Blueberries and Strawberries

A collection of one shots.

Warnings: Male x Male Relationships, Boys kissing, Language, sexual references.

Rating: Teen (Rating varies from story to story)

Note: Don't own Bleach or the songs used (sadly)

The song is That Time by Regina Spektor

That Time

Hey remember that time when we decided to kiss anywhere except the mouth.

Ichigo woke up to feel Grimmjaw pressing a kiss into the back of his neck. He rolled over and smiled, leaning in to capture the Espada's lips. Grimmjaw dodged the kiss and gently brushed his lips over Ichigo's jaw instead. He grinned wickedly and moved over the teen that was looking at him with confusion. Grimmjaw lightly kissed his way down Ichigo's neck to the boy's collarbone when he glanced up at Ichigo, who sat up suddenly and gripped Grimmjaws face with his hand. He leant in and placed a kiss on the hollows sinister mask before moving to kiss the other side of is face, his brown eyes glittering with mischief as they met blue. The boy felt himself being pushed back as Grimmjaw began to dot kisses down his chest and back up his neck to brush over his forehead, neither one ever actually kissing the other on the lips.

Hey remember that time when my favourite colours were pink and green.

Grimmjaw blinked at the teen as he climbed in through the window.

"Ichi…what the fuck?" He asked taking in the brightly coloured outfit of the other. Ichigo glanced up at the hollow and then down at himself before tugging self consciously at the bright pink t-shirt that he wore.

"What's wrong?" He snapped back, scowling at the other and crossing his arms across his pink chest.

"What's wrong? You're wearing fucking pink! With green trousers!" Grimmjaw explained. Most of the time he thought Ichigo looked fucking sexy in anything he wore. Hell he just thought Ichigo was always sexy, even right now in the two clashing colours he looked downright fuckable to the espada.

"You're point?" Ichigo drawled, raising an eyebrow. Grimmjaw frowned. What had his point been again? He shrugged and pounced on the boy. Who cared what he was wearing! Grimmjaw would have him out of his clothes in a moment anyway.

Hey remember that month when I only ate boxes of tangerines. So sweet and juicy.

Grimmjaw watched Ichigo peel the strange orange thing and place a segment of it in his mouth, his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"What the fuck is that?" He asked suddenly, rolling onto his side so he could see Ichigo better while the teen was at his desk. Ichigo glanced down at the fruit in his hand.

"Tangerine," He stated as if this perfectly obvious. Grimmjaw made a 'pfftt' noise and scratched his head.

"Thanks, that clears everything up," He muttered sarcastically and Ichigo gave him a death glare in response.

"Stop being a sarcastic bitch Grimmjaw, and fuck off if you're not doing anything, I have work to do," The boy growled, turning his attention back to the desk.

"Maybe I'd have something to do if you weren't being such a whiny bitch," Grimmjaw snapped back and returned to his earlier position of lounging on Ichigo's bed.

"What the hell! You have an entire box of those tangerine things!" Grimmjaw suddenly said, noticing said box next to the bed. Ichigo didn't even look up from his work.

"Yeah, I've been eating them all month, dumbass. They're nice, sweet and juicy,"

Grimmjaw watched Ichigo chew on another segment before climbing of the bed and stalking towards the boy. He grabbed Ichigo's chin and turned the boys head to look at him before leaning in and stealing a kiss from the boy just as he opened his mouth to protest. Using Ichigo's already open mouth to his advantage he swept his tongue inside, tasting the sweetness inside. He pulled away and licked his lips looking at Ichigo's slightly flushed face.

"You're right, they taste good," He told the boy, smirking.

Hey remember that time when I would only read Shakespeare.

Grimmjaw emerged from the darkness of the portal from Hueco Mundo into the fading light of Ichigo's room to find the boy lying on his bed, reading. To be honest he'd never really thought of Ichigo as the reading type, but he was obviously wrong. The teen simply ignored his presence, not even looking up from his book to acknowledge him. Grimmjaw growled, damn did the kid know how to push his buttons, but then Grimmjaw knew exactly how to push his strawberry's as well. Grimmjaw sat himself on the bed next to the boy.

"What ya reading Ichi?" He asked innocently, or at least as innocently as the blue haired hollow could pretend.

"Shakespeare," The boy replied, his brown eyes never leaving the page.

"What's it about?" Grimmjaw asked, leaning in to look at the books title. "Romeo and Juliet, huh? Sounds kinky," He leered.

Ichigo glanced up in surprise then.

"I didn't know you could read," he stated dumbly.

"I could fucking say the same to you, fucktard. Anyway I asked ya, what's it about?"

Ichigo sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

"It's a play about two fated lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who can't be together because their families hate each other and are at war. They get married in secret, but then Romeo kills Juliet's cousin and is exiled. So that they can be together Juliet fakes her own death, but Romeo only hears she is dead and kills himself in the tomb where she is lying. She wakes up, finds him dead and kills herself." Ichigo finished his eyes sad. Grimmjaw stared at Ichigo, the slight similarities to their own situation not escaping him.

"Tch, sounds like a book for pussies if you ask me," He snorted, and tugged the book out of Ichigo's hands, throwing it to the floor as he pushed the boy back onto the bed and straddled his waist.

Ichigo blinked, well he'd never heard the famous tragedy described like that before.

Hey remember that other time when I would only read the backs of cereal boxes

Ichigo traipsed downstairs with Grimmjaw behind him, his stomach rumbling. He was glad his family were out for the day, as he didn't think he would be able to explain Grimmjaw. Plus the Espada had refused to put on pants because "what's the point if I'm just gonna be taking them off again soon?" At least Ichigo had managed to persuade him to put on boxers.

Ichigo tugged a packet of cereal from the cupboard while yawning. As he bent down to get the milk from the fridge he could feel Grimmjaws eyes on his ass and he sighed dramatically, wandering over to the dining room table.

"Ya know we've never fucked down here before Ichi," The blue haired hollow stated glancing around at all the spots he could fuck the shinigami in.

Ichigo lifted the cereal packet and read the back intently as he ate, ignoring the perverted arrancar who was currently debating on whether the table or the sofa would be sturdier to have sex on.

Hey remember that time I tried to save the pigeon with a broken wing.

"What the fuck are you doing berry?" Grimmjaw's voice broke Ichigo's intense studying of the pigeon that was currently sat in a box on his desk, a bandage wrapped around its wing. He turned to glance at Grimmjaw who was pointing at the bird, a predatory glint in his eye. "Why the hell have you got some feathered rodent in your bedroom?" He demanded.

Ichigo sighed.

"Yuzu found it and got all upset, so I said I would look after it. She was crying and stuff so it was hard to say no." He explained turning and meeting Grimmjaws blank face.

The hollow smirked suddenly.

"You're such a fucking woman Ichigo, tending to stray animals and all that shit." He laughed. Ichigo glared at the irritating man.

"Fuck you Grimmjaw,"

The Espada just laughed then, a suggestive glint in his eye and Ichigo didn't even need to look at him to know what he was going to say.

"That's it! You and me, right now," Ichigo growled, his hand going to his substitute shinigami badge. Grimmjaws face lit up.

"Bring it on shinigami,"

Remember that time I hallucinated I could read your mind. What I saw man I tell you, it was freaky.

Ichigo sat up in bed, the covers falling away from him breathing hard. Grimmjaw opened his eyes and watched the shinigami as he began to relax.

"What's wrong with ya man berry?" He asked sleepily, sitting up next to the teen. The boy ran his hand through his already dishevelled hair and glanced at the man next to him.

"Man that was weird, I just dreamt that I could read your mind," Ichigo told him, his brown eyes wide. "The shit I saw in there was fucking weird,"

Grimmjaw raised an eyebrow and smirked,

"I imagine it fucking would be. See any of the things I thought about you?"

Ichigo nodded.

"Yeah, they were the things that were the freakiest!"

"Sounds about right," Grimmjaw laughed pulling the boy in for a kiss.

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