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Author's note: just a little Spillow-y fluff, no specific time setting, though Spike has his crypt. Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm still not English.

Spike tried to guide them to his crypt without having their lips separated. They bumped into two gravestones and Willow almost fell over the root of a tree once, but six 'bloody hells' later they successfully arrived at the vampire's place.

They got rid of Spike's T-shirt and went on kissing passionately.

"You know, I always wondered what this would be like." She said suddenly, while Spike was caressing her body with his lips and hands. He was wondering whether he should simply rip off the redhead's shirt. He decided against it eventually, it looked too good on Willow to go into waste.

"What, pet?" He asked, but didn't stop unbuttoning her blouse.

"Sleeping with a vampire… you know, all cold and no breathing…" The girl shivered after Spike finally took the her shirt off. "I've been kinda curious."

"That's nice." He murmured and started kissing her neck.

"I mean..." She continued. "How's it even possible?"

"Oh, you'll very soon see that." He replied, then pressed his lips against hers, but Willow pulled away.

"Sorry, bit nervous here."

Spike raised an eyebrow and looked at her questioningly. Nervous, but why? She had sex before, he was sure of that. Not with a vampire, that's true, but there isn't that much difference. He put his hands on her waist and lowered his head, trying to look into her eyes.

"What's wrong, luv?" The vampire asked and tilted his head a bit.

"Oh, it's just…" She swallowed. "Well, there's you and your hundred years of experience and then there's me with… well, not so much and I... I just want this to be all kinds of good with you know, the fireworks and everything…" When she finally ran out of air, Spike quickly cut in.

"Red, look at me." He took her face in his hands and she finally looked at him. "You'll be wonderful, pet. 'Cause as I see…" He quickly examined her from head to toe and smiled seductively. „…you've got everything we'll need..."

Willow blushed, then looked at the vampire with a beaming smile. She wanted to say something, but Spike quickly put a finger to her lips.

"Though, I think you should do something else with your mouth." Willow made a face when she saw the smirk on the vampire's face, but happily obeyed.