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Soul Society was calm, not the normal calm that it harbors on ordinary nights. There was something different that put it apart from others. With the exception of the shinigami who where patrolling the corridors, everyone was asleep. Not one soul was out drinking or walking the grounds or out on the roofs looking at the stars.

Everything was calm.

The war with Aizen was a month away and it was already taking its toll on the shinigami. Just a few weeks ago Captain Yamamoto ordered that the squads train for the war and so they trained. Their schedule was full of days to prepare and only a few to relax. Many complained, but did it nonetheless just so they could be done with this confrontation and have the normal, quiet life they missed.

The deep blue color of the sky gradually began to lighten as the sun emerged from the ground. The once slumbering buildings were beginning to wake as the red light of morning shown through their eyes.

Ninth division began to buzz with people waking for the day. The dorm rooms were being emptied of their limping inhabitants; all except one.

One door remained closed.

The sun rose higher in the sky as those awake entered the cafeteria to have their morning meal. Hisagi Shuuhei finished quickly and stood to give role call.

"Third seat, Kiyoko Fawa," he announced.

No answer.

"Kiyoko Fawa,"

No answer.

He sighed, "Fourth seat, Yurie Anami."

"Here!" came a tired voice.

"Go see if Fawa has died in her sleep, and if not, bring her down here." He said calmly.

The young girl groaned as she rose from her seat and left the cafeteria. The halls were empty and every door looked the same as the last. She walked directly up to Kiyoko's room and pounded her fist on the door.

"Kiyoko," She shouted, but received no answer. She slid open the screen into the room, "Kiyoko,"

The walls were bare and a small desk sat in the corner. On the opposite side lay a futon with a young girl sprawled upon it, still in her shinigami uniform. A few dark pieces of hair were visible under the pillow she had over her head in a failed attempt to shut out the intruder.

"Kiyoko get up!" Yurie shouted.

The girl made no movement. Annoyed that she wasn't listening, Yurie pulled the futon away from the wall, raised it up, and flipped it over so that Kiyoko was trapped underneath. The futon shuffled as she emerged from under it.

"What the heck was that for?" Kiyoko glared at her friend, her long black hair still tied into a pony tail that reached half way down her back. For some reason whenever Yurie came around, she felt like a stray dog. Yurie had chest length bouncy black hair, big brown eyes, and a stunning smile. Not to mention Yurie remembered her old life in Rukongai, where as Kiyoko did not.

She couldn't remember anything; the last thing she remembered was waking up in the Forth division hospital with a minor wound on her torso. She asked her nurse what happened to her, but she wouldn't explain. While in the hospital everyone called her Kiyoko, so she adopted that name. After she healed Captain Unohana had her take a test to get into the shinigami academy where she was roommates with Yurie.

"You're late," Yurie said putting her hands on her hips. Kiyoko just looked at her confused, "For practice!" she finished.

"WHAT!" Kiyoko eyes widened. She had completely forgotten about practice.

"Yes, you're late! Hisagi is not happy..."

Kiyoko barely heard Yurie as she ran out the door, down to the cafeteria, and burst through the door. The cafeteria was almost empty; everyone was shuffling out, Hisagi at the end.

"So you decided to join us, Fawa." Hisagi said with a small smirk, "I'm sorry, because you slept in you missed breakfast."

Yurie turned away from the two and walked through the rows of the cafeteria looking for something.

"Fantastic, if I slept in later would I have missed practice?" Kiyoko replied sarcastically.

The smirk disappeared and Hisagi opened his mouth to reply, but Yurie interrupted him.

"Kumi didn't finish." She said, holding out a piece of bread. Thankful Kiyoko took it and the three of them followed the rest of the squad to the practice field.

During the practices the squad would break up into two groups; one for fighting and one for meditation. Every hour for six hours the groups would swap; the meditation group would fight and the fighting group would meditate.

When the three arrived people were already separating. Two people where preparing to fight with wooden swords, ten were settling down to start meditation with their zanpaku-tos, and the rest were finishing conversations with their friends.

Recognizing an extra hour of sleep, Kiyoko raced over to the meditation area and sat down with her sword in her lap. The last thing she heard was Hisagi address the fighting group before slipping into a quiet sleep. Unfortunately, her nap was cut short when someone reported that she was snoring and Hisagi rudely woke her by dragging her to her feet and forcing her join the fighting group. After fifteen minutes she began to grow bored.

"Having fun?" Hisagi said from behind her.

"No, I'm better then all of them." Kiyoko pointed to the group. "They're not hard enough for me."

"Fight Yurie, she's only a seat below you."

"She's meditating." Kiyoko retorted.

"Fight me."

Fight Hisagi. He may only be a seat above her, but she knew that ever since Tousen left, Hisagi had been training harder than ever. Though Kiyoko was well aware that Hisagi was stronger, she agreed.

Hisagi picked up a wooden sword as Kiyoko got into her stance, readying herself for him to attack. There was silence, people who were fighting stopped to see the fight. The sudden stillness was notice by the meditating group and many of them stopped to watch.

Hisagi ran towards Kiyoko with his weapon raised. Effortlessly, she blocked. They backed away and attacked again. Hisagi shun-poed behind her and struck her the ribs.

"If I was using a real sword you would be dead." He smirked.

Kiyoko's side throbbed painfully, but she wasn't going to surrender so easily. She turned, pulling her sword up to strike Hisagi. He blocked, the smirk wiped from his face as soon as his eyes fell on Kiyoko's serious expression.

From experience, he knew not to play or mock Kiyoko when fighting. They had battled each other many times, but he had never seen her zanpaku-tos shikai.

They backed off, Hisagi shun-poed in front of Kiyoko who blocked, and he began to push her back. She felt her feet skid across the ground, but her eyes never left Hisagi's. He followed through with his attack and knocked the weapon from her hands. The wooden sword flew through the air and landed on the ground several feet away, leaving Kiyoko defenseless. Hisagi's moves were certainly different from the last time they had battled one another; he was quicker, his hits were harder, and he was manipulating her moves against her.

"You're done." he raised his sword to her shoulder.

Kiyoko glared at him. She knew he was improving, but this was ridiculous. Most of the time when they trained Hisagi would win, but it would take quite some time.

He lowered his sword and sighed. He was open; his guard was down, the perfect moment to attack! She had no time to get her sword; kido was going to have to work.

"Path of destruction four, Byakurai!" White lightning exploded out her finger towards Hisagi. He dogged at the last second and shot Kiyoko a confused look. "You dropped your guard." She responded.

"How foolish of me," he said before flash stepping behind Kiyoko, "Binding spell 33, Sokastui!" A ball of energy formed in his palm and rotated. Kiyoko didn't have time to move before it blasted at her. Taking the full impact of the kido, she was knocked back, landing hard on her side and rolled. Pain shot through her body, every limb felt burned.

Hisagi dropped his sword and walked up to her. "You done?"

"I'm done." she managed to say while she crawled to her knees. Her ribs ached as she tried to stand, but collapsed back to her knees.

"You're in no condition to say for the rest of the practice. Yurie," He turned and motioned for Yurie to come over, "will help you to Forth division and then will come back for the remainder of the session. You," he turned back to Kiyoko, "will say at Forth division until you are healed."

Kiyoko and Yurie nodded their heads to show they understood. Yurie hoisted Kiyoko to her feet and placed an arm around her waist to keep her supported.

"You were very impressive. I don't think I would have lasted as long if I were fighting Hisagi." Yurie tried to comfort her.

Kiyoko only groaned. She was embarrassed about what happened and really didn't want to talk about it. She hated showing weakness, and right now she was weak. She had to rely on Yurie to keep her standing; she couldn't even walk on her own. In her eyes, she was weak.

Yurie thought differently. To her, Kiyoko was tough; she fought Hisagi knowing that she probably wouldn't win. She took so many hard hits and yet kept fighting until she couldn't. Most people in the squad would have given up when Hisagi hit them in the side, but Kiyoko didn't. She rightfully deserved her spot as third seat. Yurie had to admit, she was proud of Kiyoko. So many things have happened to her, Yurie knew most of what happened the night that Kiyoko lost her memory, Hisagi had confessed everything to Yurie.

"You know what happened to Kiyoko!" Yurie shouted

Hisagi sat across from her in the Ninth division study, sipping on sake. "Yeah, I was there that night. I remember it like hiccup like it was yesterday." He took another gulp of sake before going on. "You see, hiccup young girls would go missing and then be found dead a few days later." Another chug of sake, "We were getting reports about this and it troubled a few of the captains, so Captain Yamamoto sent Captain Unohana and me to take care of it. We talked to people in the area that the girls were being found," more sake, "And it led us to this fallen noble.hiccup When we arrived at the house, half of it was on fire, and yawn and, and…" Hisagi tilted his head so that he spoke his last few words to the ceiling. "And when we entered the house we found Kiyoko with a sword and the fallen noble dead on the ground."

Yurie was numb, she couldn't believe it. Kiyoko was the last victim to a crazed fallen noble. Yurie didn't even want to imagine what kind of hell she went through.

"Kiyoko doesn't remember this?" Yurie wondered aloud.

"No, and she never will. Unohana blocked her memory. There's no way she can remember on her own."

Yurie still had questions, questions that no one could answer. What happened? Where is Kiyoko really from? Who is she?

"Oh my, what happened?"

Yurie was ripped away from her thoughts and became suddenly aware that she was in fourth division, the white, empty buildings shining down at her and the sound of footsteps running towards her. There was weight on her shoulder, Kiyoko was leaning on Yurie much more than when they had first started out and until now, she was blissfully unaware of how tiered she was.

There was a curly haired nurse running towards them, her white dress was bloody and her hat threatening to fall off.

"Practice got a little rough." Yurie explained.

"Oh, well I'll take it from here." The nurse smiled. She pulled Kiyoko's arm over her shoulder and Yurie let go, passing Kiyoko over.

"Got her?" Yurie asked the nurse who nodded. "Good. Well, then I guess I'll go back to practice." Yurie looked at Kiyoko, hoping that she would give her a reason to stay, but Kiyoko was looking at the ground as if she were ashamed. Recognizing that she was no longer needed, Yurie left.

The nurse guided Kiyoko slowly into the hospital. The rooms were full of people, most of them from eleventh division and the nurses were busy running to get supplies. Kiyoko was put in an empty room with two beds and set down in the one farthest from the door. She and the nurse took her robe off and put on a hospital gown. Kiyoko felt strange. She hated coming here. All the hospital rooms looked the same; the cheep curtains, the rough sheets, and the bare, white walls. Every time she came here she would feel like she was reliving the time she woke up and couldn't remember who she was.

"What's your name?" Kiyoko asked.

"Rikku, what's yours?"

"Kiyoko," she wasn't very good at small talk.

Time passed in silence and soon the halls began to quiet down. Kiyoko was beginning to feel better when she heard a voice float through the stillness.

"Tira, are there any empty beds?"

"Yes, there's one around the corner."

Two people came through the door into the room Kiyoko and Rikku where in. It was another nurse carrying Rangiku, who what covering her eye with her hand.

The nurse looked at them and nodded a hello and led Rangiku up to the empty bed. "Now let me see your eye." she took a hold of the blonds hand and gingerly pried it away from her face. Rangiku's eye was covered in blood and the skin around it was bruised. "Dear me, what happened?"

"I was showing one of the newbies' how to do a certain move when Captain suddenly asked me a question. Well, the newbie didn't notice and he hit me." She said plainly.

The nurse smirked at the end of her story. "You want to lie down for me Rangiku."

"KIYO! KIYOKO!!" Yurie's voice could be heard from somewhere in hall. "KIYOKO!"

"I'm in here, Yurie!" Kiyoko shouted. It wasn't long before she ran through the door into the room and directly up to Kiyoko.

"Hisagi let me out early. How are you feeling?"

"Fine, Rikku's doing a wonderful job."

"Good!" Yurie turned Rikku, "Thank you."

Behind Yurie, Kiyoko could see Rangiku pushing her nurse away.

"Rangiku, I know it hurts, but if you don't want to lose your sight, I have to touch it!"

Yurie looked around. Rangiku and Yurie were acquaintances; they usually get together for drinking parties and to sneak off to the real world. Kiyoko wasn't much of a drinker or a real world person, so she and Rangiku usually don't see each other.

Yurie went up to Rangiku, "Wow. What happened to you?"

"A newbie hit me."

"A newbie hit you!" Yurie giggled.


"I'm done Ran." The nurse confirmed. "You should be fine, and if not come back in the morning." Rangiku thanked her nurse, who was on her way out.

Rangiku got up off her bed and stood next to Yurie. "What are you doing tomorrow?" Tomorrow was the one of their days off from practice.

"Kiyoko and I are going to Health Land."

Rikku motioned to Kiyoko that she needed her to sit up so she could heal her back. While Kiyoko struggled to sit up she heard Rangiku ask to come along.

Yurie turned her gaze to the ceiling in her fake pondering act. She shifted her weight so that she looked from Kiyoko, to Rangiku, back to Kiyoko.

"I suppose you could come…mmmmhhmmm" the rest of Yurie's sentence was muted due to Rangiku pulling her into a hug. Yurie's bouncy hair was the only part of her head visible between Rangiku's cleavage.

"Thank you!" Rangiku gleefully squealed.

"HR MUMHUM, MW HM MM." Yurie hummed.

"What time are you leaving?"


"Ran, please release Yurie." Kiyoko pleaded. Rangiku unwillingly released a very flush Yurie.

"We're leaving at nine in the morning." Yurie gasped as she fixed her messy hair.

"Great! It's getting dark, see you tomorrow." Rangiku waved, and skipped out of the room, bouncing as she went. Yurie stood staring at the place Rangiku had been standing. Kiyoko glanced out of the window, Rangiku was right. The sun was sinking, casting a golden-red blaze over the colorless buildings.

Rikku quickly finished and soon the two friends were on the way back to their district.

"That was fun!" Yurie said happily.

Kiyoko brushed her long hair out of her face. "Not really."

"You don't mind that I invited Matsumoto do you?"

"No, I don't mind." Kiyoko whispered. Yurie looked unconvinced. "Really, I don't mind! Who knows, she and I could be good friends."

"Well, the two of you haven't really spent time with each other. So, maybe you'll get along."

"Stop worrying, it'll be fine."

"I know, I know, but it was just going to be you and me and now I have this idea that you're disappointed." She confessed.

"I'm not…okay, maybe a little, but we might as well make the best of it." Kiyoko put her arm around Yurie's shoulder "Don't worry about it, we'll get along."

"I suppose your right,"

"I am right, so calm down."

When the two girls arrived back at their division they headed off to their rooms for another night. Kiyoko was ready to go to bed, her body groaned with every movement. When she entered her room she realized that she wasn't going to be able to just fall on her bed and sleep. Her futon was still upside down, and the sheets were knotted together. With a sigh she flipped her futon back, threw her pillow on top and tossed the sheets back in place. Relieved, she fell onto her bed and pulled the sheets over her tired body. Within minutes she was asleep.