Close that door

I have to find my way

To make it work out fine

So I kneel down and pray

That I'll be able to walk the line

Some say that I am wise

Some say that I am strong

But I see myself through different eyes

So I just have to go on

Who am I and what shall I do?

Will you say that I did well

When my life is through?

Or will I end up in hell?

I often meet folks

Who tell me wise things

It sounds like jokes

But they act like kings

They don't know a thing

Of what goes on inside

They just see my ring

And think I'm on their side

Just because I share it

With them who know it all better

Doesn't mean I buy all their shit

Just because they wrote me a nice letter

If you could see me

And not just my body

You would agree

That I am not your nice buddy

So don't ever try to tell me

What I have to do

There's more than you can see

If only you knew …

I am more than meets the eye

I am more than all nice and wise

I am the cold wind in July

I am the little baby that cries

If I don't even know

Who I am and what to do

When I met myself over twenty years ago

And still not have a clue

How can your dare to say

That you know what's right

Just because you pray everyday

And sleep peacefully at night

There are good reasons

For why I am so insecure

Like there are seasons

To be muddy and poor

There's a time to live

And a time to die

A time to love

And a time to cry

So they say and so say I

I believe in Him

Even if I don't know why

And it often seems so dim

I don't know what lies ahead of me

I just know that He will be there

Do you not agree?

Or do you not even care?

I've had enough of you

Who know it all and more

And it's finally true

That I will close that door

I've done what you've done

And said what you've said

But now I'll turn my face to the sun

And listen to Him instead