This is a sequil, to everyone who didn't know. The first one's called Hoe Did You Die? Please, please read that one first. Nothing will make sense to you if you don't.

"What would we want to e Prefets for?" asked Fred, looking revolted, "It'd take all the fun out of life."

It was difficult to get people to believe them.

James had known all along that it wouldn't be easy. He and Charlie's first enormous task was to convince Charlie's family. All of Harry Potter's memories were in James now, and he could access them even easier than his own. The ones that stood out in his head as being the most fun, the most loving, and the most peaceful were the ones with the Weasleys in them.

"You know you're going to have to give your wand back." Harry told Molly as they walked away from the castle once again. They had been going back there for three days, Molly and Sirius, the best spell-makers out of them,, attempted to re-construct the castle while James and Charlie explored the hallways and had miniature duels.

Molly fingered her white wand. Longer then all the rest, they had used it to get its twin out of the statue. James held the other one in his pocket. Charlie had said that his twin brothers would be the easiest to convince. James secretly thought that Jenny would, but she was still on holiday. "I know. It is a lovely wand, but somehow I don't feel that bad about giving it up." In her pocket was a spare wand. They had discovered that the magic from at least twenty wands held the beautiful magical statue together.

"I wonder whose that was." Sirius said, indicating the wand in her pocket. She shrugged.

Charlie, who had been a little in front of them because of his long legs, slowed down and said, hurriedly, "I think only me and James should do this first one." Molly opened her mouth to protest but Charlie shook his head. "They'll believe us, but they're going to laugh first."

"We really need to finish the castle anyway, Molly." Sirius said patiently. Molly nodded reluctantly.

The next morning, James left his aunt and uncle's house early. He had lived with them and their daughter for as long as he could remember and regarded them as family, yet somehow he always felt more at home with the large, chaotic, red-headed family of his best friend.

He and Charlie met at the main square of the town. The shops, most of them more than fifteen hundred years old, towered on all sides and in the middle, right on time, were the tall, lanky forms of Derek and David. Seeing them for the first time since learning about the world of magic, James realized that these two were, without a doubt, the laughing, cocky twins of Harry's time.

"Listen," Charlie said quietly as they neared the boys. "Don't say anything about the death, okay? At least not yet." James was going to object. he had already decided that the people he trusted…the people Harry trusted…had a right to know what was going to happen. But he nodded anyway.

"Oy, Leon, over here!" The dark boy sighed and was about to bend down to grab the platform when he spotted Charlie and James. His smile was large as he waved to them. James shook his head, smiling, looking at Charlie. Around these three, they always seemed to be doing manual labor.

Rolling their eyes, the two moved the platform nearer to Derek and David, who grabbed it and set it down hard, nearly crushing James' toes. "Oh...sorry James." David said easily, smiling, "Haven't seen you around much. Where you been, kid?"

"At the ruins." Charlie said, trying to sound calm. James saw that he was fingering the wand in his pocket.

Derek looked up sharply, then laughed. "The sidekick speaks! So what's so interesting about those old stones anyway?" He actually stopped pulling things out of his bag and looked at the two of them interestedly. Leon came nearer, his face serious.

James looked between the three older boys. Without thinking, he plunged his hand into his pocket and drew out one of the pure white wands. "We found this. And a lot more." he was about to go on when David took it from his hands, laughingly pointing it at Derek.

"They think they're magicians, Dare! Look at them, all serious with their little wands." By now, Charlie had his own wand out and was holding it loosely in one hand. He looked over his shoulder at Leon, grinning as he waved the wand lazily, forgetting that it was still pointing at someone.

Derek fell over with a shout of pain, holding his arm where a jet of brilliant orange light had hit him. He looked first at David and Leon, who had stopped laughing and were looking at him, shocked, then at Charlie and James. Slowly, his lifted his hand off his injured arm, revealing a painful-looking burn. "How'd you do that?" he asked quietly, stumbling to his feet. David helped him up and they stood side by side, identical looks of surprise on their faces.

"That wasn't a trick." Charlie said quietly. "That was real. Real magic, I swear, guys. We went up to the school - that's what those ruins are. There's magic there and James..." here he looked around at James, smiling slightly. "James is this guy, Harry Potter, who did a lot of good things, like, a thousand years ago. But magic is coming back, and James and Molly and Sirius and me all have it, and so do you two, and so do you Leon, and the whole rest of the family, and more people besides."

A flicker of something flashed across all three boys' eyes before they started laughing. Doubling over, with real tears running down their faces, they laughed for nearly a minute. James stood there, feeling like an idiot, he looked over at Charlie and saw his ears slowly turn red.

Leon was the first to striaghten up, "Okay," he siad, hiccupping slightly. "Okay, let's say that this is real. Does that mean we can do magic? Real magic?" He looked excited at the possibility, but still more than a little skeptical. Ron held out his own wand and Leon took it, rolling it between his fingers. He pointed it, biting his lip. A jet of water came out, cool and controlled, and landed on the burn on Derek's arm.

"Woah." David and Derek said the word in one hushed breath. They looked at the white wand dangling in David's hand, the brown one Leon was holding, and the other white wand in James' outstretched hand. Their eyebrows went up as one and they said, simultaniously, "We're in."

Charlie smiled, letting out a relieved breath. James knew that Charlie had been dying to tell his family what he'd been doing. "But it's going to be a lot of work." he warned, "We have to get a school running."

David mussed Charlie's hair affectionately. "A lot of work for you, little brother. We're just along for the ride."