistols from his belt holster. Lassiter nudged the door open with his foot, pistol at the ready, and went inside. It didn't take very long before he came back. "It's clear."

"Geez, what a mess. This looks worse than the Psych office when Gus left for Comic-Con last year." Shawn scoffed as he entered the tiny room. There were three desks, a computer on each one, and papers everywhere. The one filing cabinet had been thrown open and the drawers were scattered all over the room, each one upturned, no longer holding any papers.

"Well someone must have been here." Lassiter holstered his pistol and re-zipped his jacket. "Be careful what you touch. If we find anything, we need to get O'Hara over here to investigate. We don't want our prints showing up if they decide to dust."

"I know." Shawn said, moving the papers around with the back of his hand. "Do you see anything, Lassie?"

Lassiter was at another table, shifting through another mess of papers, using his sleeves. "No. Not by just glancing at them. If we could just stay here we might find something or maybe jump on one of these computers, but that's too risky. They look like business reports and research papers, memos." Lassiter said none too happily, but then something caught his eye. "Oh, here. Look." Shawn turned around to face Lassiter. "This one says Kennedy Software."

"Kennedy?" Shawn asked curiously before looking back at his own pile of papers.

"It's the company Xavier Haines, was working for and Coen too."

"It's not the only company he had information on." Shawn said, looking at a paper he found. "This company is called M-Tech Programming."

Lassiter nodded. "I found another, Atlus Computer Software. It's information on some sort of data base they were designing."

"Why does he have so much info on different companies and their programs. Companies that he doesn't work for?" Shawn asked.

Lassiter shrugged. "Scouting out the competition. Trying to find their screw-ups."

"Wait a minute…" Shawn said, tapping on one paper with his knuckle.

Lassiter leaned over Shawn's shoulder. "What is it?"

"There's no name but I remember this address."

Lassiter leaned in closer, looking at the paper. "Texas? Houston, Texas? How do you know that address?"

Shawn turned to face Lassiter. "Do you remember my resume?"

Lassiter tried to stifle a laugh. "Yeah, I snuck a peek. There were like over 30 jobs on there. None of them longer than six months. What's your point?"

Shawn shook his head. "Well, it wasn't on the resume, but I helped this guy out while I was in Houston. I met him at the Club bar at an Astros game." Shawn put his fingers to his temple as if he was trying to remember. "Dev. His name was Devlin. I remember because his name was kinda creepy, but this was the address I met him at. It was one of those small office buildings that different companies were located on different floors."

"What kind of company did he work for?" Lassiter asked.

"I don't remember, I was walking up to the building but he was waiting for me outside. I never went in."

Lassiter cocked his eyebrow. "How'd you help him?"

"I don't know. I never asked any questions. But he had me running all around town delivering these envelopes at night. I never looked inside… I wish I did now. But it was weird. The packets felt like they had CD cases in them."


Shawn nodded.

"I wonder if this as anything to do with our dead programmer." Shifting through the papers himself. None of the other papers on that desk had a Houston address.

Both men jumped, suddenly hearing music. "What is that?" Shawn asked looking at Lassiter, bewildered. "Is that the Cop's theme?"

"Shut up." Lassiter glared at the younger man and he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. "Who the hell is calling me now?'

"Reporters?" Shawn asked, trying to lean over to get a glimpse at Lassiter's cell.

Lassiter shook his head, is face confused. "It's O'Hara. Is she crazy?" Lassiter hit the button to answer his phone. "O'Hara! Why are…?" Lassiter paused listening intently on the phone.

"What is she saying?"

Lassiter raised a hand up to silence him. "She got permission from Vick to keep tabs on us."

"Good, Shawn is with you." Juliet piped up over the phone. "The chief wants you to watch him. To make sure he doesn't jump into the case again."

"Did you call me just to tell me that?

"Well, yeah?"

Lassiter sighed. "Well anyway. I need to ask you something about the case. Can you talk now?"

"Yeah sure. The Chief is at lunch with the Chairman. What do you want to know?"

"Spencer and I are checking out a lead."

"What?! Carlton you're suppose to stay put. I agreed to let you in about what's going on, but I didn't honestly think you would go out on your own! I mean with Shawn, I'd expect it, but you too?"

Lassiter pulled the phone away from his ear, before placing it back in a safe distance that O'Hara didn't blow out his hear drum "Look, listen!"

"You're being irresponsible Carlton! What if Shawn gets hurt again?"



"Listen to me. Shawn's not going to get hurt again. I'm going to be with him and I'm not going to let that happen, but I need you to check out this address."

Juliet sighed. "Fine! Just this once. What's the address?"

"There's no front, but you remember the alley where Shawn was shot"

"Oh my God, Carlton! Why are you there? We have someone watching over there! You're gonna get caught."

"O'Hara, I know! I saw them. Will you stop scolding me for two minutes? There's a gate in the alley. It's labeled '776', tell me what's the name that comes with the address."

"Okay! Okay! Let's see. That's Samson Street. 776." There was a long pause. Lassiter could hear Juliet typing furiously in the background. "The lease contract says the person making payments for it is a man by the name of Devlin Daemon."

"Devlin Daemon? Are you sure?"

Shawn started jumping up and down. "I knew it! I knew it!" Lassiter flung his arm at him.

"Stop it!" He whispered under his breath.

"Yeah. What a weird name, but it's his legal name. It's on his passport and driver's license. I'm looking him up now. His record is totally clean. Not a spot of him. Oh, Wait! I got a hit."

"From what?"

"It seems he's a stock holder at the Kennedy Software company. You were right on the money Carlton, to get a warrant for the stock holder names."

"The company that our murder victim and suspect works for. How convenient is that?"

"Carlton, tell me what else you found out?"

"Nothing much that you won't find over here for yourself. Almost everything we need to make a case is in this pitiful room. Give us an hour and tell the Chief that you want to re-investigate Shawn's crime scene. You'll know where to look. Shawn and I are gonna hit another lead. Call me when you're you done and give us a heads up."

"Lemme talk to her. Lemme talk to her." Shawn said franticly. His hand's reaching out for the phone.

"Wait, Carlton!" There was ruffling over the phone a suddenly another voice came from the other end.`

"Trust us Jules. We know what we're doing. We're gonna find this guy." Suddenly the phone went dead.

Juliet pulled the phone away her phone from her ear and stared at it. "That's what I'm afraid of…"

Shawn and Lassiter started to make their way out of the alley. Lassiter was looking through his phone, pressed a button and gave it to Shawn. "Tell Guster we need information on this guy."

Shawn took the phone and put it to his ear, waiting for his friend to answer. "What are we gonna do now?"

Lassiter sighed. "We need to find Daemon. Find out who he is, where we can find him and why he's here in Santa Barbara."

"Gus, hey. Are you at Psych?"

"Shawn! You wouldn't believe how many people have come by asking about Lassiter. I had to close the office because the reporters wouldn't give up." Shawn could clearly hear panic in his friend's voice.

"Damn, they're at the office too." Shawn sighed looking to Lassiter. The detective's mouth was gapped open. Shawn shook his head. "Gus, forget about the media for a second, I want you to look someone up for me."

"Shawn does this have anything to do with the case? Because if it does, I'm not helping you. You already in enough trouble right now cause you couldn't keep your nose out of it in the first place."

"Gus, I just want you too Google the man's name and tell me what comes up."

"No, Shawn. I'm not getting involved."

"Ugh, hold on for a minute." Shawn threw his hands up. "He's not going to help us." Shawn said to the older man.

Lassiter took the cell phone from Shawn. "Look Guster." The other end of the phone went silent for a moment.

"L-Lassiter?" Gus voice was unsteady on the other end.

"Devlin Daemon. I need info. Now." Lassiter's voice was stern and harsh. Intimidation always worked well against Gus.

"Alright. Shawn always tries to get his way, but with you on his side he's going to have more power than ever before."

"Devlin Daemon, Guster."

"I know, I recognize the name. He's a very popular soft ware programmer. They call him a genius. But the thing is, he freelances most of the time, so he doesn't really work for anyone. He's helped program over one hundred top rate software, ranging for anywhere to photo editing programs to data bases for private companies. There's even a rumor he's helping to modify Government software. Companies request his assistance all the time, all over the country. That man is rich."

"We think he's in Santa Barbara."

"He is. He's building his own company off of 26th and Reese."

"That construction site is his building?" Lassiter nodded to Shawn. Just that moment the detective saw the psychic's face go white and saw him unsteady on his feet. He reached out to grab Shawn by the arm. "Shawn?! What's wrong?"

"What is it?" Gus said franticly over the phone.

Shawn went down on one knee. "I'm fine. I just got a little dizzy."

"You went as pale as a sheet." Lassiter kneeled down next to Shawn, feeling his face with his free hand. The younger man was sweating, his skin clammy.

"It's the pain medication. Make sure he doesn't take it too often." Lassiter heard Gus over the phone.

"I'll keep an eye on him. Thanks Guster, but we should go. I need to get him back home." Lassiter hung up the phone and replaced it in his pocket.

"I'm cold…" Shawn said. Lassiter reached up and felt his forehead. Shawn was burning up.

He stood up grasping Shawn by his shoulders and helping him up with him. "Come on, Spencer. You need to rest, we'll check out the construction site later." Lassiter shrugged of his borrowed jacket and put it around the psychic. Shawn nodded his head, leaning into Lassiter, clinging to the older man's chest.