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A Synlet Oneshot

Her hair pours over her shoulders like a black silk waterfall. Dark eyes with circles beneath them look out of a thick bullet-proof window and out at the cerulean sky. There are not any clouds out there, and it makes her dully lit dressing room all the more depressing. Does she hate this room though? Dislike it even? Her bottom lip trembles.

She can leave whenever she wants to. He acts like she is a prisoner sometimes, mostly for show, but he always lets her go in the end. The cameras are probably not even on right now out in the hall. A small smirk appears on her lips as she imagines him in a meeting wearing his expensive blue suit and grumbling to himself because he knows she will not be here by the time he gets back.

Violet's eyes light up momentarily as she imagines that scowl across his freckled face. Those freckles of his will flinch as he twitches his nose and curses his lost opportunity. Picking up her things she gets ready to 'escape' and meet her family for lunch. Glancing at her watch, she notices she may be a few minutes later than expected if she dawdles, and heads out the door with her shoes still in hand. Peeking out from beneath her socks is her super suit.

"Where are you headed, Super?"

That cool voice echoes through the hallway and forces an automatic break in Violet to go off. She automatically comes to a stop and whips her head around. She shyly smiles as he smirks, giving her a lingering look that goes up and down her frame. A blush comes across her cheeks and she nearly goes invisible.

"Y-You're back so early." She softly says with her body half turned the other way.

"Yeah. It's not hard to seal a deal with imbeciles. Mention the word missile and they practically shout, yes!" He straightens his tie as he makes a predatory step towards her. "It's not quite as easy with you, but I like me a challenge."

Violet shuts her eyes for a moment and turns her head. Her lips part as if to say something, but then close again. She bites down lightly on her quivering lower lip. Buddy looks at her questioningly, but realizes what she is going to say as she opens her eyes and gives him that stern stare. Crossing his arms, he prepares for the lecture. And mentally slaps himself for provoking it.

"Missiles? Again with the missiles Buddy? I thought…"

"What? Third-world countries aren't the only countries that buy missiles." He tries, but no dice.

"I know I said I'd try and change." He sighs. "But I can't go cold Turkey. I dropped the whole destroying supers bit. My resources are elsewhere, but there's no goodwill in the underground." He raises an eyebrow and rolls his eyes as her face refuses to falter that unnerving glare.

"You said." She starts.

"I know what I said!" He gently places his hands on her delicate shoulders despite his tone. "I don't know, Vi. I need to make a living somehow." He tries to shrug the hurt in her eyes off. "I thought you understood that."

"I do." Her face falls to a melancholy expression before becoming hard again. "You're a villain. I don't know why it's so hard for me to remember." Violet looks down at the floor with her knitted brows and rubs her arms as she speaks.

"Because you love me." He whispers.

How he had gotten so close so fast boggles Violet's mind. So much so, that she does nothing as he wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her to his side. The sound of her shoes hitting the floor after slipping through her fingers fills the still hallway. She can feel her heart speeding up as he presses her against him. If only he had not mentioned the missiles…

"I love Buddy." She whispers. "Buddy Pine."

"Exactly." He smugly agrees as he moves his hand smoothly over her hip. "You love me." He gently grabs her chin with his fingers and tries to pull her into a kiss.

"NO." She growls, shoving her palm into his face.

"Babe?" He questions as he pulls his face back and out of her palm. "What's up with you, sweetheart?" Buddy grumbles as he notices Violet's fuming face.

"I love Buddy. And the second you start talking about missiles, and all that other illegal crap, you are no longer Buddy. You're Syndrome."

"So what if I am?" He pulls her into a tighter embrace and whispers with a deep, husky voice into her ear. "Cause I think you like it."

"You're so conceited." She closes her eyes and tries to stop her heart from breaking free of her trembling body. "I can never love a villain."

"Can't or won't?"

He asks, making that know-it-all-face only a true genius like him can successfully pull off. Buddy gently kisses her cheek, and Violet feels the spot heat up instantly. Something about the way he knows where to touch controls her…it makes her putty in his hands. Of course, even putty can harden if left unattended too long.

"Watch your hands." She scolds, smacking his palm away from her upper thigh.

"You're beautiful when you're angry." He whispers. "Now. Why don't you call that brute of a father of yours, and tell him you can't make that lunch and we just go get cozy."

"How did you…" She raises an eyebrow, but he cuts her off.

"I have my ways." He lightly lets his fingertips move from her lips and go up the side of her neck to tuck into her hair. "You know me well enough to know…I have my ways." He chuckles lightly into her raven hair.

"I wish you would just have another way….a good way of doing things." Her voice becomes quiet and suddenly melancholy as she removes her cell phone from her pocket and holds it tightly in her hand. "So I wouldn't have to choose." Her thumb hovers over the dials before she makes a move, as if to put it back in her pocket.

A slight panic races through Buddy. She is going to choose her father. A constant need for acceptance, as well as a strong competitive nature against Mr. Incredible tweaks Buddy. Violet should not have to choose, yes. But only because she should automatically want to please him instead of her father.

Buddy spins her around to face him. Her eyes go wide as his lips suddenly cover hers. He seems to work her tender mouth so gently, Violet cannot help but melt into him and nearly drop her expensive phone. It is tucked away in her pocket before he snatches it from her.

She grips his wide shoulders as she feels stray strands of red hair tickling her forehead. A familiar feeling rises within her, and Violet has to pull her lips from his to prevent it from escalating out of control.

Her mind begs her for rationalization, while her body pleads for more of what Buddy's giving her; pleasure. Opening her eyes, she looks into his. His eyes are so blue. What she sees within them, is something she saw long ago when he had asked her to be with him; uncertainty. Not for how she feels about him, because he knows he drives her wild, but whether she will choose him above her family.

More specifically, he wants her to choose him over her father.

He looks into her dark eyes for only a moment, but finds something he does not like and turns away. Buddy lets his hold on her linger, yet dissipate into severance. Resulting from their separation, Violet suddenly feels cold. Perhaps those were not the right words to say, but neither were "I sold some missiles to some communists". Not exactly the same words he used, but he always tries to pretty-up his work.

"I would do anything for you." He finally says.

"I'm willing to lose everything, if anyone found out about us. If anyone found out you're still alive…" She trails off, but he gets the idea.

"I know. It's hard, but you're a tough girl. A pretty smart one too. Not as smart as me, but." He stops as she socks him in his arm. "Hey." He wines, stepping back and rubbing where she hit him. "That one was pretty hard."

"Yeah, Buddy. That was the point." She sarcastically rolls her eyes as he reaches out to grab her.

Once invisible, Violet is pretty much unable to be caught by Buddy. At least, as long as he does not have any heat sensors around. Thankfully, he came unprepared and grasps at thin air in an attempt to get a hold of Violet. She stifles a laugh as she makes her way around him.

He is naturally playing his typical mind games, as she has seemingly forgotten all about their argument from just a few words ago. Smirking, he prepares for her playful attack. His hands twitch with the anticipation of holding her again.

"Buddy. Too bad you came unprepared. It seems my super abilities have outmatched your 'genius' for the moment without your gadgets." She chuckles mockingly, and silently smirks as she notices she has struck a nerve.

"Very funny, Invisigirl." He grumbles as he stances himself for an attack. "Stop messing around and come out this instant!" He turns his head to where her voice came from, even though he knows she is not there anymore.

His voice is so demanding Violet actually turns slightly visible for an instant out of shock. Her clothes, become completely visible for a few seconds, because it takes more concentration to keep them invisible.

Regaining her composure, she decides to teach him a little lesson. Winding back her fist, Violet sends it forwards and clobbers the back of his head. Buddy stumbles forwards and nearly falls over. Violet cannot help but chuckle as he turns around with sudden malice in his eyes.

His fingers itch as he lunges towards her. She flicks up one hand with her eyes smugly closed, and tries not to burst into a fit of laughter as she hears the expected thud. Peeking one eye open as she becomes visible, Violet sees Buddy lying on the floor, sprawled out on his back and drops her shield.

He looks cute when he is sleeping, but just plain ridiculous when he gets knocked out. Violet walks to his side and nudges him with her foot. He groans lightly, but does not open his eyes. She nudges him again and this time he forces his eyes open. She can tell he is mad, but smiles smugly anyway. Sometimes his ego needs to be put in check.

"That's not funny." He rubs his nose in anger.

"Really? I found it hilarious." Violet smiles as she offers him a hand up. "I thought you liked a challenge anyways? Wasn't that challenging?"

"The real challenge Vi-o-let." He hisses, pronouncing each syllable as he uses a temper-filled force to pin her to the nearby wall. "Is not mangling you when you mention-" His advance catches her off guard and he pins her to the wall.

"That I'm a super." She answers, trying to keep her voice calm even though he is using the side of him that still frightens her to speak. "I know."

"Then why…Do YOU DO IT!?" He yells, stomping his foot on the floor.

Violet nibbles on her lower lip. She notices her hair falling in front of her face and notes she would be nervously tucking it behind her ear if her hands were free. Buddy coughs, and regains her undivided attention. Violet tilts her head down, and tries to not give him the satisfaction of knowing he is frightening her, even if it is just a little.

"Because its funny." She chuckles.

Mistake. His face turns almost as red as his hair. He tightens his hold on her wrists so much he just might leave a noticeable mark, and Violet frails as she tries to pull her wrists free. A snarling jaw alerts Violet that maybe she should have just stayed quiet and let her good looks speak for her. Buddy would have forgotten the comment if she had just given him a charming smile, but no…

The heat emanating from his overloading core alerts Violet again of his temper. He can be so childish at times, but appears genuinely 'pissed' for lack of a better word now. Sporadically, she silently wonders if he could hit her. Instead, her body is swung around and thrown full force into the wall that was previously just behind Buddy.

Violet's back hit's the wall with a loud thud before she collides with the hard tile floor. She is face down, with her raven hair spilled around her head and her body slightly twisted. Buddy stares down the hall with slightly wide eyes. His now empty hands loosely open and close into half a fist as his mind races.

"Jerk." Violet finally mumbles from her position on the floor.

"Vi." His voice is extremely soft as he slowly turns his head towards her. "Vi, are you…"

"I'll live." She grumbles as she weakly picks herself up. "You, I'm not so sure about."

"I didn't mean…" He nearly pleads as she gets to her shaky feet. "I just…" Had he thrown her that hard?

"Yeah, you could have thrown me skidding down the hallway. That I could have understood considering you were about to hit me." Her eyes narrow with furry. "But no, you threw me right into a cement wall!"

He takes a step towards her, but a Violet's light urges him to take a step back. Buddy places a hand on the wall he had just pinned Violet to and lets his mind race and calculate a solution. Everything seems to automatically slow down however, when Violet drops her barrier.

She pinches her nose as she walks up to him. Granted she has to look up, her presence is intimidating enough. He does not have time to blink before her fist collides with his jaw and sends him in a kind of falling spin. His body hit's the floor with harsh force. Complement of gravity.

"Why you backstabbing super." He snarls, taking her feet out from under her.

Violet falls right on top of an awaiting Buddy. His hands grab her wrists again as he tries to get a good hold on her. She knees him in his side in an attempt to get free and he hisses through his teeth as his rage fuels him enough to pin her to the floor.

She lets out a frustrated scream as he forcefully grips both of her delicate hands in his left fist and pins them above her head. His right covers her mouth as he uses his body to pin her down. Violet struggles like a fish gasping for air as he restricts all of her movements. After a moment, she stops and glares at him as she tries to catch her breath though his calloused fingers.

Violet had to get him to let go so she could get up. So she simply bit him.

Buddy yelps as she sinks her teeth into his hand. As he tries to pry it from her teeth, he does not even see the mischievous spark in her eyes. He does not notice the shift in her shoulders as he leans down to try and get his hand out of her mouth. Her forehead very quickly collides with his nose, thanks to his one track mind.

"You're such a jerk." She grumbles, taking the opportunity to pull her hands free. "I don't know why I put up with you."

Violet creates a barrier between the two of them. Buddy is sent flying backwards into the other wall. He hits it and grunts. Sliding onto the floor, he shakes his head to compose his thoughts on the matter. Rubbing his head, Buddy speaks with the utmost confidence, and despite being thrown off of his girlfriend, sounds completely smug and arrogant.

"Well, before you busted my nose." Buddy grumbles as he holds onto his sore nose. "It was most likely my dashing good looks and charm. Charisma." He says the last word with some enthusiasm and a crooked smirk.

"Yeah. You got charisma alright." Violet hisses as she tries to kick him.

He grabs her foot and pulls her down to him. She stretches out her fingers as if to claw him, but his hands are so big compared to hers that they become trapped in his palms. She falls on top of him, kneeing his side. He grunts as he tries to roll her over, to pin her to the floor, but a swift kick from her in the right spot sends every thought in his mind to one very important and delicate area.

"God! Violet!" He hisses as he lets her hands go to hold himself. "Damn!"

"Not so high and mighty now." She spats as she scrambles on the floor next to him to get to her feet. "I'm going home now, Buddy." She stands, but with a wave of his strong arm Violet comes crashing back down to the floor.

He pounces on her this time. Grabbing both of her hands, he forces her to cross them over her chest and places his full weight over her body to keep her from moving even an inch. Her struggling dies down as his dark smirk grows wider and his eyes narrow in on his victory. His previous pain is dulled by his adrenaline.

"Lookie what I've caught…a pretty little super." He mocks with a smirk.

"Shut up and let me go." She threatens, with malice in her eyes. "Fight me fair and I'll teach you to hit me!"

"Hit you?" He laughs. "I'm the one that got the low blow, miss hero." He sneers.

"Oh, I forget how delicate you normal people are."

She had not said that. Or did she? Even in a fit of rage she never resorted to mocking his normality, but by the expression on his face she most certainly has. His eyes are wide open and his mouth slightly agape. She can barely see his pupils. Violet notices his left eye twitching as his mind recovers from what looks like an overload.

Then everything shifted. His face twisted into rage, and then, to something else. And suddenly he had his mouth over hers. Not like any kiss she has ever had in her life, this kiss is deep, dark and rough. Her body is pinched between him and the cold tile floor and her hands are sore from the death grip he has on them to keep her restrained. She silently hopes her head will not pop like some kind of pimple. Yanking his mouth from hers, he breaths raggedly into her ear.

"You supers aren't immortal. I may not be able to break your bones, but I can break your spirit." His voice is so dark, it causes Violet to shiver. "I can make you suffer if I want to." Following these harsh yet truthful words, he slowly drags his tongue up the right side of her face.

One of his hands had slipped free because he did not need both to hold her down if his body was doing most of the work anyways. When she tries to jerk her head away, he grabs the side of her face and holds her still. Violet grits her teeth as he finishes, thinking…this is so gross.

"You pig." she hisses.

"Really?" He whispers into her ear, his cool breath tickling her wet flesh. "Cause I think you like it, Babe."

He leans down to kiss her. His confidence is unnerving as well as his amount of control at the moment. Violet curses the restriction of her hands. His lips are hovering over hers when he hears her speak. A very quiet sentence, yet it rings through his ears like a thunderstorm.

"What did you call me?"

"I didn't…" She starts, but her quivering voice only makes him look at her harder and she gives in. "I called you…Syndrome. I said…" Violet lowers her gaze, though she does not know why she should feel any shame for calling him by his alter ego's name. "Syndrome, don't touch me."

"Don't touch you?" He questions, a silent anger in his stiff tone. "You, who would beg me to touch you in bed, is disgusted by me wanting to kiss you?" He shakes his head with disbelief. "Where is your logic, woman. Please, enlighten me."

"First of all." Violets starts, regaining some of her sarcastic attitude. "There is a difference between Buddy and Syndrome. Secondly, do I look like an ice cream cone? I didn't ask you to lick me, that was gross. Thirdly, we just brawled in the hallway like we were nemesis's and you want to go have sex?"

His face flattens out as he considers her words. Strangely, that scuffle didn't turn him off…in fact it kinda…

"I kinda like it when we fight, Babe." He smugly admits. "You're cute when you're mad."

Violet twitches her eye.

"That's it, I'm done. Let me up." She simply states, and grows agitated as he remains unmoving. "Syn-Bud-you! Let me up." He does not budge and Violet exasperatingly sighs. "You can use all the charm you want, but you could not, in a million years get me into bed after a fight like that." His confused expression is adorable, but agitating. "You have such a one track mind, and it's not just with your inventing…"

He can let that slip, partly because, it's kinda true. How can he think of anything else when she is pinned beneath him? Better to keep quiet about it than bring it up and ruin his chances anyway. However slim they may be.

"Can you let me up, now that I've clarified?" Violet sighs.

"By the time you get there, they'll have nearly finished." He tries.

"Then I'll order to go."

"I'll serve it to you in bed if you stay."

Actually, not bad. But no dice.

"I promised I'd go. And it would be just wrong for us to 'consummate' after fighting like that." She groans as he tries to kiss her again.

Syndrome pulls his face back. And that is when he starts. Calculating. Every angle, every solution, every possible barrier races through his genius mind as he calculates her. How can he get her to stay? Why is she being so stubborn? Will she really leave? Will she come back? His eyes narrow.

Neither Buddy or Syndrome had ever taken rejection very well in the past. Buddy, retaliated by becoming Syndrome and Syndrome killed hundred of supers for the sake of defeating one. He spent his childhood plotting revenge and building an empire just to take down one man.

Buddy Pine threw away his identity to create one he could force others to respect through illusions, money and power. Destroy real heroes just to pretend to be one. At one point in time, he was very blind. It is something that happens whenever he feels he is being excluded or shoved aside in any way.

It is a blindness that is clouding his vision now, with even the woman he loves.

"You're thinking too hard." She bluntly states.

"W-What?" He asks as his train of thought is broken. "What was that?"

"You're thinking like Syndrome, when you should be thinking like Buddy." She urges. "Convince me to stay, instead of trying to think of how to make me stay." Violet pauses for a moment, thinking before adding. "Regardless, I'm still not sleeping with you."

"That's it."

Buddy chuckles, dragging out the words and sending a wave of shivers up Violet's pressed spine. In a single fluid motion he swoops her up into the air and throws her over his shoulder with a smile. Violet bangs on his broad shoulder blades with her fists as she wildly kicks her feet in protest. She tries going invisible, but he only tightens his hold on her.

In the end, buddy is walking down the hallway with a set of floating, flailing clothes on his shoulder.

"Let go! Put me down! I will hate you forever if you don't put me down this instant, Syndrome!"

Yep, whenever he did something she did not like, he was always referred to as Syndrome.

"Calm down, Babe." He snickers. "Just wait."

He carries her down the hall to their special room. It is designed to be both sound proof and super proof, just in case anything happened. Once inside, Syndrome kicks the door closed with his foot and presses the lock-down button. He uses a maniacal chuckles as he tosses Violet onto the bed.

"Now. It's time to play." He chuckles, strumming his fingers like a bad guy from an old Saturday morning cartoon.

"No. Now it's time for you get off your high horse and let me go to lunch." Violet growls. "I already told you, were not sleeping together after a fight like that!"

"Very well." He grumbles with a wave of his hand. "Then go get your super suit on and then you can leave." He reaches his hand up to run it through his red-orange hair. "Go on." He comments when she does not move.

Violet storms into the bathroom. She is too angry and irritated to think of why she would need to be in her suit to leave, so she just starts stripping down. Since she practically ripped her clothes off, Violet made it out of the bathroom in record time. But not fast enough to catch Buddy changing into what he is wearing now.

"Syn?" She asks, her voice barely a whisper.

"Like it, Babe?" He cheers, all smiles and thinking this kind of joke is a game. "Had it made last month. Lovely stitch job, much cooler design. Better without the cape too…" He trails off, thinking about how he had almost got stuck in a jet turbine all those years ago. "…though it was cooler with it. But I digress." He stops as he notices Violet's wide eyed expression as she stands paralyzed in the bathroom doorway. "So Babe. What cha think? Huh?" He asks, excitedly as he makes a turn to model for her.

"Why would you make one of those?" She accuses, crossing her arms.

"Because I wanted another one after my last one was fried." He says as if it were obvious.

"No, Buddy." She lectures. "Why did you make it."

"What can I say?" He shrugs his shoulders, smiling innocently. "I am a villain."

Violets balls her hands into fists and goes invisible. Syndrome can hear her stifle a scream as she thrashes about on the bed. Eh, she is taking this better than he thought she would.

"Why would you do this to me? To-To us, Buddy?" She asks, becoming visible again. "Why would you risk us, just to bring that monster back into existence?"

"Because I love you." He says, surprisingly serious. "This is a part of me too. I want you to love everything about me, not just the sorry sap Buddy Pine who got left in a supers dust."

"So that's what this has been about? This whole time?" She hisses, really ticked off now. "You want me to stay, so you can pretend you're better than my dad."

"What? I never said anything like that sweetheart." His smile falters to a crooked, sheep's grin.

"You don't have to." Violet grumbles sternly. "Because I know, I've seen both sides of you Buddy Pine. The money, the power, the inventions, the suit…it's all compensation! You can't get around the fact you don't have powers Buddy, no matter how much money or influence you have your just a normal person. A brilliant genius, yes…but you're still a civilian, and the sooner you realize that you cannot change your genetics with gadgets, the better off you will be. You also need to understand that when you try to pretend you're a super, you just become a villain. Because you hurt people Buddy. You hurt me. You can never be the hero. Buddy, just let go."

His fists loosen as he stares at her, transfixed.

"If your so righteous." He chokes out. "If you're so super, then why can't you change me then, Violet? Make me good. Take away my inventions and my company. You even have the power to get me thrown in jail, but you don't do it. Do you?" He points his finger sternly at her for emphasis.

"No, I don't. But then again that's a power I have Buddy. Both being good and staying out of jail." Her voice is shaking slightly. "I love you, because you want me to, though why you want me to, I'm not so sure anymore."

She looks like she is going to cry. Buddy walks over to the bed and sits down next to her. He tries to wrap his arm around her shoulder, but she pulls away. Violet wraps her arms around herself and glares at the floor. Next to her, Buddy softly speaks.

"I love you because you love me, even though I have no powers." He says with a rare, shaky voice. "Because you are beautiful and smart and you love me back." He slides his hand over hers, and this time she does not pull away. "You know everything about me and what I do and what I'm capable of…yet you trust and test me anyway."

"Buddy…" He holds his fingers gently to her lips.

"I know we fight, use banter only a villain and a hero fighting would use…but that's what we are and nothing can ever change that. You and me are in the back of our minds, constantly thinking like what we are at heart, and I honestly wouldn't change that. I enjoy it, when we can be ourselves. No one on this entire planet remotely cares for me as you do. And I love you for it."

She throws herself at him, her arms draping over his wide shoulders and her lips crashing over his. He was so deep in thought, he barely noticed they way she was reacting to his words, or even listening for that matter…he was just expressing himself.

"That was the best, most romantic monologue I've ever heard." Violet coos, running her fingers through his hair. " I love you too." She leans up and kisses him again.

"What can I say?" He chuckles into her hair. "You inspire me."

"If only I could inspire you to be good." Violet adds, as she takes out her cell to call her father.

"Maybe one day." He whispers into her ear. "When you inspire me on equal grounds."

Violet pauses, looking over at him, questioningly. He holds it up for her to see, a sparkling diamond embedded in a silver band with violet tinted diamond specks covering the whole ring. Her mouth drops open as he slides off of the bed and gets down on one knee.

"B-Buddy?" Her fingers are at her lips as he takes her hand.

"Vi." He breaths her name. "Marry me?"

She does not answer at first, and it makes him slightly uncomfortable. Her mind is racing because she knows this is why he left his "meeting" early, if he was at a meeting at all. Some part of her wonders if he stole it, but her rationalism scolds that he has too much money to go and seal something this nice. Her smile is at last some kind of sign, and Buddy sighs with relief.

She falls onto him, knocking him to the floor and showering him with relentless kisses.

"Babe!" He laughs. "I thought we weren't going to, consummate, as you put it?"

"That was when I was Violet Parr, not Violet Pine." She giggles as she rubs her nose against his, giving him an Eskimo kiss. "I love you, Buddy. I love almost everything about you."

"Almost?" He questions.

"I still don't think you should sell those nasty inventions of yours to third-world countries." She pouts. "That might be really hard to explain to daddy."

The little girl voice. Pure solid gold.

"Fine, you win Babe." He sighs. "I'll drop all my accounts, the bad ones and start using my inventions for more positive production."

"Mmm. Buddy Pine." She chuckles. "For some reason, you've just inspired me to go change into something a little more comfortable."

He just smiles, that crooked, knowing, anxious, perverted smile as she closes the bathroom door, her violet eyes transfixed on him. Buddy leans back on his bed with his arms folded behind his head like a pillow. Violet is the best thing to happen to his life in the longest time. But even though he honestly loves her, it will be some kind of sweet to see the look on her father's face when she says I do. Buddy chuckles to himself.

"Now that's a wedding present."


Yay, my first fiction submitted for the Incredibles! I's a little dark, a little funny, a little romantic and a little wrong. Just the way I lik em. I know this couple isn't very popular, in fact I was a big Mirage/Syndrome fan until I saw some fanart. Which leads me to dedicate this piece of fiction to Crispy-Gypsy on Deviant Art, who got me into the hype. I never wrote a fic with this pairing before, so I hope it doesn't reek. I really appreciat comments, because they "inspire" me to write and maybe i'll write another oneshot to follow up this one.