After Edward and I finished our rendezvous in the backseat, we only had one class left. Though this was one class people were supposed to not have to think in, as a vampire, it is one of the hardest classes. Not running as fast as you could, holding back all the time. It was indeed frustrating. Thankfully Edward and I had it together. We walked hand in hand to the gym doors and to where we met the gym teacher. By his looks, and Edward's reaction, I'm guessing he liked me.

"Uh…. Here's your uniforms, changing rooms are that way, see you in class."

I giggled as Edward's hand slid around my waist to lead me to the locker rooms.

When we got to the girls changing room I kissed Edward on the cheek and walked into the doors of hell.

The room was average sized, lined with lockers and benches. One wall led to the restrooms and sinks. I set the uniform on a bench and started undressing. All of the girls in my class were trying to stare unnoticeably, but of course I saw it. They were looking for imperfections. But I didn't have any so I just smiled and just about choked with laughter when I realized I was still wearing my blue lace revealing underwear that I had on since last night……And the shirt was white see-through. Edward was going to have a field day! All of the boys (including the teacher's) thoughts mixed with his own. This was going to be interesting.

All of the girls continued staring as I put on the blue shorts that were a size too small (thanks, Mr. Gym Teacher…) and the white t-shirt. I could easily see my under garments, but I'm counting on poor human sight to blind them of what is right in front of their eyes.

I walked into the gym and spotted Edward standing by himself, waiting for me. As soon as he knew I was there he looked in my direction. I knew he saw me when his face became blank and his eyes opened wide.

I jogged over to him.

"Forgot to change?" he whispered in my ear.

"I was in a hurry," I replied.

When the teacher came out his eyes bugged out of their sockets and he stood still, as if in a trance. I knew that he didn't have as good eyesight as us but I know he had some reaction, because Edward wrapped his arm around my waist.

"So what sport are we playing Mr. Boucher?" Edward inquired in a strained voice.

"Basketball. We're uh playing basketball. Everyone grab a ball and come back over to me!" he commanded.

"Be right back." Edward left to go get us some balls.

"Ever played basketball?" The teacher asked me.

"Just shot some hoops every now and then. I haven't actually played any organizational sports."

Edward handed me my ball and looked at Mr. Boucher to get the next instructions.

"We are going to be learning to shoot free throws today. Pick a basket and listen up." Edward and I chose the basket furthest away from the teacher. We could still hear him perfectly and way not be as far away as possible. "Use one hand to shoot the ball at the hoop and stay behind this line."

"Have you ever shot free throws before Bella?" Edward whispered sexily in my ear.

"No, I haven't Edward. In all my one hundred years of going through high school Phy. Ed. I've never played basketball before."

"Well then, why don't I show you?" he proceeded to place me right behind the free throw line and step behind me to guide my hands with his. (A/N Can't you imagine him doing this?) His body lined up against mine and I took a shot. Of course it went in, with a swish.

Once class was over I changed out of the uniform and was just about to leave when a brave girl came up to me.

"Do you have a physical relationship with your boyfriend? Because you guys looked really cozy when he was teaching you to shoot." Her eyes searched mine to detect if what I was going to say was the truth.

"What do you think?" I smirked and waked out to meet my Edward.

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