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Summary: Natsume Hyuuga is Alice Academy's most delinquent student, with a terrible past. He's cold-hearted to everyone. One day, he meets a cheerful and popular idol who will change his life for the better.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gakuen Alice. I would love to own it, if it was possible.

Himeno: Okay, let's get this story started!

Anna: Himeno-chan, what is this story all about?

Sumire: And why is entitled, Natsume the Jerk! For your information, Natsume-kun is not a jerk!

Nonoko: Umm… He may act like it sometimes…

Anna: Yeah, I agree…

Mikan: Natsume's the biggest jerk I've ever met!

Sumire: He's not a jerk! As president of the Natsume-Ruka fan club, I won't accept such an insult to Natsume-kun. Ruka-kun, Natsume's not a jerk, right?

Ruka: (Silence)

Tsubasa: Oh, even Ruka-pyon agrees that his arrogant best friend is a jerk.

Ruka: I didn't say anything!

Himeno: Silence means yes, Nogi-kun. Hehe… Enough said, let's get this story started. Oh yeah, this is AU! The students here have no Alice! And they're all in Middle School!

Natsume the Jerk

Episode 1: The Jerk meets the Angel

"Idiot, what do you think you're doing?" Natsume Hyuuga snapped, dragging his sister away from his laptop computer. "Messing with my files?"

The young Aoi Hyuuga was about to open the folder containing Hentai Manga scans. Natsume may not look like it, but he was fond of reading manga. Aoi, being the nosy and dense little sister, wanted to know what her big brother loved reading.

"You obviously don't know the first thing about privacy," Natsume continued. It was like him to be cold and rational. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was an annoying girl. "Don't you dare touch my laptop again, stupid." He shot Aoi one of his deadliest glares.

The little girl let out a nervous chuckle. "Umm…" She swallowed hard before she spoke. "All right… Sorry…" she said softly, as Natsume grunted. She knew her brother was pissed off, because of what she did. Her brother's attitude was still as rotten as ever. It was hard to believe that she was actually related to him.

Aoi and Natsume were siblings. Both of them had the same raven-colored hair and the same crimson eyes. But Aoi's hair was straight and neat, and it reached just a bit above her shoulders, while Natsume had unruly, spiky, short hair. Although they looked so much alike, they were different.

Natsume Hyuuga was the more serious and responsible one. He loved reading his favorite shounen mangas, ditching classes, and spending time alone. Natsume was a genius, despite his looks. He was handsome and popular with the female population. But he was generally moody, quiet, and cold-hearted.

On the other hand, Aoi preferred to spend as much time having fun. She loved excitement—things like schoolwork and chores were much too dull for her. She can be stupid and clumsy sometimes. She was the complete opposite of Natsume, but she loved her brother very much.

"I got scolded by Onii-chan again…" Aoi whispered into the dark night as she walked toward the garden. "Okaa-san, Otou-san, I wish you were still here." A drop of tear fell from her eye. She had been murmuring the same thing over and over again for the past years.

Their parents died about five years ago. Ever since their parents died, Natsume had no longer smiled. He had been nothing but a delinquent, always getting into fights and causing trouble for the teachers. If it weren't for his high grades, he would've been kicked out of Alice Academy for a long time now. Aoi had tried her best to cheer her brother up. But Natsume didn't give a damn care about her. He would always insult her and humiliate her in front of people. He even went overboard and called her a pest. Aoi understood why Natsume was acting like a jerk all the time. She had been pretending to be happy all time just to show her brother that everything was fine. But she didn't know if she could still keep up her act. She was growing tired of being there for her brother.

She thought about the hours she had spent in the garden with her parents. The image of her father's face, grinning up at her as he planted a flower, brought a smile to her face. Her father was a talented painter. He was so happy-go-lucky and free. Aoi inherited her cheerful personality from her loving father. Natsume was a lot like their mother. Aoi pictured her mother's beautiful face in her mind and smiled wider.

Aoi had lost her parents and probably lost her brother as well. She kept thinking how isolated Natsume was. She and Natsume' best friend tried to keep him from withdrawing and building a protective shell around himself. But in spite of their efforts, Natsume was still emotionless as ever.

Her daydreaming was interrupted by a book thrown at her face. The book was actually a thick dictionary. As the book slid down her face, it landed right on her foot. Aoi hopped a lot, soothing her sore foot and her face. That was really painful.

After composing herself, she turned to the direction where the book came from. "Onii-chan!" she uttered as she saw her arrogant brother leaning by the doorway. "What's the big idea?!"

"You were standing there like a moron, stupid," Natsume said coolly. He never failed to show his stoic face to his sister.

Aoi cried waterfall tears. "Wah! Onii-chan, you're so mean!" she said.

Natsume rolled his eyes. "Tch… Whatever…" He spun on his heels and walked back inside the house.

"Onii-chan, you're hopeless…" Aoi sighed in frustration as she sat down on the patch of grass. She gazed up at the starry sky and saw a shooting star. "Ah! I better make a wish!" She quickly closed her eyes, clasped her hands, and made a wish. It was a sincere wish from the depths of her heart.

Natsume had just settled into his seat in homeroom on Monday morning when his teacher waltzed right in. His teacher's name was Narumi. He was quite odd and unique in a way. Sure, he was handsome. A lot of girls in school loved him. Narumi was one those friendly and bubbly teachers who get along with their students well. He had soft, blonde hair, and his eyes were as alluring as amethyst gems.

"Good morning, class!" Narumi greeted, feeling a lot more excited than he usually does. He held up his record book and tapped it on his shoulder. "We're going to have a new student tomorrow. Make sure you'll welcome her properly."

The whole class seemed to wonder at once. Since their teacher mentioned 'her', it only meant that the new student was a girl. Several boys were awfully curious about her.

"Don't get too excited, okay?" Narumi winked. "This girl is very cute!"

And the boys' whispers became louder and louder.

Natsume shrugged. He didn't care if the class was getting a new student or not. Besides, the girl would probably be as irritating as the girls of his fan club, he thought. Great! Just great! He certainly didn't need another admirer to chase after him.

"What's the matter, Natsume?" a blonde 14-year old asked. He was sitting right next to Natsume in class.

"They're pathetic," Natsume grumbled, placing his manga over his face. "They're getting excited over a girl they haven't even seen. Just because Naru says she's cute, doesn't mean she really is cute. She's probably an ugly hag."

Ruka chuckled to himself. The comment was typical of his best friend. He and Natsume were best friends with completely different personalities. Ruka was much kinder and gentler. His neat blonde hair and stunning sapphire eyes made him so attractive to the girls. Though he always made time for sports and school, he loved nothing better than taking care of his animals at home. He was from a rich family of well-known veterinarians. His mother was an exception, for she was a famous fashion designer in Paris. He was half-French and half-Japanese. His favorite pet at home was a little white rabbit, which he affectionately calls 'Bunny'.

Aside from Aoi, Ruka also knew about the Hyuuga Family's painful past. He understood why Natsume was being such a rebel. He tried changing Natsume's rough and arrogant ways, but all his efforts were in vain. Natsume was just too darn stubborn to listen to him and to his sister.

On Tuesday morning, Natsume was walking to school when a girl in in-line skates passed by him. He gazed upon the girl who had long auburn hair with curly tips. She was wearing pink-white in-line skates, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves for protection, and the girl's uniform of Alice Academy Middle School. Strange, he thought. Any girl from his school who sees him walking to school will instantly join him. But the girl didn't seem to mind him.

Just then, the girl jumped over some pile of wood and landed gracefully on the concrete cement. When she landed, something fell from her pocket. She quickly stopped and twirled around, giving Natsume a full view of her face.

Natsume was stunned, but this face still remained stoic. The girl was absolutely beautiful, with hazel eyes so dazzling and innocent, and her auburn hair, flowing elegantly with the wind, was so tempting to touch. Natsume, though he never met the girl before, felt like he had seen her somewhere before.

She picked out the object that fell and held in tight in her hand. It was a gold heart-shaped locket with elegant carvings and a ruby in the middle. It seemed that the locket was very precious to her. Looking up, she saw Natsume standing a few distances away from her. She smiled. "Good Morning!" Her radiant smile brought out her beauty even more.

He had to admit that he was attracted to the girl. However, he had no intention of being friendly or even greeting her back. He merely shrugged and walked off.

"Huh?" The girl thought that Natsume was just being shy with her, so she motioned over to his side. "Hey… That uniform… You're going to Alice Academy, right?" she asked.

Natsume ignored her and quickened his pace.

It was a good thing she was in roller skates. She could just catch up to him with ease. "You're so rude. I was just asking. It wouldn't hurt to respond, you know." She pouted cutely.

"Shut up and leave me alone," Natsume retorted, throwing a death glare at her. "You're annoying."

"Fine then!" the girl said, clenching her fists. "Here I am, being nice and polite… But you… Hmph!" Sticking out her tongue, she dashed off in great speed and left Natsume biting the dust.

Natsume raised his brow. She was not like any other girl, he was sure of it. First of all, the girl wasn't even gawking at him, blushing, or even cooing like any nut job. The girl didn't treat him like a prince, unlike his and Ruka's deranged fan girls in school. She was very interesting, he thought.

In homeroom that morning, Narumi walked into the classroom, wearing a blue prince outfit with a white cape. His weird outfit wasn't surprising to the students anymore. There were used to their eccentric teacher and his eccentric ways. "Good Morning, my dear students," he said. "It's another glorious day. Before we start, I would like to introduce the new student!"

Some boys were excited. They wanted to see how cute the new girl was. They hoped she won't be a disappointment.

The door slid open, revealing a girl with a slim and slender figure. She walked to the teacher's table and faced the class with a smile. Her smile and her angelic features amazed the whole class. But what thrilled them the most was the fact that girl was none other than the Teen Pop Sensation, Mikan Sakura.

"Oh, gosh!" A girl bounced up in excitement. "That's Mikan Sakura!!!" She pointed out.

The boys were howling and yelling out Mikan's name. All their eyes have turned into cute pink hearts. "Mikan-hime!!!" they shouted.

"I can't believe this!" another boy said.

"It's really her!" a girl added.

A lot of students have dished out their cellular phones with cameras and started taking pictures of the idol. Some have pulled out their notebooks and asked Mikan to sign them. Honestly, it was getting bizarre inside the classroom.

Narumi-sensei held up a warning finger, and the class immediately quieted down. "As I'm sure you all know Mikan Sakura-chan is one of the most popular idols in Japan. After years of being home-studied, her manager finally decided to enroll Mikan-chan to a real school, so she'll experience a regular school girl life like the others." He placed a shoulder on the brunette. "Isn't that right?"

Mikan nodded. "That's right! This is my first time to be in school and I'm pretty excited. I hope we'll all get along." She flashed the class a wonderful smile, making the boys swoon and whistle. Mikan wasn't bothered by them, since she was pretty used to having wild fans.

"Now for your seat," Narumi said, glancing around the room.

As Narumi was about to pick, the door slammed open and in went Natsume. All eyes turned to him right away, especially the eyes of his fan girls. "Natsume-kun, you're late again," Narumi said, folding his arms.

"So?" Natsume grunted. He was about to shot the teacher one of his famous glares, but he stopped when he saw Mikan. "You?!"

"Oh!" Mikan gasped. "Hi there! Remember me?" She waved her hand.

"You're that annoying girl from this morning," he answered in a bored tone.

A vein popped out of Mikan's head. "What did you say?!" she exclaimed. "You're still so rude!"

"Like I care." Natsume made his way to his seat, sat down, and placed his feet on top of his desk. "I didn't expect you to be the new student."

"Natsume, don't you know who that is?" Ruka whispered.

Natsume had seen the girl from somewhere before, but he can't quite remember. "No… And I don't care," he blurted out.

"That's Mikan Sakura… Mikan—the famous teen pop idol."

And that struck Natsume. No wonder the girl was familiar. She was the teen idol that his sister and practically the whole Japan adored. To be frank, he does listen to her music sometimes whenever his sister wasn't around the house. But he can't let anyone know that he liked her music or he was attracted to her this morning. "So what?" he said.

Narumi didn't know what was going on between Mikan and Natsume, but he guessed that the two had met somewhere before. Since he thought of it that way, he decided to let Mikan sit right next Natsume. "Mikan-chan, your seatmate and partner will be Natsume-kun," he told the brunette before he looked at Natsume. "And Natsume-kun, as her partner, I want you to tour her around school later."

The boys sighed and groaned in disappointment. "Sensei, why Hyuuga?!" They can't really trust the delinquent, Natsume, to handle their idol. It would be too risky.

"That's his punishment for being late all the time," Narumi answered. "Besides, they seem to know each other already."

"NO!" Mikan said. "I just met him this morning on my way to school."

"Naru, you better reconsider," Natsume threatened as he opened his manga. "I don't want to be paired up with a polka-dotted panties girl."

The class was suddenly silent. Did they just hear that right? Polka-dotted panties girl? What the hell was Natsume talking about?

Mikan was horrified. Polka-dotted panties was her underwear for the day! But how did Natsume find out about it? "Y-you…You!" she shouted, earning a gasp from each and everyone from the room. "You saw them?! I can't believe you! When and how?!"

Natsume shrugged. "You're the one who showed it to me, polka-dots," he said as he flipped a page. "Roller skates and a mini-skirt don't match, if you know what I mean."

Some of the boys got furious. How dare that Natsume peeked at Mikan's panties?! As much as they wanted to burn Natsume, they just couldn't. They were all afraid of Natsume brutality and cold-heartedness.

Mikan wasn't going to let Natsume get away with that. She marched over to him and pulled his manga away. "You perverted moron!" she shouted at his ear, almost rendering him deaf. She then opened the window and threw the manga outside. Turning, she stuck out her tongue. "That'll teach you not to mess with me!"

Once again the whole class gasped. No one had ever stood up to Natsume before. What Mikan Sakura did was admirable and dangerous at the same time. The others were thinking that she might have a death wish already. Reading manga was Natsume's favorite past time, and she'd just disturbed him and threw away the manga.

Natsume's face darkened, emitting a fiery aura. "You're going to regret that," he said, showing his cold crimson eyes.

"What are you going to do?" Mikan said with a smug.

The fan girls were appalled at her actions. They were strict when it came to Natsume and Ruka. No girl has any right to even wave or interact with either Natsume or Ruka, unless if the girl was a part of the fan club. The president, a girl with short sea-green hair and dark-green eyes, stood up and placed her hands on her hips. She stared hard at Mikan, not caring about her status.

"What?" Mikan asked innocently.

Shouda-san… Not again… Narumi sighed.

"I, Sumire Shouda, am the president of the Natsume-Ruka fan club," Sumire introduced herself proudly. "Obviously you don't know your place here, Sakura-san!"

Mikan raised one brow and tilted her head to the side. Just what was she talking about? Mikan was just new, so it was only right that she doesn't know her place in the class.

"Such rudeness towards Natsume-kun should not be tolerated!"

"Yeah!" the other fan girls agreed.

"We'll make sure you'll pay for what you did to our Natsume-kun!"

Natsume had enough of his fan girls. He abruptly stood up, grabbed Mikan's arm, and pulled her to her seat. He then sat down and glared at Sumire. "I can take care of her myself. I don't need you hags to mess with her."

"And what do you mean by that?!" Mikan said, flustered on the way he dragged her. It was her first time to meet a guy who was so rude and un-gentleman-like.

"Shut up, polka-dots."


"Natsume-kun is not HENTAI!" Sumire snapped, raising her fists high. Strange, though, she didn't seem to disagree to the fact that Natsume was a 'Baka'. The 'Hentai' part was the only thing she blurted out. "Learn to respect him, why don't you?!"

Mikan was about to respond, but Natsume cut her off. "Didn't you hear me, hag?" Natsume was referring to Sumire. "I'll make her pay myself."

Sumire didn't feel threaten by his words. Instead, she felt dazzled by him. "Of course, Natsume-kun!" she exclaimed. "Whatever you say…" She sat down again, thinking how lucky she was that Natsume actually talked to her. He would usually give her the cold shoulders whenever she tries to talk to him.

Narumi finally sighed in relief. And he thought Sumire would cause more fuss like before. Oh well, what you can do if she was totally heads over heels with Natsume and Ruka. But he found Natsume awfully strange today. After knowing Natsume for almost five years now, it was his first time to see Natsume acknowledging a girl, even though he was rude.

End of Episode 1

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