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Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Wake up Bella! Today is going to be SO EXCITING!" I moaned pitifully. Why did Alice have to come and wake me up, at 7:00 no less….wait, 7:00?! I am going to be late for school!

"Ahh! Its 7:00! I'm going to be late!" I quickly dressed and rushed down the stairs. Charlie was already at work at the police station and to my relief, I saw my perfect Greek-god like boyfriend, Edward. With him were Rosalie, Emmett, and…Jasper?! Why were they all here?

"Um, why are you all here? Not that I have any problems with that but this is quite unusual." Edward laughed, a beautifully musically sound, I could just listen to it all day. He smirked and ran up and hugged me.

"Ask Alice, she just told us something was going on at school today and she wants us all to accompany you to school today. I don't know what as she is blocking her mind from me by repeatedly singing the most annoying songs possible repeatedly in her head. Right now it's 'I know a Song that gets on everybody's nerves'. It truly is beginning to get on my nerves."

"Well then," Alice replied, "you should stay out of my head and find out what it is along with everyone else. It's not like I force you to be looking in my head." Edward sighed and just hugged Bella tighter.

"Fine, let's just go to school and see what is so amazing." In a matter of seconds, we were out the door and in the car. I will never get used to vampire speed; I can't wait until I can actually become a vampire in a few months and be equal to them. When me and Edward get married….just thinking about it gives me chills of joy!" Edward smirked again, (oh how I love that smile!) and asked if it was the wedding again. I smiled and nodded. Darn vampire hearing, they could all hear how my heart raced when I looked at him.

We pulled into the parking lot a couple minutes before school started. With their speedy and dangerous driving (dangerous to me anyway! The vampires are impenetrable.) we got their early. The bell rang and we headed into our first class of homeroom. The teacher smiled at us and I got a little nervous. Nothing good ever came when she smiled, the prune. I heard Edward gasp beside me and I mentally braced myself for the bad news.

"Class, our district has recently passed a new law that revises the requirements to graduate. We aren't getting enough of the arts so they added a required dramatic performance to be performed in order to graduate. So if you don't do it, be prepared to stay in High School until you do." Almost the whole class groaned. Why did they need to do a play? A couple of people were happy, like Alice. Edward groaned and sighed.

"I should have known it would be something like this. Alice getting excited should have given it away. A play, she loves shopping, dress up, and fashion shows so a play would be right up her alley. I just wonder how long she knew this in advance."

"Quite a while Eddie-Poo, I saw it coming a week ago so I already got the supplies all ready for my role."

"Stop calling me Eddie-Poo and you do know that is cheating right? Knowing what you're going to be, so unfair." Edward pretended to be hurt but they could all see his faint smile, even Bella, who had gotten quite good at reading people's emotions living with vampires who are a lot more unpredictable than people.

"Okay class, we are going to an assembly now which will provide more information and introduce our new Drama teacher." The class filed out of the room and followed other people who were just leaving to the assembly in the gym as that was the only place big enough to hold the entire school. They sat down and out came a pretty looking lady that looked in her 20 or 30s. She had on a strapless red dress and big hoops hung from her ears. She had blue eyes and tightly manicured hands.

"Hello, I am your new Drama teacher hired by your district. My name is Mrs. Crystal and we are going to have so much fun doing this play! I have got it chosen but you will not know what it is until a week after auditions which are today. Auditions are mandatory and if your parents don't know about it, make sure to call home. Thank you and I just know we are going to like each other." She lets out a girly giggle and sits down. The assembly continued but I noticed Edward still staring at Mrs. Crystal and I grew worried. What was going on?

Chapter 2: La Push Visitors and auditions

Apparently the parents knew about this whole play deal. The school had sent emails and letters stating the new graduation law and calling home was just a reminder that the auditions were today. Why didn't Charlie tell me? I bet he didn't even open the letter, he sounded really surprised when I called stating I had mandatory auditions for a school play. But he was okay with it; he really is a great dad. Carlisle and Esme knew about it and were obviously fine with their kids to stay after school. I feel sorry for those people whose parents didn't know or had something planned. Who wants to stay after-school for play auditions outside of Alice and the drama kids? I mean seriously, this is the city of Forks with a population of only a couple hundred people. We aren't doing a Broadway musical. But knowing Alice, she is going to treat this like a world famous 5 star play; she enjoys this stuff too much. I hope I can get a minor role where I don't have to say too much, preferably nothing at all. Knowing me, I will trip, mess something up, or have an unfortunate accident resulting in me going to the emergency room, again. The doctors and nurses there are sure getting to know me real well what with the number of times I have to go there. I must be the most cursed-luck person in the world, probably why I was given the most perfect guy in the entire universe.

Suddenly everyone hears the honk of a school bus and people coming out. We all rushed out to see what was going on. A bunch of brown-skinned Indians got off the bus. Everyone was surprised, why were the La Push kids here? Edward whispered furiously to Alice and she was shaking her head and mouthing 'I didn't know'. If she didn't know that means the...the werewolves are here! In answer to my clever deduction, the La Push werewolves got off the bus. I recognized Sam, Leah, Quil, Embry, Jarred, Paul, and….Jacob. I hadn't seen Jacob in a while, he was still mad at me for choosing Edward over him. I wish he could understand that while I do love him, Edward is my life, my air, my entire universe. In all likelihood, if I hadn't met Edward, I would more than happily have accepted him. Jacob is beautiful in his own way and his joy is contagious. My own personal sun…how I missed him. Jacob saw me and smiled brightly at me. Apparently I have been forgiven, I am glad because I really missed talking to him. He came over to us and greeted everyone warmly and Edward just politely, which is an improvement on how he normally talks to Edward. Usually they just trade insults and are ready to rip each other apart at a moments notice.

"Oh Bella, how I have missed you! It is really hard not talking to you and I have to see you, even if you're with….him. I can't stay away, it hurts too much. I love you too much and it is painful to see you with the blood-sucker but it makes you happy and that makes me happy even though you aren't with me. I still say I would have been better for you than the leech but I have accepted the inevitable. You will never accept me as anything more than a friend and I'm okay with that. I am glad to have that rather than having nothing. But anyways, how are you doing Bella?" I just stared. I am glad he finally realized that I love Edward more than him and will stop competing with Edward over me but I was confused on why in the world he was here.

"Ummm….why are you here? I mean I am really, really glad to see you. I missed you too. But why are you at our school than down at the La Push reservation?" He grinned and I grinned back. I could never resist his enthusiasm.

"Well, the school board made it a law that all schools within the district have to have students perform in at least 1 play in order to graduate High School and La Push is I guess considered to be part of the district. It had been decided to make the play a co-ed in order to get people to learn about others or something like that and just to make the schools united. Something like that anyways. That is why La Push is doing a play with your school. Your fortune-telling friend obviously must not have seen it due to our strange protection from her visions." Alice huffed and trounced away. Jasper left with her and Rosalie and Emmett just followed. They didn't care all that much for the wolves but at least they aren't fighting with them. Probably more for my benefit than anything else, I don't understand why the wolves and the vampires hate each other so much but whatever. Jacob pulled me and I followed, Edward coming with us as he just hates leaving me alone with a werewolf. Something about temper tantrums and things. A ridiculous fear to be honest, Jacob would never hurt me. Paul I would worry about but Jacob? He would never do anything to hurt me, outside of refusing to talk to me and giving me the cold shoulder which is annoying and makes me feel really guilty. We went to the group of werewolves and they all smiled when they saw me.

"Bella! How good to see you again! You really must come back down to La Push again, just to visit. It feels strange without you there and you are part of the family after all! The boys all miss having you around too; everyone has been mopey without you, especially Jacob." Emily greeted warmly. She reminds me so much of Esme, so very mother-like. I really like her. Sam and the others all hug me, much too tightly, it was hard to breathe, and asked me how I was doing, how was life, was I really marrying the blood-sucker, etc. Jacob gave me a hug afterwards, very cautiously like I would try to run away or something. I wouldn't and if he really wanted too, he could hold me too him and I could never escape, stupid werewolf strength. I couldn't hit him when he was being an idiot or whatever, I would just break my hand like I did when I tried to punch him as hard as I could after that forced kiss. He didn't even feel it! That was annoying and it hurt but it was more annoying than anything else because I am used to broken bones and stuff like that. I have had lots of accidents where I got broken limbs. Again, stupid werewolf strength. Why is every one of them so sexy, strong, hot, and pretty much physically impenetrable except me?! It's not fair; I so can't wait until I join them when I become a vampire. I truly have no idea what is so special about me that just attracts people. I am nothing special compared to them. I am not pretty, not strong, not sexy, not smart, not exciting, not anything. But they all love me. I don't know why they do but I am really glad they do.

Somehow in the midst of all this, I, Edward, the werewolves, and Emily somehow got to the classroom doors. School was still going on so the La Push kids just joined us in class and watched or participated varyingly. Sam and Emily being adults weren't allowed in the school but they waited the rest of the time in the car doing 'stuff'. I did not need to know that but I am envious as I want to do that with Edward but nooooooo, we have to wait until we get married. Of course, his resolve has greatly weakened and I could tell he wants me just as bad as I want him. If I wanted too, I could just ask him and he would probably eagerly accept. The irony of it all is that I now want to wait until we are married while he wants it earlier like I did. We swapped desires apparently and that is ironic that earlier he wanted to only have sex after we married while I wanted it right away and now it swapped with me only wanting it after we get married and him wanting it right away. Jacob can tell what I am thinking and has a sad wistful look mixed with revulsion but he weakly grins at me when I looked at him. Edward also obviously knows too but says nothing and keeps a poker face.

Finally it was near the end of the day and the last class. Edward didn't have this class with me but I knew he would be waiting outside waiting for me too come out. The La Push werewolves joined our class on this one as they could choose to either participate in school activities or just watch. They participated and were naturally good at it. Of course, I suck at it, I really hate P.E., the worst class in the entire world, especially for a person like me who is very clumsy and always falls and trips and has accidents. Too bad it was a requirement. Too be honest, I don't even know why I have to participate and should be required to do it. Everyone knows I suck and am absolutely terrible and they tend to avoid me, all except that annoying Mike Newton anyway, when I play. Mike Newton is the only one who deals with me. Thank goodness he is less annoying now. He finally realized he couldn't have me, it tool FOREVER to sink in but it finally did, and was fine with being just a friend. He is with Jessica Stanley now; they fit well together in my opinion. I think he was almost more stubborn than Jacob was at realizing that I loved Edward and wouldn't accept anybody else. Usually he helps me but as the La Push werewolves were here, he stayed away. I didn't blame him. The werewolves are intimidating and are very menacing and scary. Their super strong, super fast, sexy, strong, short fused people but if you get to know them, they are really nice, even Paul who is a ticking time bomb. Paul is trouble as he is really easy to madden and he turns nasty and violent very, very quickly and at any second ready to transform into his wolf-self. But when he isn't mad, he is quite nice.

Jacob joined my team for tennis in the double-matches against Quil and Embry. Jacob was phenomenal and single-handedly won every game for us. Quil and Embry was the hardest challenge for Jacob but he still won although just barely. Every girl was staring at him admiringly while every boy was just absolutely green with envy. I didn't blame anyone, Jacob is amazing. I had no idea he was so good at sports but then, he was good at everything, just like Edward. Argh, more people who are obscenely and unnaturally good at everything they do. It isn't fair at all really. Oh well, I will get better, eventually. I vaguely wondered who would win in a one-on-one Tennis match, Jacob or Edward. But it could be anything really. They both are amazing. I absentmindedly ran my hand down Jacob and he looked at me questioningly. I blushed and removed my hand. That was a bad Bella, no touching Jacob; he is just a friend, a very hot, sexy, amazing, beautiful…ugh, bad brain. We went over this. I DO NOT love Jacob. I am just FRIENDS with him. Stupid physical attractions, very annoying.

When we got out, Edward was waiting for me at the door like I expected. Jacob grinned and showed him a mental image and then left. Edward looked pained for a second and then the poker face was back. I wonder what Jacob showed him in his mind. While Jacob and Edward are on much better terms, they still love to annoy each other as much as possible. Most likely it was about me or something. If I only could read Edward's mind….

"Bella, it is time to go for auditions," Edward whispered to me and I broke out of the trance I had been in. I nodded and we walked to the dreaded hall of doom to wait in line for auditions.

It took 2 hours just to get to my audition! It was single audition and they had to do every single person! All the Cullens and the La Push werewolves went in before I did but they waited while I did mine. I hope they weren't bored out of their minds. But knowing them, they found some sort of mischief to work on while I waited. I did hear about that kid's locker who had annoyed both the Cullens and the La Push werewolves, I have no idea how, I don't have all the details, but they pranked the kid's locker. I feel slightly sorry for the kid but am mostly laughing my head off at the things they could have done. I was the last audition of the day and auditions would go on for the next few days and in a week or so, the cast list would be up. Alice can't wait but she already knows what she is going to be doing and she refuses to tell anyone what it is. Whenever Edwards tries to peek, she starts singing annoying songs, think annoying things, or show pictures of her and Jasper that Edward so did not want to look at. Jasper always gets amused when Edward starts flipping out and spazzing when he sees them. It is quite funny to watch but I shudder to think of what Jasper and Alice were doing that causes Edward to start spazzing out and having convulsions like he is having a seizure or something. It is even worse with Emmett and Rosalie. It is quite worrying having my vampire boyfriend fall into convulsions at whatever Alice shows him but it is quite funny still. At least he can't die thanks to being a vampire or that he doesn't have to breathe as he sometimes convulses and he doesn't breathe for a worrying amount of time although technically he doesn't ever have to breathe. The other Cullens refuse to tell me how the auditions went although I can guess extremely well as they are good at everything. The werewolves won't tell me either and I am mad as no one is telling me anything.