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Turn 3: Explanations and Complications!

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A/N: This is a story dedicated mostly to the developing relationship with Alexis and Jaden the story about Atticus' and Seto's conflict. A heartwarming moment at the end too!!!!

Recap: Atticus and Seto have stormed out. Alexis is explaining the situation to Jaden

Alexis sat there looking Jaden straight in the eye. Jaden had just asked her to explain the events that just happened. She looked him dead in the eye and spoke

"It's kind of a long story," Alexis said

"We've got time Lex" Jaden replied, "so go ahead"

"Well we used to be one big happy family" she sighed deeply "that was until one fateful day ten years ago."

"Ten? I thought Atticus said it was fourteen Lex" Jaden questioned

"He was exaggerating Jaden, it's been ten years since we last saw each other." Alexis explained, "We used to be pretty close as a family during the summers we used to go into Domino City and spend a month with our Uncle Seto, sure he was busy but he was always more than happy to see us and take us in for the month. There was a small duel camp outside Domino and Atticus and I would spend most of our time. Atticus never liked it there but Uncle Seto made us go nonetheless…"

"Yeah but you're not answering why they don't like each other" Jaden interrupted

"I…. I…." Alexis stammered, I can't tell him why they don't get along, he won't like it.

"I really don't know Jay" Alexis lied, "I should probably go see if dinner's ready" she got up to go but Jaden grabbed her by the wrist.

"Lex" Jaden sighed slightly annoyed, "What have I told you before? I can tell when you're lying, and right now you are"

"What?" Alexis asked

"You're left eyebrow twitches and your right eyebrow sinks when you're lying, safe to say you're pretty bad at it Lex" Jaden joked, (A/N: I don't know why I keep doing that, that whole Jaden Joked, Alexis asked etc. It's not intentional so sorry (there I go again) but I'll try not to do it OK Back to the story).

Alexis chuckled "You know Jay that's been a problem since I was a kid" She laughed again and sighed, looking deep into Jaden's eyes.

It was amazing they'd been dating for about three weeks, and she figured yeah they were in love but she still saw the passion and that playful look in his eyes that she'd fallen in love with all those years ago. She decided to try to play cute and get out of the story. She lightly brushed her lips against his, and then planted them there for about thirty seconds.

"What was that for Lex?" Jaden asked, as he broke out of her grasp and pulled her into his lap to talk

"Oh nothing just because I love you so much" Alexis giggled in reply

"Come on now Lex, please tell me what happened at the summer camp I really need to know so I can help these two get along, I wanna do this for you can't you see that?" Jaden asked

Alexis looked a little surprised, she knew Jaden would be helpful but she didn't realize that he wanted to do this so much just for her. Oh what the heck, Alexis thought to herself, and sighed deeply.

Before her explanation she gave Jaden a kiss on the cheek, "Jay thank you" she whispered to him

"Anything for you Lex" Jaden responded, "Now come on what's the feud all about?"

"Well during one year at the summer camp. I went off in the middle of the night, and decided that it'd be fun to go for a swim with some other girls from the camp. It was a coed place but I used to hang out with the girls a lot, that's where I met Mindy and Jazz. Anyways getting back to the point it was a real big mistake on our part." Alexis hesitated on the next part

"Go on Lex I'm still listening" Jaden said

"Well… you see… it was a real mess that night the water was colder and deeper than we thought and we… meaning me and three other girls went out a little too far, and before we knew it we were literally in too deep. We began to struggle to keep our heads above water and before I knew it I was losing all consciousness as I began to sink in the water. The last thing I remember hearing was my brothers voice calling out my name then I blacked out." Alexis explained

"Wow that's pretty heavy Lex" Jaden replied

"Yeah the next thing I remember was waking up to my brother being berated by Uncle Seto for not watching out for me, and Atticus shooting back that if he [Seto wanted us around he'd take his own time to take care of us. I spent the night in the nurses office and was released in a few days after they made sure nothing was seriously wrong with me. They sent Atticus and Me home after the incident and told us we were not to return to the camp for breaking the rules, which Seto blamed Atticus for once again. Since that day they haven't spoken much and when they do as you can tell all they do is fight." Alexis finished her story

"That explains everything doesn't it? So what happened to the other girls?" Jaden questioned

"Well they got kicked out as well, but they were allowed to come back the next year, to this day I still don't know why Atticus and I weren't allowed to." Alexis replied.

"The bigger issue here though Jay is that to this day I keep feeling like this is my fault, that I caused this rift between my family and that's why we haven't been together for so long." Alexis began to look very upset, but Jaden held her closer

"Lex let me tell you something. None of what happened was your fault, you may not like what I'm about to say but that was a matter of both your Uncle and Brother acting completely irrationally and immaturely, so stop blaming yourself."

(A/N: I know this is OOC (Out of Character) for Jaden I'll explain in a minute how he knows this)

Alexis again looked a little surprised by Jaden's understanding of the situation she had to laugh though. Usually Jaden would've been completely confused and oblivious to the situation but he seemed to really understand what was going on and also wanted to help.

"How do you know all that Jay?" Alexis asked,

"Because I've seen this scenario a lot, I won't say where but I've been around enough situations to understand it." Jaden answered,

"Really? I never knew that" Alexis exclaimed

"Yeah well there's a few things about me you don't know Lex. But like you said there's a bigger issue here and that's getting your Brother and Uncle to co exist right?" Jaden said

"Right. But how Jay?" Alexis questioned

"That's a good question Lex, I though you'd have an idea or two." Jaden grandly said

"Well I mean we could always do a family football game or basketball game but I think that would only increase their tension towards each other." Alexis explained

"Yeah well we could always have them duel" Jaden said in a kidding manner

"Jaden that would produce the same result" Alexis laughed

"Yeah you're probably right." Jaden laughed as well "any other ideas"

"Well…" Alexis began but was interrupted by her mother

"ALEXIS!!! JADEN COME AND GET IT! DINNER TIME!" Alicia shouted from downstairs

"Did she just say…" Jaden began

"Oh Boy" Alexis sighed knowing full well what was about to happen

"FOOD!" Jaden jumped off the couch causing Alexis to almost fall on the floor, "Alright I'm starved come on Lex let's go" with that Jaden shot out of the room lightening quick and zipped down the stairs to the dining room.

Alexis just stood and laughed. Why can't he be like that when it comes to homework or doing his laundry or showering she thought to herself, but she just figured that was why she loved him so much. That slacking attitude and at the same time underneath all of it there was actually a rather smart and deep person.

Alexis began walking down the stairs when she ran into her father.

"Hey Sweetie" Jason greeted his daughter, "everything alright, I just saw Atticus he seemed a little…. Well… Pissed off. I haven't seen him like that for a while"

"yeah well he and Uncle Seto kinda had a fight Daddy" Alexis said,

"those two again? I thought after ten years they'd be over that" Jason responded,

"Yeah well their still at each other's throats." Alexis said

"Well don't you worry your pretty little head about it, why don't you go down and get something to eat ok?" Jason said

"Sure thing Daddy" Alexis replied and with that she left down the stairs.

Before she got down stairs she realized that neither her Mother, Uncle, nor Father had ever seen Jaden eat before and boy were they in for a shock when they did. The thought crossed Alexis' mind to tell at least her mother how much Jaden ate but she figured she'd let them be surprised. This was going to be an interesting dinner.

At the Dinner Table:

The dining room in the Rhodes' home was absolutely gorgeous. A nice chandelier hung over the table, that was a beautiful mahogany with an exquisite crimson finish, and the plates were made of a very fine china. Jaden was already sitting as Mrs. Rhodes began to set the table along with the help of Seto. Alexis came in to the dining room next and sat down next to Jaden on his right. Jason soon followed and sat at the head of the table.

"Hey sis why don't you sit down I can handle the rest" Seto said placing a plate in front of Jaden

"Oh Nonsense Seto, you sit down right over there on the other side of Jaden, and I'll start putting the food out ok?" Alicia responded

"There's really no arguing with you" Seto answered, "Sure thing" with that Seto took his seat to Jaden's left.


"ALRIGHT MOM! I'M COMING!" Atticus responded, yelling just as loud.

In a few minutes Atticus strode into the dining room, and took the only seat left directly across from Seto.

"Late again are we?" Seto asked smugly

Alicia heard the comment and quickly ran into the dining room in order to stop a rather messy fight.

"Alright Seto that's enough" she chided

"Sure thing I was just kidding. Right Atticus?" Seto responded

"Of course Uncle" Atticus said with a really fake smile on his face.

A few more minutes passed and then the food hit the table. Jaden could hardly contain himself as he saw the delicious choices out in front of him, as Alicia put everything on his plate. She started out with some mashed potatoes with gravy, after that came the Veggies, but what really caught Jaden's eye was the tender Steak. However, before Jaden could really stuff his face Jason clanged his spoon on his glass.

"before we start I'd like to make a toast" Jason began

"First to my lovely wife for making such a beautiful dinner for everyone tonight. Second to my brother-in-law, and him being here with us this Christmas. And finally to my two beautiful Children Atticus and Alexis, we're glad to have you home kids, and I'd also like to welcome my Alexis' new man, Jaden Yuki to our home. Let's make this a truly Merry Christmas for everyone. To Family" Jason said raising his glass

"To family" Everyone at the table responded.

"Now Bon apetite" Alicia spoke up. The two words Jaden was waiting to hear.

Jaden started with the Mashed Potatoes stuffing them down without even a though of chewing. Which immediately stunned everyone at the table, next he moved to the vegetables, that he really didn't like but tried them anyways and found them to be at least a little tasty, especially the carrots which disappeared off his plate in minutes. Finally he moved to the steak which he wolfed down in a matter of seconds as well. He looked up to see everyone, besides Alexis, staring at him in shock. Both Atticus and Seto looked utterly disgusted, Alicia was surprised that Jaden liked her food that much, and Jason was smiling before speaking up.

"Well honey it looks like you got a fan" Jason said

"Sure does, Jaden there's more in the kitchen if you want it" Alicia offered

Those were the magic words for Jaden, as he shot up out of his seat and ran into the kitchen to fill up his plate. His reaction drew a laugh from everyone as they went back to their own meals. Jaden got up three more times for food, leaving nothing behind, and after about an hour the meal ended.

"Well Jaden you sure can put it away can't you?" Jason said,

"I guess so" Jaden replied "but jeez Alicia you sure can cook, that was great"

"Well thank you Jaden, if you keep eating like this we won't have a problem with the fridge being crowded" Alicia said

"Well I'm happy to help, but I do have a question. I don't mean to be a pest, but since Atticus is here, and so is Seto so where exactly am I going to sleep?" Jaden asked,

"I really haven't thought about it, have you dear?" Alicia asked Jason

"Not really, I know we're putting Seto in the guest room, and obviously Atticus and Alexis will sleep in their rooms. I guess we could put him in one of those rooms." Jason proposed

"I don't think that's a good idea" Seto interjected,

"Yeah dad, no offense but Jaden snoring is so loud that he can wake the dead" Atticus protested

"Well he certainly will not be sleeping with my little Lexi" Jason laid down that rule pretty clearly. Alexis blushed as did Jaden, stifiling a giggle Jason clarified his point

"I mean they won't be sharing a bed. I didn't mean the other thing!" Jason stated

"What other thing?" Jaden asked, which made everyone go into a fit of laughter

"Well then dear where do you propose he sleeps?" Alicia questioned

"Well we could always put him in the living room down here, there's a couch that's big enough to act as a bed, comfortable too. And there's also a TV so he can watch it if he wants. Is that Ok with you Jaden?" Jason asked

"Sure whatever works for you guys" Jaden responded with his usual smile

"Well good it's settled then" Jason responded. With that Jason stood up and said good night to everyone and left the dining room.

"Well I'd better help you Mom with the dishes" Alexis offered

"Sure honey" Alicia responded,

"Me too Mom" Atticus offered to help as well

"Ok Atti" Alicia responded again

"I'll help too" Jaden said

"No that's ok Jay you're a guest you go relax in the living room and Seto you go with him." Alicia instructed.

"Ok you sure sis?" Seto asked,

"Absolutely now go and relax" Alicia said, and with that the 2 were sent into the living room.

"You know something Seto, we never got to finish our match let alone start it" Jaden said as they entered the living room

"That's right, but why don't we do this. Since I don't want to embarrass you Jaden I'll give you till Christmas Day to set up a strategy to duel me. That will be my present to you Jaden, you will get to duel against me, the great Seto Kaiba." Seto offered

"Ok sure one condition though" Jaden proposed

"And what is that?" Seto asked

"Even if I lose that match I still want to be with Alexis. I love her more than anything in the world and I'd never put our relationship on the line just for a duel." Jaden said rather boldly

"You love her that much huh? Alright, that's fine. I can't stand in the way of love so this duel will have nothing to do with whether or not you can still go out with Alexis, but if you can beat me, maybe just maybe you will have earned my respect. That's not something easy to come by and to this day only a handful of people have it." Seto explained

"I'll give you my best Seto, and I promise you won't be disappointed" Jaden responded.

"I'd expect nothing less. Well it's late, I'd better be going to bed goodnight Jaden I was more than happy to have met you today, it certainly was enlightening." Seto said

"Same to you Seto Kaiba, goodnight." With that Jaden watched as Seto walked off up the stairs to his room.

Jaden then sat down on the couch and then switched on the TV. It was close to midnight but Jaden wasn't really all that tired surprisingly. He began to surf through the channels on the TV, but there was nothing on, but some boring news reports, and a few kids shows, not even the Duel Channel had anything on. Jaden then noticed a small drawer underneath the TV. He got up off the couch and opened it, and inside were a bunch of un-labeled tapes, Jaden decided that since there was nothing on he'd give these a try. He started from the back and popped the tape into the VCR. A small cooing noise could be heard on the screen, and with it Jaden began to chuckle, he'd never thought he'd see this in a million years.

Later that night inside Alexis' room:

Alexis tossed and turned in her bed as she tried desperately to get some sleep. However, it didn't seem to be working too well since all she could think about were the happenings of the day. From her elation of seeing her Uncle after so very long to the aggravation of the fight between him and her brother it just seemed like a never ending cycle. Just when she thought she call fall asleep another thought would creep into her head and then her stomach would knot up again. It got to the point where she just couldn't take it anymore, Alexis would never admit it but she was still very concerned about her brother and Uncle getting to even more fights to cause even more tension in the family. Worse still Alexis was concerned about the pressure that it would put on the relationship between her and Jaden.

Jaden had offered to help mend the relationship between Atticus and Seto, which she was sure he could do. After what she saw him go through during the first few years at Duel Academy she was absolutely sure that this wouldn't be a problem and yet there were still some lingering doubts. She knew how stubborn both Atticus and Seto could be and though Jaden was good a small voice inside her told her that he wasn't that good. It would take more than Jaden's natural ability to make people not only like him but like others as well. She just couldn't sit around and worry about this anymore she had to talk to him about this. She jumped out of bed and walked downstairs.

In a matter of seconds she was at the foot of the stairs. She assumed Jaden would still be up but what she didn't expect to hear was him laughing. He seemed to be really enjoying whatever was going on, she heard the TV on so she figured something funny must've been on. Nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to see. She turned the corner and looked at the TV, her face lit up a violent shade of red as she saw what Jaden was laughing about.

Back on the couch Jaden watching TV:

Jaden was laughing hysterically about the what he was witnessing. He'd never thought he'd see it but here it was. The tape he'd put in the VCR was a baby tape of Alexis some thirteen or fourteen years ago. This was an earlier one apparently one where Alexis had just been born, and was brought home from the hospital Jaden didn't notice Alexis standing watching as well he kept his focus on the TV.

(A/N: The next part takes place on the screen, Atticus is about 4 and obviously Alexis is just a baby right now)

"Atticus we're home and we've got a surprise for you" Jason called to oldest of the Rhodes' down the stairs

"Dad, Mom?" little Atticus said as he rubbed his tired eyes, from the early morning sun, "what is it? A new guitar?" Atticus asked hopefully

"No sweetheart" Alicia shook her head, "Atti we'd like you to meet your new baby sister, Alexis" Alicia showed the sleeping baby in her arms.

"Baby sister? I'm a big brother now?" Atticus asked again, still pretty excited

"Yes you are Atticus, and you'd better take good care of her" Jason announced placing his hands on both of his sons shoulders,

"You bet I will Dad, I'll treat her the best, I'll teach her to sing, dance, and become a star, and someday we'll be the biggest Pop Singing duo in History." Atticus proudly announced

"Well Atti Alexis may not want to do all those things, but let's not worry about that right now. Do you want to hold her?" Alicia asked

"Sure Mom" Atticus said, "How do I do it? You know hold her?"

"Well first put your right arm underneath her head, then you take your left arm and place it underneath your right arm, one key Atti is always support her head and lower back." Alicia explained before carefully placing Alexis in Atticus' arms.

"Whoa I got her now. Hey little Alexis, I'm your big brother Atticus, but you can call me Atti" Atticus spoke quietly to his new little sister, "Someday we're gonna be the biggest Pop singers in history. I'm already half way there, you wanna hear" with that Atticus began to sing to little Alexis

"Hush little baby don't say a word

Atti's gonna by you a mocking bird

Atticus barely got past the next verse when all of a sudden Alexis began to stir. Before Atticus could react Alexis reached up and grabbed on to her brother's nose.

"MOM MOM! She's got me, get her off get her off!" Atticus yelped

"Oh my goodness" Alicia said, laughing, "I don't think she liked the song very much Atti"

"Just get her off! HELP!" Atticus yelped again

"Alright just relax Atti" With that Alicia took Alexis back in her arms which caused Alexis to release her poor brothers nose.

After that Alexis (baby) went back to sleep, and everyone had a quite but good laugh and what just happened. Atticus lightly kissed the top of Alexis' head,

"I'll always watch out for you Sis, big brother Atticus is here now." Atticus said

With that the tape stopped.

(A/N: Ok we're back to reality now)

"Hey what the…" Jaden stuttered, then looked up to see Alexis "Lex? What are you doing up?" Jaden asked

"Couldn't sleep" She answered, "You know sweetie if you wanted to watch a tape you could have asked"

"Yeah but that was too cute, I can't believe it. I'd thought I'd never get to see that in my life" Jaden smiled, it was then he noticed something, "you look like something's bothering you Lex, what is it?"

"Nothing Jay, I just couldn't sleep" Alexis lied, Jaden saw through it again.

Jaden didn't really say anything just signaled for Alexis to come over to him. Which she did and stood right in front of Jaden. She was surprised when Jaden yanked her down on to his lap.

"Now come on Lex something's bugging you, I can tell. You never stay up this late usually so what's up?" Jaden questioned

"Oh it's just this whole business with Atticus and Seto, I just can't get it out of my head" She answered

"Come on Lex" Jaden sighed, "I told you I'd help so stop worrying about it" Jaden said confidently, "Have I ever let you down before?"

A burst of realization hit Alexis. What he said just made perfect sense to her, he swore he'd find her brother, and he did. He promised to get her out of the Society of Light and did that as well, Jaden had never broken a promise to anyone he'd known especially Alexis. She mentally kicked herself for being so stupid as to think that Jaden would let her down in this area. She smiled brightly at him.

"No Jay you haven't not once" Alexis stated,

"Right and I don't intend to start now" Jaden retorted "So stop worrying your pretty little head about it ok?"

"Ok" Alexis said, now reassured, "goodnight Jay and thanks."

Jaden placed a kiss on the top of Alexis' head, "I love you" he said

"Love you too" Alexis responded and tried to get up but something held her back. It wasn't Jaden it was herself, she wanted to stay right there. It was funny she was much more comfortable in Jaden's lap than on her queen sized mattress upstairs.

"Listen do you mind if I stay here?" she asked,

"Not at all Lex" Jaden answered, "I could use some company"

"Ok then I'll stay" Alexis said, and handed the remote to Jaden.

Jaden took the remote and began surfing through the Channels, it was now 1 O'Clock in the morning but still Jaden was wide awake. He began channel surfing again with nothing really on the TV, he was about to give up the search when he came across one of the many movie Channels, this one showing one of his favorite movies, Superman (A/N: don't own! DC Comics does!)

"How about this one Lex?" Jaden asked,

"looks fine to me Jay" Alexis replied

The couple sat and watched the movie. Jaden was amazed at how perfectly the story mirrored his own life, from the daring rescues from Supervillians, to the constant fighting with his arch rival Lex Luthor, and his love for Lois Lane Jaden found it remarkable how much he and Superman mirrored each his life. He looked towards Alexis after about thirty minutes

"Hey Lex you notice…" he didn't finish though. Alexis had fallen asleep with her head on his right shoulder. Jaden smiled brightly, everything he'd always wanted was about to approach him.

He had the girl of his dreams, The best deck in the world (at least in his estimation), and a chance to prove just how good he was in the dueling arena in just a few short days by taking on Seto. Not only that but he had the perfect present for Alexis he would get both Atticus and Seto to get along and the Rhodes family would be happy again. Jaden looked back to the TV.

"I'll always be there for you Lois I promise." Superman said on the TV.

Jaden looked back at Alexis.

"I'll always be there for you Lex I promise" He whispered. With that Jaden kissed Alexis on the top of the head again, and began to fall asleep.