Undercover Lover. Written by myself after watching every Bones ep of S1, S2 and then S3 this holiday :) Takes place early January, just weeks after The Kiss, leaving the team mystified about the awkward tension between our heroes...

I don't own anything to do with Bones, with the exception of the DVD box sets. I'd gladly trade them in for a night with DB tho ;)

Chapter One...

"Dr Brennan?" the voice of her former assistant Dr Addy drifted across from his workstation as he peered at a fragment of cranium in his gloved fingers.

Turning on the spot, Brennan made her way over to Zach's desk, peering at the magnification on the screen with interest.

"Bevelling indicates the bullet entered the frontal and exited the skull through the occipital, almost the same angle as the other female victims. All male victims indicate a numerous amount of projectiles, measuring .38 caliber, shattered the spleenchnocranium entirely."

"Good work Zach," Brennan praised her young colleague, "Was the same gun used for all eight victims?"

"Consistent, .38 caliber," Zach replied, still studying the female cranium, "Cam wanted a word with you."

"Thank you," Brennan dismissed him, turning to make her way to the autopsy suite to find Cam, her mind still working on the facts. Four women and four men had been found out in Las Vegas, decomposed beyond recognition, no identifying features on any of the bodies. Stress markers and noticible fractures suggested these victims had all been bound by wrists and ankles for a length of time and severely beaten. The women had simply been executed with a single gun shot to the head from a shooter who was between six foot two and six fooot four in height. The males victims however had been shot repeatedly in the face so many times that the skulls were proving very difficult to piece together for Angela to work with.

"You wanted to see me?" Brennan queried, standing in the doorway of the autopsy suite, watching her immediate boss remove a human organ from a jar and slice a portion off for testing.

Cam looked up briefly, pointing to a piece of paper on the side counter with a gloved hand.

Picking up the paper, Brennan read the paper, her mind racing over it's meaning as the words sank in.


"That's what I said," Cam frowned, replacing the organ and sealing the jar once more. Stripping off her gloves, the pathologist dropped them into a hazardous waste bin and walked over to join the forensic anthropologist. "The F.B.I. requests your prescence on an undercover investigation in Las Vegas. You'll be working the same case apparently, just following the leads the identifications have given us."

"Do I have a choice in this?!" Brennan argued, "Am I just going to be whisked away by some agent and told what to do?"

"Booth called to make sure I'd let you go." Cam replied, feeling like she was missing something, Dr Brennan almost always wanted to be out in the field with Booth, "He said Tony would swing by to pick up Roxie at lunch and explain it all." She shrugged, "Hope that makes sense to you."

Brennan stood in the doorway, her mind processing the facts she had; Booth had gone behind her back to ensure that she would be able to go to Vegas with him, presumably as Roxie and Tony to work the case. He had to have known that she wouldn't want to go after how awkward their first case after Christmas had been.

"Take as long as you need, Zach's working on identifying the victims, Angela is searching the Missing Persons database, you help Booth catch this sonovabitch."

"Thank you," Brennan replied absent mindedly, turning away from the pathologist who had just doomed her. "I'll get my things."

"Why?" Angela appeared behind her, "Have we got a lead?"

"I'm going to Vegas with Booth, apparently they have a clue about something, we'll be undercover again." Brennan muttered, already walking away from her friend, ignoring the fact that Angela was in fact chasing her, with high heels on.

"Bren, you cannot escape me forever," Angela called, watching as Brennan strode across the lab to her office, shutting the door behind her and sinking onto her desk chair. Catching up, Angela pushed open the door, ignoring the glare that Brennan sent her way as she closed the door behind her. "What's up?" She asked, perching on the arm on the sofa and leaning forwards to move the webcam aside, making sure she had an unobstructed view of her best friend. .

"I'm working this case, trying to figure out what happened to these eight people." Brennan replied stiffly, "I don't have time to be dragged across the country when the answers are here."

"You don't have time to investigate how eight people were murdered?" Angela repeated, incredulously. "Sweetie, what's wrong with you?"

"Booth went behind my back Ange, he arranged it with Cam, made sure I wasn't able to make my own decision. Just like last week, he's trying to control me."

"Bren, last week you refused to leave the lab to help him with his case, we're just as confused as he is." Angela sighed, reaching forward to take her best friend by the hand, "A woman's perogative is to change her mind, sure, but, Sweetie, a guy like Booth deserves a little explanation for it."

"An explanation for what?" Brennan questioned, "For wanting to do my job in peace without being dragged out?"

"For shutting him out Bren, you know you're doing exactly what you did last summer? You're blaming him for something and he doesn't know what," Angela paused, taking in her best friend, tilting her her head to consider her face, "You're scared of being with Booth."

"Don't be ridiculous," Brennan shot back, her ocean coloured eyes frozen on her friends darker eyes.

"We talked about this," Angela spoke softly now, understanding the problem had in fact, very little to do with work. "I told you how freaked out you were about being left at the altar with Booth," she smiled, "You can't deny it, it's been two weeks now; something happened at Christmas, didn't it?"

Not knowing how to answer that question, Brennan busied herself with shutting down her computer, "It has been two weeks since Christmas and even longer since I understood what you were talking about, but what has that got do with that altar now?"

"Okay," Angela was half talking to herself now, "something happened with Booth at Christmas, you both avoided each other, which means he's just as freaked out as you, and now you have to go undercover with him in Vegas?"

"He'll be here soon Ange, I need to get my things ready, I don't have time to talk about this."

"But you'll what? Go on a pretend vacation with him? Pretend you don't have crazy feelings for him?"

"I do not have 'crazy' feelings for Booth, Angela," She huffed, closing a file rather viciously, slamming the papers down as she tried to cram them all into a neat pile, "we are partners, nothing more."

"I own a dictionary." Angela shot back, "partners can mean so much more Sweetie," she smiled, "what happened at Christmas?"

"I spent Christmas Day alone, Angela, you know that. I've been here every day since then, what could possibly have happened?"

"Ok, so you just suddenly decided that you don't want to work with Booth?"

"Of course I want to work with Booth," Brennan defended herself weakly,

"You keep turning him away and he'll be reassigned, you'll lose him."

"How could I possibly lose him? He's not an object and he is not mine to lose in any case."

"You think that Sweetie," Angela replied, condescendingly, "just don't blame me when he gets a new partner."

"Why would Booth get a new partner?" Brennan asked curiously, watching her friend for any indication she was actually telling the truth.

"Do you know how hard he has to fight to stay with you? He's always arguing with his boss about it, how could you not hear?"

"He fights with Cullen about it?" Brennan was stunned,

"He argues with someone about it, I've heard him quite a bit." Angela stopped, not wanting to hurt her emotionally fragile friend, "I know you love him, I know you don't want to believe me, that's fine, but whatever's wrong, whatever you and he did, let him know. He's going to go crazy otherwise. You obviously didn't sleep together as he's blatantly confused, but Sweetie, he feels exactly the same way as you," She frowned, getting up and walking towards the door, stopping briefly to look directly at Brennan, "you should let him know how you feel before he stops fighting."

"Booth would never stop fighting," Brennan told her friend firmly, watching as Angela stood in the doorway, a mixture of pity and hope on her delicate features.

"Let him know how much you believe in him, not me." Was all Angela said before walking away, leaving Brennan confused and running late in getting ready. She only had ten minutes to collect her necessary belongings before Booth would be here to brief her on the undercover part of the investigation. Sliding her laptop back into its carry case and placing a copy of all the necessary paperwork next to it to keep it flat, Brennan picked up her cell phone and purse, slipping both inside her carry bag, wondering how long they would be away and what she should pack.