Naruto © Kishimoto

A/N : Just a short oneshot for Kibahina Month over at deviantart . com

"How long have you liked me?"

It was a question that had been running through her mind for a while now, but Hinata never dared to actually ask it. She wasn't even quite sure why she had now. Perhaps because it had been nagging at her lately. She had the most perfect boyfriend, better than anything the white-eyed girl had ever even dreamed she could deserve, and she wanted to know why. Why had he fallen in love with her? When had it happened? It was greedy and maybe a little selfish, but she knew he didn't mind. He'd already told her time and time again, that he wanted her to be more willful, to ask when she wanted something, to tell him when she felt happy or sad or lonely, so that he could feel those feelings with her too.

"How long?" Kiba turned his head, running a clawed finger up and down the fang-mark on his cheek in a rubbing fashion as he pushed himself up to a seated position. They had been sitting in a blossoming valley of wildflowers for the better part of an hour. Just a nice secluded place on the outskirts of the village that the Inuzuka had discovered one day while walking Akamaru. The moment he caught scent of the fragrant aroma and followed his nose to discover the blooming flowers covering the vast hillside, he immediately knew Hinata would like it and had brought her there that very evening, turning many times after. "hmm.." His brow furrowed as he thought. "I can't remember..."

"Oh," Hinata whispered dishearteningly. For some reason, she had expected Kiba to have an answer to her question. She wasn't expecting anything grand or special, just a story. A moment, perhaps, when they had spent some time together, and Kiba had just known. "That's okay," the blue-haired girl sighed deeply. It was enough that they loved each other now.

It was more than enough really. Hinata had been in love before, but it was nothing like it was now. Then, it had been more of a school girl crush than actual true love. But with Kiba, it was different. She didn't have to hide her feelings, or watch from afar. She didn't feel self conscious, or invisible. He made her feel special, let her know she was loved. How she had missed that he had feelings for her for so long, Hinata wasn't sure. She knew what that felt like. And it hurt her to know she had put him through the same thing she had had endure for so many years. But for how long?

"You didn't let me finish," Kiba replied, smirking as he saw the sudden blush sweep across the timid-girl's face. He knew it would be turning an even brighter red soon enough. Even though she was still as bashful as ever, Hinata had gotten used to being around other people and not blushing as much. But somehow, he knew exactly what to say to get her heart pounding, and make her cheeks flush, just for him.

"Well?" Hinata waited. What could he possibly have to say, she wondered.

Given what little Kiba had already said, the white-eyed kunoichi couldn't imagine he had much else to add. But the look on the Inuzuka's face, as he settled himself back down onto her lap, turning so that he was looking into her eyes as she began running her fingers through his messy brown locks, much like she had been doing before asking her question, told Hinata that he definitely had something to say.

"What was the question again?" he asked teasingly. She knew he knew and was only asking to get her to say it again.

It would have been unheard of months earlier for Hinata to ask such a bold question. Really, up until recently, she could scarcely bring herself to look Kiba in the eyes after his confession. It had been so sweet and endearing, but completely surprising. What's more, it wasn't quite a confession, but a declaration. He'd first confronted her, telling Hinata that she loved him. At the beginning it had been clumsy and awkward, and left her feeling more as if she'd been found out, than as if she were being confessed to. But once he realized how he was making her feel, everything changed. He told her he loved her and for one brief moment, the entirety of the world felt like it had come to a stand still, and all that remained was the two of them. Their eyes locked, and nothing more needed to be said as he pressed his forehead to hers and Hinata smiled up at him with tears of joy in her eyes.

Since then it seemed like every moment they spent together was just as special. Time didn't seem to matter much. The world rushed passed them, but the of them hardly noticed. Even in this moment, as the feral-eyed man smirked sneakily up at the blushing girl, reality seemed to encompass only the flower field in which they found themselves.

"Honestly," Kiba began again, taking one of his hands and bringing it around the back of the kunoichi's head. Gently he tugged, bringing her forward as a large wolfish grin spread across his face. And then in a low, husky voice, he said it again, but this time finishing his thought. "I can't even remember a time when I wasn't completely, and utterly, in love with you."