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Chapter Seventeen: Complications


"Trust me, you'll love the meadow," he said.

"Meadow? Are we going to be walking a lot?" I looked down at my shoes. They were my favorites and I really didn't want to ruin them. Not to mention the rest of my clothes.

"Yes. I'll take you home so you can get changed into something else. I've lived with girls long enough to know that clothes are almost more important than life."

"Actually, I would die for a great pair of shoes, so they are more important," I teased.

"Well, I guess I'll have to remember that, won't I?"

"Either that or what kind of flower I prefer, your choice!"

"Hmm… I'll think on it." Then he smiled and I felt my breath freeze in my lungs. He was so beautiful. "Let's go."

We were back at my house in less than five minutes. That boy drove so fast it was like taking the subway, but I always felt so much safer with him.

Pulling into Charlie's driveway, I noticed there was another car next to his cruiser. It was black and looked like a rental. Who could be visiting? I didn't think we were expecting company, but leave it to Charlie to forget something like that.

"Hello? Dad?" I called out.

"In here, honey. And you won't believe who's here!"


I smelled her as soon as we pulled onto Bella's street. She smelled like perfume and money. Lots of money.

Bella's mom was here.

As we got closer I could pick her voice out of the many coming from the people around us.

Oh! Bella will be so happy! I know how much she hates Forks and I can almost feel the torment she gets staying in this rainy hell. Ugh, I've only been here an hour and already I my hair has been damaged beyond belief by this place! How could Bella stand to stay here for so long! Oh my god! I'm a horrible mother!

Her thoughts went on and on like this until we pulled in and I stopped the engine. Then they switched to something more like, Aiiii! Bella's here! Oh, is my makeup okay? I'd better go fix my hair.

What mother needed to dress up for their daughter? Didn't family love each other despite appearances?

I guess New York moms were different.


My mom. My mom was the visitor and it looked so wrong. Seeing her with her hair with its Japanese straightening treatment and her designer clothes looked so out of place next to Charlie's couch and small TV. I wasn't sure if this was how I looked in his house, but I didn't think I clashed this bad.


"Bella! Oh darling! I've missed you so much! Gosh, it has been so long! Oh, you are so beautiful! Bella—"

"Mom, what are you doing here?"

"Didn't Charlie tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"I've decided that since you are being so good with this less-than-traditional rehab, I'm going to let you come home early! Today!"

I was stunned. No, more than stunned, I was shocked. My mom was here and she was actually telling me I could go home. It was like a dream come true! I looked around Charlie's kitchen, looking at all the small town things I hated, then I turned the other way and saw Edward.

I couldn't leave Edward. He meant more to me now than anything New York had. I didn't care if I had to stay in Forks for the rest of my life, I didn't want to leave.


"What?" My mom was the stunned one now. I guess she assumed I would just come without problems. I was a New Yorker; I knew it and she did too. But I was also in love with Edward.

I was in love.

"I don't want to go with you," my new discovery made me seem more defiant and I felt confident. I had the upper hand and I wasn't going to let it go without a fight.

"Why? Why not?" Her eyes landed on Edward. "Is it this boy?"

"Yeah. I'm not leaving mom."

"Isabella Marie Swan!"

"Renee Collins!" (AN-now I know Phil's last name is Dwyer, but I had Phil Collins from the start so I'm gonna stick with that.)

"Charlie! Tell your daughter that she is coming with me and that is that!"

"Uhhh," my dad looked flustered. "I think Bella should do what she wants."


"Thanks dad!"

"If you don't mind, could I give my opinion on the subject," Edward, looked like a true gentlemen, asked.

"Of course," I said.

"I think Bella should be able to make the choice for herself, but I do not want to be the reason for her staying. She needs to make the decision without my influence."

God, that boy had a way with words.

My mom looked stunned at this. She obviously had been hanging out with too many sleazes and Edward's gentlemanly approach shocked her.

"Well then. That's settled I guess. Bella, I think you should go to your room and think this over a bit. Edward, if you don't mind giving her some time alone…" my dad took the initiative and I loved him for it.

"Sure, Bella, I'll see you in school. Renee, Charlie." He left with a wink that told me he'd be up in my room as soon as I was.

"I'll be upstairs."

Even before I was on the second floor I could hear my mom trying to convince Charlie that I needed to come home.


"I'm here," said a voice from my bed.

"Oh!" I turned to see him lying on my bed, looking as human as a superhuman could.

"Did you really mean it when you said you wanted to stay for me?"

"Yes. Edward, I love you and I'm not leaving you without a fight."

He sighed.


"It's so nice to finally hear you say that you love me."

"I had said it before."

"Not like that."

It was silent for a bit, except for the sounds of Renee speaking to Charlie about how bad he was of a parent.

"Do you want me to go?" I asked.


"Than why did you say that back there?"

"Because I didn't want your mom to think you were staying just because of me. I want you to stay because you really want to, not because you want me."

"But you are all I want."

"Bella, I do not want to be the reason for your decision. Just imagine I don't exist."

"I still want to stay. There really isn't anything I want in NYC right now."

"Then stay."


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