Crimson Moon

by LianFex

0 1 B L O O D S T A I N E D H A N D S


Not recognizing the wound from the slight tremor
We ask a potential present-day
'Again', the proof of life, the meaning of life
In order to tell you

"...Tobira by UVERworld..."

A/N: They are mercenaries. Paid to kill, hands stained with unwashed blood, unable to escape the hell they were born in. But sometimes, sharing the pain could be better than suffering the agony alone. SasuHina

Heavy footsteps against the traditional wooden floor resonated in the unusually silent manor. Labored breathes came in second as a heavy built, short man in a hakama stumbled over an empty dark room. He let out a scream when he saw the walls painted with dark red substance and sobbed at the sight of the mutilated body of his wife and daughter.

A shadow watched, blending in her surroundings. Her empty, emotionless, eyes watched how he sobbed and cried, clutching the decapitated bloody head of her wife. Her right gloved hand held a sleek white dagger as her keen eyes sucked on the sight like a sponge. Satisfied enough, she stepped away from the shadows and let her presence be known.

The man stopped, although trembling, and turned to face her. His face contorted into fury, anguish and pain and for a moment, she could understand what he's feeling. At the back of her mind, she felt terribly disgusted at herself and what she had done, but a mission is a mission. Petty emotions would only get in the way so she schooled her features into a blank stare.

His anguish is so tangible that she could cut through it. And she wanted to kill him as soon as possible, not because of the mission but rather because she wanted his agony to end. She knew that if she is on his shoes, she would kill herself if she won't die soon after seeing the brutally murdered bodies of her family.

"Kill me now, you merciless demon!"

Merciless? She? Didn't he understand that she's killing him now due to mercy?

"May you burn at the pits of hell!"

Hell? She's been there already and still is. There's no escape and she didn't mind burning in another one…as long as she'll escape this one she's currently in.

She regarded him with empty eyes then raised her dagger. And to her contentment, the man didn't show any sign of fear, only bravery and anger.

"Gome." She muttered in a monotonous voice, her eyes softening a bit.

His face turned into confusion for a half second before it was stained with red. A silver arc glittered in the darkness and his body was cut into half. Like what their client wanted, she hung his parts just at the window for all the people to see in the morning. After a moment's thought, she took her victim's hand and placed it just atop his wife's, whose hand was placed underneath her daughter's. At least, there remained some of their dignity.

A figure jumped from the ceiling to the floor behind her. She didn't have to turn around to know who it was. Casually, said figure extracted a white handkerchief from the folds of his coat and wiped the blood from her hair and her face. She didn't say anything nor did she open her eyes.

"You're always this messy."

"I hate being like this, Sasuke." He focused on cleaning the blood from her gloved hands next.

"I know. That's why I clean it for you."

The sunrise peeked behind the tall buildings, painting the whole city orange and red. Their hues are every where, welcoming the new day. Red, orange, pink, yellow shades here and there, it looked like a painting in real life. It looked so vibrant that she wanted time to stop and stay here forever.

But of course, that's not possible.

Beside her, Sasuke held her hand, looking at the same scene like what she's doing now. Both are waiting for the sun to rise for quite some time now. They are dressed in their 'normal' black casual attires as they sat atop one of the highest buildings in Konoha city. Tired, they are, not physically but mentally. They always was, especially Hinata, after every mission. And they made it a habit to rest in this place.

"Ne, Sasuke…do you feel guilty when you kill?"

He didn't turn to look at her. "…sometimes." Her gaze never left the rising sun.

"…Me too."

A/N: Angsty, un. This is just a short fic…probably will end after 8 chapters or so, un. Yeah. Please review and merry Christmas! Sorry for the dark story, by the way.