Final Fantasy VII: A Different Story


Childhood friendship and disasters

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"Let me tell you my daughter, about our mother Gaea and our father Uranus. Let me tell you the legend of Dawn and Diappa, or Holy and Meteor. Let me tell you about Dawn's sister, whose name only the summons remember. Let me tell you about the Varuna, true daughters of Gaea, mother to us all, to whom Dawn and her twin belong. Let me tell you about the Cetra, let me tell you about the world and the King of Kings and Queen of Queens, so you may do your part and fight well and hard and honour full!" a Wutaian woman spoke to her daughter who would soon flee to join the Shinra army to aid the king and queen.

"Woman are you filling her head with nonsense again! We need her here to marry the son of the counsellor and keep the Kisaragi brat in line!" a man spoke after he had entered the room. "Daughter," he then spoke turning to the young girl "Lord Godo sends for you."

"Yes father, I will go at once father." The girl said before bowing.

"See that you do!" the man snarled before walking away.

'Why is he always so mean to me?' the girl wondered while bowing again.

The woman helped the young girl into her haori before softly saying, "Make haste Elina, your friend Yuffie is probably in trouble, Hayaku!" before shooing her out. Elina quickly walked through the halls of her home past the red furniture and into the courtyard where a stablehand was waiting. The stablehand helped Elina get on her chocobo and with a nod of gratitude she sped off towards the Kisaragi home.

"Hurry Stardust, hurry." She called to the mighty white bird after a few moments and the bird, hearing her distress, ran as fast as it could. She quickly steered the bird out of their gates and through the dusty streets of Wutai towards the Kisaragi home.

Arriving at the gates, she slowed Stardust down before halting before the waiting Lord Godo who helped her off the massive bird with a small smile.

"Still riding this particular bird I see Elina? Even though she's grown too big for you?" came Lord Godo's welcome.

"She's not too big! I'm fifteen now, mother said I could ride her again when I turned fifteen."

Lord Godo had to laugh at her attempt at defending herself..

"Ah but you..." he started before he was interrupted by a loud rumble from the mountains. "Yuffie!" he exclaimed worriedly.

"Was she in the mountains sir?" Elina asked, her voice was now respectful as the guards were coming outside. He could only nod prompting her to try and clamber back up Stardust.

'He could at least look as if he's worried about her! It's like the only thing he cares about is the bloody MOUNTAIN!' she thought to herself. A guard had to step in and assist though. She was indeed a bit too short to get on the massive bird. "I'll go and find her my Lord! Go Stardust, run as you've never ran before!" Elina said as she raced from his sight.

She raced through the town with no thought other than her friend, scattering people who came outside to see what had happened. No one was angry though, for the whole town knew of her duty as Yuffie's friend and minder and also of the duo's love of the mountains. The fifteen minute ride to the mountains was pure hell for Elina, she and Yuffie had been best friends since she was six and the thought of her being hurt was terrifying especially since she had no healing materia, only a single useless summon materia. When she finally reached the winding path up the mountains she slowed Stardust only enough so the bird wouldn't get hurt. Soon they reached the first of many caves and when she saw Yuffie's pack was lying next to the entrance, Elina grew a bit hopeful.

"Yuffie? Are you in there? YUFFIE!" she called in.

"Yeah! I'm in here! Elina?" was called back slightly muffled.

"Of course who else would like ride devils possessed for you?"

Cough "Yeah, who would? Could you help me out here? My leg's stuck."

Elina rolled her eyes very unlady like before muttering "Of course!" Then steering Stardust in she continued until she saw a wall of rocks and a pinned down Yuffie.

"What did you do this time?" Elina asked while dismounting with some effort, Lord Godo had been right, she WAS too small and puny to be able to get up and off properly, but she was strong, very strong.

"I don't know, the ceiling just collapsed." The nine-year old whined.

Elina just started to roll the few smaller rocks off of the girls legs before rolling the bigger ones away, all the while talking with her. It took her a good hour and ten minutes to get the girl free and when she did she was shocked to see the right leg one bloody and torn mass. "Yuf, how do your legs feel?" she asked in a shaky voice of the pre-teen.

"One feels like it's asleep and the other like it's waking up, ya know the feeling of thousands of needles prickling whenever you move even the tiniest bit?"

Elina nodded before taking her waist tie off and wrapping it tightly around the girls leg, all the while thanking the gods that she was allowed to wear jeans with a black turtleneck sweater as long as she wore an outer kimono over it. Then she picked Yuffie up and carried her to Stardust.

"Please Stardust I know you hate to but could you please kneel? This one time?" the chocobo looked at her as if it was debating before it gave a loud "Waark!" and kneeled so the two girls could get up. Then it gave a "Wark! Warrrk!" before sprinting of in a cloud of dust that blocked the light from the late afternoon sun, as they headed back to the Kisaragi residence.

When the long ride there was over Yuffie was shaking with cold and blood loss and Elina was having a rough time keeping her on the Chocobo. 'Come on! Hang in there! We're almost there, please Yuffie.' Elina thought with tears glistering at the corners of her eyes. The people in town were still waiting and when they saw the now slowly walking chocobo with the two dusty and exhausted girls combined with the blood dripping down and tainting the white birds magnificent coat another two Chocobos were taken out of the stable and two villagers took a girl each, before speeding off to the Kisaragi home while some others villagers either went to take care of Stardust, get the doctor or warn Elina's family.


Both the people and the chocobo's of Wutai immensely liked Yuffie and Elina, they were nice, exuberant and playful but not in a harmful way and in Elina's case beautiful. Elina was a 5 foot 3, silver haired, silver eyed, slim but curved at the right places 15 year old and she was smart, she had finished her schooling at age 12. But all the boys ever saw was her dreamily figure and her good manners, and if you think that every single boy had at least once seen her without the outer kimono and her hair pinned up, you would understand that every family in Wutai had been fighting over which son would marry her. After all her jeans and turtleneck weren't what you'd call 'loose' in fact they were so formfitting that you could see every single muscle roll as she moved.

And Yuffie? Well no one wanted Yuffie in their family, not even her own father. The only reason he was concerned was because she was his only child and needed to bear a child so the family wouldn't die out. She was always wearing a pair of white shorts, a black tank top, black sneakers and white stockings, one going to just below knee and one going to mid upper leg. So in short, they are polar opposites and best friends, even though it started as Elina being hired to baby-sit Yuffie, because Yuffie's mom died.

Elina was still paid, but not in Gil, oh no she had asked for fighting lessons as her pay at first but she had completed those when she was 10 and now she got paid in either a month feed for Stardust or in books about all kinds of things or in a new obi, every Saturday she had to tell what she wanted for that weeks pay and Godo would send someone to get it for her. Yuffie didn't mind much that Elina got so much attention because she knew that Elina shared with her. Especially the fighting lessons, which where fun for the young girl. Lin, as Yuffie called her, would teach her every trick she knew and Yuffie would practice and practice until she had it right.

*end flashback*

The two villagers and the girls reached the palace in the time it took Yuffie to remember that and a guard took each girl before rushing them inside so the servant girls and women could clean them up before the doctor came. Elina was quickly bathed and although she tried to help in the washing, she was just too tired to be of much help, Yuffie on the other hand was completely out of it and was shivering.

When one of the maids tried to start dressing Elina in a real obi, she refused and said she would wear a bathrobe until her clothing was clean. The maid went of in a frenzy to find one while another maid braided and pinned her hair in the customary way of Elina in which she wore it. Her hair was always in three braids with beads scattered in them with a larger gold one at the bottom of each and they were twisted so that there was a coil of the three braids at the top back of her head from which they went down until lower back. Her hair was not simple to maintain, Yuffie's was with her ear length crop. (think Shiva's hair the final fantasy 10 version.)

Then the maid returned with a chamber robe. Elina was then assisted into the guestroom where Yuffie was all ready lying on the bed also in a fresh set of clothes and a new tightly wrapped bandage just as she was lowering herself into a chair the doctor came in.

The doctor made to check her first but she said "No Yuffie first, I'm just tired."

And so several hours of tense work began. Elina knew nothing of that though. She had fallen into a deep and restful sleep when the doctor was still examining the leg. When she woke up she was in a different guestroom. She got up and dressed in her clothes before doing her hair in her normal style.

Before she could move out of the room, a servant came in and asked her to go to the study.

She went as she was asked to and followed the confusing hallways to Lord Godo's study. There she found Lord Godo filling out some kind of form.

"Ah Elina come in. Sit down."

She bowed before taking the offered pillow. "Lord Godo." Was all she said.

The two talked for hours and at the end of it, Elina was crying. She refused to tell what was said that day until the day she died.