Maelstrom Grout

Author's note: This story is part of a LONG series called Maelstrom. It is strictly Gen. 1 - sorry, but that was all that was out when I started writing back in the late 1980's. It began as a fan-publication so the first chapters are in the form of a comic book! If you have not read the nine original Maelstrom Comics and the preceding text stories, I strongly suggest you do. This is a complex universe. They can be found at http// illmatar. deviantart. com (I have put double spaces between the URL here or FF . Net eats the link.) The comics and art which accompanies this series are there...and believe me I am a better artist than writer.

This scene contains filler material. It is not a story it is spackle.

Most chapters of this series contain strong language and violence. Rated M for adult themes! Really! Transformers characters belong to Hasbro. Critiques adored!

Maelstrom Grout

Well's a patch job for ya. There will be a least one more soon.

As previously stated, I originally worked with 2 other people on this story. There are events they wrote, or at least planned which need to be discussed here, and some which is supposed to be my work but isn't done because I'm a goof-ball.

We'll start with that.

Lancer spends nearly a year after being speared in therapy and so forth. She is not cheerful about it and Rodimus bitches a lot about how flipping long it takes humans to heal. Of course if she'd stay home like she's supposed to, she'd heal faster, but about half way through she goes back to living on Maelstrom and helping out on the Slaver raids they do. She comes back for appointments and blinks innocently when asked why the shoulder isn't healing faster.

She and Rodi will never really share quarters, BTW. If the Jabez ever get wind of the Maelstrom working with the Autobots then one or more Sponsor armies will simply eradicate Cybertron. One or two class One telekinetics and you've got yourself a smashed tin can. Plus, Lancer's metabolism makes it hard for her to hide, as seen at the end of issue 9. Most of all though, Edana is empathic and Cybertron is just too "loud" for her, especially as an infant who can't shield yet.

As Rodimus sinks his teeth deeper into the slave trade through Cybertron and the Maelstrom gets more efficient as well, Lancer and Rodimus will be reduced to seeing each other in person maybe 6 times a year. Right now though, she is sticking around for fairly long periods to get work done on her shoulder and to train Elita.

Elita, being no idiot, has decided that they really can't afford for Rodimus to be the only one who does what he does. Eggs in one basket and all...especially when that basket keeps coming back from various slave runner missions nicely mangled. He needs help, and they need someone else who can take over in the not unlikely event he gets his fool ass killed.

Having no intention of letting Elita go human, Lancer designs an exo-suit for herself. It is a full-scale model designed to behave exactly like her actual body, but on a scale where she can actually reach her student. In order to get the range of motion and flexibility she is used to, Lancer takes the first "normal" looking model she is presented and proceeds to tear the armor off it. (This is partly the result of a pet peeve of mine. You know all those lovely, professional sci-fi artists? You know the sort...they draw the males in all sorts of cool space gear, or armor, or whatever...and put all the girls in bikinis. I have decided that is because the girls are so tough. The men need all that protection for their sensitive skin, while the girls shrug off things like cosmic rays, laser fire, the extreme cold of space... Radiation? So? I'm working on my tan!) I will post the model today. I'm doing a color version, but it isn't done yet. See "Trouble" for color scheme. (Black - I know you're all shocked.)

It give most TF's the willies because to them they are basically looking at someone whose had their skin pealed off. She's not naked, she's flayed.

Elita is a very good student BTW...but it takes her longer to learn because 1. She doesn't have a mental link with her teacher. 2. Her teacher is often off world dealing with bad guys.

Once she gets going though, she starts passing along what she's learning to her team. They don't know what they're learning or why, but they aren't complaining! Would have made their time under Shockwave's shadow a bit more interesting certainly. Optimus is fine with all of it except the fact his mate is now joining his partner scaring the shit out of him by walking soundlessly. She finds that amusing so she and Rodi start keeping score. :-) They rate the number of "hits", the best yells, etc. .... Poor Op.

Lancer also acquires a student of a different sort in the form of KC. (This is roomie 2's part of the story. ½ written.)

KC is a latent mutant. Generally, if you are going to actually develop powers they hit you at puberty at the latest. She is in her early 20's and nothing...but an emotional trauma involving one of her snubbed superiors that got passed over as Perceptor's aid, sets her powers off in a moment of panic. He tries to rape her and strangle her. Her powers kick in as she's blacking out. She turns out to be a class 4 metal shaper. (Meaning she can manipulate metal within a 2 mile range as long as she has direct contact through metal.) Her powers awake late, violently, and completely out of control. Think of a power surge through a Transformers circuitry.... She overloads her nervous system and suffers seizures and hallucinations. The nice guy hurting her gets absorbed into the floor which then hardens around him and suffocates him slowly. Then it oozes into his body and out his mouth, nose, and eyes. The next problem is her buddy Jazz, who is wondering why she's late, runs into her quarters and gets melted into the floor too.

Now, Miss KC is in a bit of a state as it is obviously, having been attacked, and then killing her attacker in a most gruesome way. She wants to stop it but has no idea how. When Jazz runs in and becomes one with the floor, she completely flips and is certain she's killed her best friend. They have to isolate her in a ceramic room and feed her with plastic silverware until the overload sickness settles out. (Some mutants go completely nuts at this stage and never come out of it...the general rule is the later your abilities kick in the more traumatic it is when they do. She is a close call, and all of her best friends and support are Transformers who can't be in the room with her.) While she is manic, she can't keep the notion Jazz is just fine in her brain. She flash-back's to the moment she saw him melt down into the floor and can't get past it.

He wasn't really hurt all that seriously...but he needed a whole new set of legs. Rodi teases him about just cutting the floor around him and setting him up as a statue with a nice fountain somewhere. KC can't seem to process that he's really OK...especially since he's not allowed in the room with her till her powers settle down.

So guess who tries going human next...not that he was looking for an excuse or anything. Jazz human is a bit...different from Jazz TF. He is absolutely 100% ADHD. He is over-stimulated, hyper, and completely over the top. It takes him YEARS to settle down - just the sort of thing Rodi is worried about with this process. Jazz wants to try everything, do everything, eat everything... He eats and drinks ridiculous amounts of food in as many bizarre combinations as he can think up. All the stuff he's ever wanted to try, he tries, sometimes when he is supposed to be doing other things. He does eventually settle down, but for the first few weeks especially, Rodimus has to practically leash him to keep him on task - even if they are on a mission. The only time he's his usual cool headed self as a human is when he's helping with KC.

He finds too. So, in keeping with the dubious example of his other Autobot/human shifting friends, he decides he's in love with KC and sets about driving her nuts. Even as Lancer helps her learn to control her powers and her brain settles down, KC is clear headed enough to know the difference between infatuation (and lust!) and love.

I think that covers it....but I probably forgot something. Stayed tuned for more fabulous spackle as my over-wrought brain cell tries to keep this leaky boat afloat!