I guess I left this story on a sad ending, and then when I came back here I felt bad that I'd done that, I had always intended to put a sweet story at the end. So here it is, as we don't know if Grimm returns yet or not here is my close to canon happy ending. Enjoy!

Don't Forget Till You Die

When they had been called in front of Aizen and informed of Ichigo's entrance into Hueco Mundo, Grimmjow wasn't sure what he felt. He wanted to kill the stupid idiot, running into the enemy's lair just to save that stupid woman, but at the same time, all of his old feelings bubbled away inside him. He had no idea what he and Ichigo were anymore, but he could remember their promise from the human world. They would fight and one of them would die, and really that was the way it was meant to be.

But when he had finally been able to see Ichigo, it had been a shock. He had been there, lying on the ground, a hole ripped in his chest. He had been angry, furious that Ulquiorra had hurt his shinigami like that, but as he had watched Inoue heal him he couldn't stop the quiet voice that reminded him Ichigo was no longer his. He couldn't help but wonder to himself if when he had sealed Ulquiorra, he had done it purely so he could fight Ichigo or because a small part of him had wanted to save him.

When it was finally over, when they had fought and Ichigo had rushed to save her, defending her at the cost of his body, Grimmjow had been furious. He could remember desperately trying to continue fighting, angry and hurt at Ichigo throwing his life on the line for that girl, but then he had been stumbling towards him and he could remember Ichigo's sad eyes as he grabbed him, desperate to stop him fighting. Ichigo had been pleading for him to stop. But Grimmjow couldn't, because maybe this was the best way for a king to die, at the hands of the only person who had ever been able to make him feel anything other than loneliness, hate and anger.

"If I really piss you off that much, I'll fight you as many times as you like. So for now, can't you just stop," Ichigo had begged, his eyes looking more hurt, more pained than Grimmjow could ever remember them looking when he had been worried about Inoue. There, in his eyes, was real concern and care, and Grimmjow had, for a flickering moment wondered if this was Ichigo telling him they could go back to the way they were before.

That was when Nnoitra's blade had slammed into him, slicing him nearly in half. He could remember Ichigo's wide, panicked eyes as he had fallen, his cry as their hands that had been touching were wrenched apart.

The last thing that Grimmjow could remember was Ichigo throwing himself in the way of the blade that went to crash down on him a second time, his damaged, exhausted body taking the hit to protect Grimmjow and he had felt panic and a tiny bit of happiness as his world had faded into darkness.

The next time he had seen Ichigo was shortly after his fight with Ulquiorra. Grimmjow had been awoken from unconciousness by the feeling of Ichigo's monstrous reiatsu crashing around him, twisted horribly to feel so much more like a hollows than Ichigo's ever had before. He had wanted to stagger to where the teen was, desperate to see him but he had been unable to.

He had not even managed to make it part of the way, when a damaged, ripped and desperate looking Ichigo had appeared. The two stood there, staring at one another.

"I have to go back to the real world," Ichigo told him, "We are making the preparations to leave but I just had to check…" he trailed off and Grimmjow nodded, grunting in pain at the movement.

"Well as you can see, I'm peachy, you run along and save everyone yeah?"

Ichigo's face twisted as his eyes assessed the damage that had been dealt to Grimmjow by Nnoitra and himself.

"Grimm…" he choked out, but Grimm shook his head.

"Don't be a soft prick and fuck off," he growled, sinking down to a sitting position, no longer able to remain standing. Ichigo dropped down next to him, and leant in, pressing a soft and gentle kiss to Grimmjow's lips. It was a rare, simple gesture, and neither was really sure what it meant.

"Go, I'll heal up and come help, I owe you one," Grimm laughed, and Ichigo nodded, returning to his feet.

"The gates ready… don't let them find you," Ichigo warned him, pointing his blade at Grimmjow. "I'll beat Aizen, then me and you can fight again, ok?"

But Ichigo had never been able to fulfill that promise. When it was all over Grimmjow had returned to the human world. He had heard the whispers in Hueco Mundo, that Ichigo had lost his powers, that he was a normal kid now, but Grimmjow had wanted to check things out for himself. He had dropped down into the human world, cloaking his reiatsu as much as he good, and stepped carefully down onto the floor of Ichigo's room. He looked at the sleeping teen lying on the bed, who didn't so much as stir at his arrival. He reached out to touch him but withdrew his hand.

Grimmjow had come back the next day, dropping down beside Ichigo when he had been walking to school and saw that the teenager didn't even flicker. He walked straight past him, his eyes staring vacantly at the sky. Grimmjow watched him carefully. So it was true. His shinigami was no more; and what made it worse was tha Ichigo couldn't even see him now.

He would sometimes visit Ichigo, sitting at the end of the teen's bed while he read books or did his homework, or would lightly brush his lips as he fell asleep, but he was starting to hate his visits. He hated not being able to touch the teen, but what he hated more was that the spark was gone from his eyes. Sometimes Ichigo would look at the spot where Grimmjow was sitting and he would wonder if maybe Ichigo could sense him or see him. But then he would look away and the moment would be gone.

Their final kiss would linger in Grimmjow's mind, and he would often sit in Hueco Mundo and stare at the moon, wondering if Ichigo thought about him too and remembering Ichigo's words. Being a king alone was a lonely existence. He roamed the furthest edges of Hueco Mundo, deep in the wilderness, his visits becoming less and less frequent until eventually he stopped returning to the human world at all.

It was with the appearance of the Quincy's in Hueco Mundo that Grimmjow had finally ceased his wandering and decided to investigate their base. He hadn't fought someone powerful in so long his whole body longed for it.

Then he felt it, it was just a fraction at first, so small he thought he had imagined it, but then it seemed to fill all of Hueco Mundo and fill the aching hole in his abdomen. Ichigo's reiatsu. Grimmjow's mind was racing as he began to sonido as fast as he could towards it.

His shinigami was back.

So there you go. Finally a happy ending for our two favourite enemies. I'm praying for Grimmjow to pop up soon, just like this.