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Phoebe-Rose An 18 year old Sixth Former at a local school. Brown hair and blue eyes. Well endowed and naturally pretty. The head cheerleader (yes we have them in the UK) and loved by everyone because she is popular. She hates being popular though, she loves to just relax and unwind with her closest friends, Joanna & Khaylen.

Joanna 18 years old, another cheerleader, and co captain of the team. She is semi popular and naturally pretty. Brown hair and brown eyes, with a sense of adventure. She loves to just hang out with Phoebe and her other best friend Khaylen.

Khaylen 18 years old. Brown hair, green eyes and of course, naturally pretty and she is half cast. She isn't part of the cheerleading team but enjoys watching her girls do their thing. She loves those girly weekends they spend together. Of course she is semi popular as well but ignores the attention.

Daniel 18, and part of the school football team, obviously as captain, what else? Brown hair and blue eyes. He has been dating Phoebe ever since they met at the beginning of year 11 (sixth form) when they were just 16. All of the boys are jealous that he is going out with Phoebe and well the girls are jealous she is going out with him, because he is classed as the buffest boy in their school.

Sam 18 years old and co captain of the football team. Blonde hair and green eyes. He is quite popular as well and he is dating Khaylen. Him and Daniel would always join the girls on their sleepovers, sneaking into Phoebes bedroom via her window. He loves to chill with Daniel and Adam.

Adam 18 (again …) and only into things like hockey, running and not football. He is captain of the hockey team though. He is going out with Joanna. He has blonder hair and blue eyes. He is the best runner in the school and wins a lot of awards for it. He loves to hang out with his best mates Daniel and Sam. When he is not with them or with Joanna he will be training. Other than that he would be sneaking into the girls sleepovers as well.

Main Intro

I'm just one of those normal girls, loves to shop, hang out with her friends, and be with the one I love. I didn't ask to get so lucky in life. I didn't ask to meet that boy. I didn't ask to have the best friends a girl could get. And well I didn't ask to intelligent and not stupid like most people assume I am because im a cheerleader or because I can be pretty without make up or anything. This is sounding rather vain, but it's true. Everyone tells me this all the time. I just smile and act like I couldn't care less about it all. Truth is I care too much about it all, so much that if I lose any of it, then I don't know what I would do…