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Chapter 9: Mrs. Crystal

When I came to, I found I was lying on the theatre ground and my head was aching for some reason. Why was that? Was there a party last night? Wait, that can't be it, I didn't even go to one last night. And where is everyone? I am the only one here. Wait, something's coming back….

I growled when the memory came back. So, those little pranksters thought they could scare me did they? Well, they had another thing coming, the little twerps. Just wait till I get my hands on those people who planned it. When I am through with them, they are going to wish they had never been born. I admit I had almost believed that the school was really haunted but they messed up when they did the song 'Phantom of the Opera'. I mean seriously, how stupid do they think I am anyways? Beautiful singing of the Phantom, if I wasn't going to punish the little twerps, I would totally cast whoever did it in my Phantom of the Opera production. But they have to be punished first. No one makes a fool out of me! Now, who was smart enough to actually come up with and manage to actually do a complicated plan like this?

Reviewing the lists of students in my head, it had to be someone involved in the play as no one else could know my schedule; I had come to the conclusion of…not many. Many of them were idiots and would never have been able to pull off something like this. I do have to give them credit for such an amazing trick, again if I wasn't going to punish them, I would totally hire them. It definitely isn't Mike, Eric, or Tyler; they're too stupid and clumsy to pull off such a complicated scheme. Eric might have been able to think of it though, but definitely not able to do it and something is telling me that whoever did this planned it and was a part in it. Mike and Tyler are….well, self-explanatory. I mean, they can't even do the parts in the play right and their only minor characters. Of course, they could have been faking that they were bad this entire time but that is way too elaborate of a plan. It has to be someone good at acting…that does slash the list even more. Someone smart and good at acting, that leaves only a couple of people. That leaves Bella, the Cullens, those huge hulking 'boys' from La Push, and a couple of other people. A much smaller list. Wait, scratch that, a couple of them from La Push don't seem quite smart enough to come up with something like this and actually manage to get away with it. So take out Quil, Leah, Jarred, Paul, and Seth…hm, maybe Embry could do it? So, Embry is the 1st suspect. He is very quiet and not much is known about him so he could be it.

1st Suspect: Embry Call

It could also be one of the Cullens or the Hales. They are definitely smart enough to pull something like this off and could manage to get away with it. All of them are stinking rich and they are all amazing actors and look like movie star models. Plus rich kids are almost always bratty and annoying, from the few I have known, they are definitely bratty and annoying. The Cullens and Hales seem fine but again, their amazing actors.

Other Suspects

Rosalie Hale

Emmett Cullen

Jasper Hale

Alice Cullen

Edward Cullen

La Push kids: Jacob Black, Collin, Brady, etc.

But it could also be someone who definitely doesn't like me and is known to hate having to perform. Isabella Swan definitely doesn't like me and has made known her displeasure in having to do this musical. She is definitely smart enough and could have easily done the female part of Christine. In fact, she is quite likely to have done it.

Major Suspect (Christine?)

Isabella Swan

Whew, a list of suspects. I love mysteries, and especially solving them. Of course, it could be someone else but I doubt it. The culprits definitely have to be somebody on this list; I doubt anyone else in this stupid school could have done it. So, now we must question our culprits…I mean suspects. Darn innocent until proven guilty, I am 99 sure it is you Bella Swan and Embry Call! It's quite plausible. Bella Swan hates me. So she comes up with this plan to embarrass and scare me. She dresses up as Christine while her friend Embry Call (the only problem is that I haven't seen her hanging often with Embry, she usually hangs with Edward Cullen and that Jacob kid) dresses up as the Phantom and they somehow make that mist, a fog machine?, and then they do their part, singing the Phantom of the Opera and pretending to be haunting the theatre. An amazing plan if I do say so myself. Now, how to prove it was them? No one is going to take me seriously without proof that it was them, especially since Bella is the daughter of the Police Chief in this town. Time to dig around a bit about our good friends Bella, Embry, and our suspects (just in case if it doesn't turn out to be them as Embry is definitely a questionable suspect.).

Humming to myself, I stood up and walked to my office. I have information to find out and students to punish. Whoever did this is going to be in for a shock and wish they had never been born. Wearing a smile, I pushed open the door and set to work.