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Her eyes flutter open. She raises her delicate hand to shield the light that is now pouring in through the oak blinds. Violet holds her hand up to shield the unwanted sun and notices a silhouette standing near the window, in the shaded corner. He smiles at her, in a possessive manner as he eyes the stunning ring, that is glistening on her delicate, pale and slim finger.

"Close the blinds, Buddy." Violet groggily orders, her face half turned towards the pillow. "I'm not ready to get up yet." Most of her words are muffled as she digs her face into her large, warm, squishy goose-down pillow with its silk pillowcase.

"Babe." He sighs exasperatedly as he places his hands on his hips. "I'd love to let you stay in bed…" He thinks for a moment, before adding. "Hon."

"But…" She sarcastically states from within her pillow, dragging out the word.

"We have things to do. Things I really don't want to have to do to begins with, and defiantly not by myself." He waves his hands for emphasis. "So you need to get up and come with me." Being the visual gesturer that he is, Buddy picks up an imaginary object and then points behind his head with his thumb.

"I'm not a morning person." She grumbles, poking one eye at him. "What time is it?"

"I dunno, hard to say when the sun wasn't even up yet when I awoke…" He contemplates, scratching his chin. "I was in the office all morning…nine maybe?" He guesses, imitating a balance with his hands.

"Nine." Violet grumbles.

"Yah, nine." He says again.

"Nine." Violet grumbles again.

"Yah, Babe. Nine." Buddy sounds a little irritated now.

"No, Babe." She imitates, with a roll of her eyes. "Nine as in German, as in no."

Buddy scratches his head, brain a little boggled at her sense of humor. Or lack thereof. More specifically, her overuse of sarcasm at the moment. He marches up to the bed and presses his hands down hard on the edge with enough force to shake the mattress. Violet lifts herself up and turns around to face him.

Her dark hair falls messily over her pale face and her eyes look even more sunken in than usual from their late night. He has to admit, she looks her best when she wakes up, all natural and herself. Even if she is sarcastic and grouchy, it is worth it to look at her.

"Look, I'll repeat the situation. I have to go do things that I don't really want to do to begin with, especially if I have to do them by myself." He states as he crawls onto the bed. "So you have to come with me. Whether you like it or not, Violet."

"Make me." She taunts, sticking her tongue out at him.

He reaches for her. And on cue, a luminous violet light fills the room. She makes it just close enough to bump into his hand. His eyes go wide as the current sends him scrambling off of the edge of the bed. She chuckles to herself as her fingers loosen, and the barrier is dropped.

"Ha. Let that, teach youuuuu!" She squeals, as he leaps from the floor and pounces on her.

Violet instantly gives him a kick in the ribs, but even though he hisses, Buddy does not strike her back. Instead, he grabs her hands, which are already trying to create force fields and crosses them over her chest so he can pin her down. Instead of being angry, Violet starts chuckling darkly as she is nearly made motionless.

"What have I told you about using your super powers on me?" He scolds darkly as he pins her to the mattress. "Ow! And will you stop biting me!?"

"That's not what you said last night." She makes the comment with the utmost sarcasm, barely able to stifle her giggle as the shade of his face falls somewhere between a blush and a fluster.

His brows pinch together as he watches her trying to contain her laughter. Buddy never found it particularly funny to be laughed at. This, is no exception. Naturally, Violet will say later on, that he needs to learn how to take a joke. Buddy, will say she needs to stop biting him when he will not find it in any way pleasurable.

Violet stops laughing as he slightly shakes her. Not hard, but enough to get her attention. Sometimes he forgets that besides turning invisible and having force fields, Violet is a normal girl and can be hurt just like any other girl can. She bleeds and she bruises.

"Buddy, you're being Syndrome again!" She scolds. "Don't be so rough."

"That's not what you said last night." He whispers into her ear, with that deep and dark, mysterious voice he can muster so well as needed to send shivers up and own her spine.

Violet blushes, and accidentally turns invisible as Buddy leans down to kiss her. He jumps back as a floating spaghetti strap strips down an invisible shoulder. He gives her "the signal", by coughing ever so slightly and releasing her. He places both hands on either side of her slim form.

Violet gently adjusts her strap with her invisible hand as she nods her invisible head. Buddy give her a satisfactory smile as she reappears. She gives him an apologetic look before leaning up and giving him a peck on his nose. His freckles fade as a blush takes over his face.

"You win." She simply states. "Let me up, and I'll go get ready."

"That's more like it Babe." He nods in arrogance, with a satisfied smirk spread across his lips. "Ow." He rubs his arm. "Gee, you sure your parents didn't name you violent?"


What Violet had not known, was that the errands Buddy and her had to run…were for their wedding. A full smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth as he watches her run into the changing room with another dress. He had several designed and brought to his company hideout. So far, Violet has not said a word about everything being brought in, though she probably knows how utterly impossible it would be for them to go out and shop for their wedding.

She seems to be enjoying herself though. Squealing as most girls do when expressing joy and giving an unconscious ear to ear smile as she practically sprints to each new dress. Her thin fingers go over the soft silky fabrics and he relates with a precarious raising of his brow. Curtains fly as Violet comes running out of the changing room with her flushed face. Buddy solidifies his vision to view reality.

No straps. That is the first detail that catches his eye…how her pale shoulders and a low neckline are exposed. Oh, how that white dress and her dark hair all contrast so well. Secondly, the lavender ribbons, the low neckline, no straps he notes again, her hips, the white, no straps…he wonders if he noticed that this dress has no straps.

"Easy to take off…" He mumbles, perversely to himself. "Babe! That dress is all you!" He advances on her like a hungry cat. "Tantalizing…you're givin' me chills." His fingers visually itch to wrap themselves around her…

"Stop that!" She squeals, covering her chest timidly. "Pervert!" Violet goes invisible before stomping back into the dressing room.

"Vi?" His face drops and his shoulders slump as the curtain comes to a full stop and a floating wedding gown is left in the doorway before quickly disappearing. "Hon? Babe…s-sweetheart come outta there." He childishly pouts.

"Not by the hairs on my chinny, chin-chin." She retorts.

"Ha. Funny Vi." He scoffs as he grips the fabric. "Now come out or I'll start the huffn' and puffn'."

An invisible foot comes flying at him from inside the dressing room. Buddy is sent directly to the hard ground…after falling down a few stairs. His eyes spin around in his head as he tries to figure out what happened. The first thing he sees is Violet's face directly above his own. Despite what he should have done, or what she should have finished, she leans down to him.

"What was that for?" He asks, rubbing the red spot on his nose where her lips had been.

"To make your little boo-boo better." Violet simply tells him as she lifts her hair up. "I think this would look nice with my hair completely up."

"Yeah…" He narrows his vision as his voice drops to the shiver inducing tone. "Read my mind, Babe."

"My mom could do it."

That was when he must have flown off of the floor, because the very second the words left her lips there he was with his large overpowering hand on her slim pale shoulder. Spinning her around, he gets that angry glare in his eyes that suggests he is going to threaten her…but in the end, he could never really hurt her and mean it so most of these moments are all show. Despite this, they cans till spook Violet from time to time.

"What are you doing?" Her monotone voice asks as she lifts an eyebrow.

"You know what that would mean." His brow pinches together as his mind races, going over all the reasons of why that one suggestion could lead to something completely and utterly bad for his health…her dad finding out about them.

"What? Mom and Dad…Jack-Jack and Dash, finding out about all this?" She turns away from him sharply, they slowly raises her head so their eyes can meet. "I don't want to hide how much I love you, especially not from them."

"If anyone knew I'm alive Vi, they'd…" He pauses for a moment before choking the answer out. "…take you away from me."

His voice is so soft, and for once his words have emotional attachment. Violet's eyes begin to water. Mostly, because she knows, realistically, it is true. They would bind him, gag him, charge him at the drop of a hat and cage him like a wild animal in a dark cell for the rest of his life. That is, if he evaded her father's iron grip.

No exaggeration.

What was once a hash grip on her shoulders, fades to a ghost of a touch as his hands slip off of her and fall to his side. His head is bowed and she knows there must be something on it showing weakness. He knows, it is there on his face and she will be able to see it if he looks at her. Violet tilts her head and gently cups the side of his face. She does not have to see his face to know that he is afraid.


They had spoken of eloping. Violet had for a long time considered it, but nowadays she has matured beyond running away from her problems. Besides, everytime she really sat down and thought about it, she would realize how much she would be hurting her parents if she just up and left. No plausible excuse would explain her never being able to come home and she decided she did not want to make one up. Her family means too much to her…and it is rather sad Buddy does not know or understand that feeling.

She runs her fingers through his silky, over brushed carrot-top hair. Her mind wanders from her family to him, Buddy Pine aka Syndrome. What did his mother think of all this? Do his parents even know he is a genius, a wanted genius? He has never mentioned them, and probably never will…best leave that alone because it sounds like a fight. For a moment, Buddy shakes his head and smacks his lips.

"Shhh." Violet coos as she continues to stroke her sleeping fiancés head. "Maybe all you needed was a nap…like the big baby you are." She softly giggles as she gently slips her lap out from under his head.

She gives him a lingering look as she makes her way towards her purse. Digging through the accessory for a moment, she quickly resorts to quietly dumping the contents onto the rug and rummaging through them to find her cell. Walking into the bathroom, Violet bites her lower lip as she contemplates whether she should take such drastic action. Syndrome is sure to rear his ugly head when Buddy finds out. In the end, her mother's cell is contacted and Violet sighs heavily as she hears her mother's voice on the other line.

"Oh, yes mother…I'm fine." Her voice is unusually soft and though it is meant to not disturb Buddy, her mother takes it as a signal that something is not right.

"No mother…I'm fine, really."

"Actually…I'm, to tell you the truth…I'm not at Carrie's."

"Well, you know him."

"Yes. I'm with a boy."

"Yes, I'm with that boy."

"Mother…I can't talk too much right now. But, can you meet me somewhere, anywhere?"



"Mom. I'm fine."

"I don't want him to wake up. Look, please don't tell dad."

"Because, mom…you know why."

"I know. I hate lying to dad too."

"Mom. I'm in just as much emotional pain as you are over this, but I cannot help who I fall in love with."

"Yes…he's my boyfriend. Maybe more-I told you that one a long time ago."

" Please just meet me. I'm confused, I need to talk to you."

She uses both hands to tightly grip her delicate cell.

"He's never hurt me."

"Even if you throw a fit, I'm still going back to him…you don't know where he is and he can be gone in a flash."

"Yes I would."

"Mom. He loves me. I want to be with him, but know I don't want to lose you guys either."

"Mom. I don't think he'd make me choose."

"He's not like that."

The cell phone is turned off . With no sound uttered, she leaves with the stealth of a child sneaking another cookie off of the tray, but it hardly matters. He had heard the entire conversation, and despite how softly she spoke, her voice rang through his ears like cathedral bells. His mind races to put the pieces of her conversation together.

"Only if I have to be…" In the end, he lost to sleep and left reality for the dream world he knows so well.

Outside the door, Violet gently slips her shoes onto her feet and heads down the long, narrow hallway. She walks very carefully, as if any small noise would wake the sleeping man down the hall in the specially designed sound proof room.


The moment she received the call, Violet felt a chill run through her. As he spoke, his voice was like ice, yet unnaturally smooth and successfully persuasive. Even though Violet's intuition told her better, she went back to him anyway knowing what state of mind he would most likely be in. Violet entered his secret compound and ventured to their secret room. She opened the door…and everything was black.

"B-Buddy?" She can feel his dominating presence, and shifts back, out of the door way and more into the hall. "If you're not going to answer me…"

"Vi." His voice is so smooth…villain smooth. "You were gone for so long…I thought you'd be glad to hear from me, Babe." He turns the light on and chuckles as Violet slightly jumps. "I mean, I was just being courteous. All worried sick about the whereabouts of my fiancé…You on the other hand-"

Violet turns to run, but Buddy throws his arm up fast enough to catch her with his zero point energy. His smile cracks into a menacing grin as he slowly reels her in past the threshold. Suddenly, a violet light pops to life and the energy concentration is broken. Violet's fumbling form hit's a closed door as Buddy slams down on his button first. She bangs her fists on the unbreakable door a few times in frustration.

"What is your problem?" She screams at the top of her lungs. "Why are you doing this?" Her voice sounds hoarse as she bangs on the door one more time.

"Yes. My problem." He calmly states. "Just like you supers…to try and pin mishaps on those you presume wicked. Why don't we go with what's your problem first sweetheart? Tell me…why'd you try to run away? How come you've been avoiding me after speaking with your mother?"

"You were listening?" Violet's voice cracks as her hand, still on the door slightly trembles. "You heard…"

"What did you tell her?" Stern, frostbitten words.

"I-I…" Violet covers her mouth as she tightly closes her eyes. "Syn-"

"More importantly, what did she tell you?" He yells, a rare and frightening action under the circumstances.

"Nothing." Violet snaps…too quickly.

"You told your mother." His voice is like ice. "You didn't listen to me."

"I had to…I couldn't-keeping it locked away, it was painful…she promised she wouldn't tell until I was ready." Violet quietly assures both Buddy and herself.

Her pale hand is bare. He notices that now. Her naked finger is all he can see as red floods his vision. Violet turns her head as if to look at him, but notices what he is looking at, and retracts her hand to under her chin.

"Did she keep her promise?" He asks as if he were speaking to a child, gently stalking up to her. "Did Momma Bear tell Papa Bear a little fox was mess'n with one of their cubs?"

Suddenly, he is looming over her. A dark shadow blankets Violet as she finds herself pushing against the door and looking for a way out. Closing her eyes, she whimpers as he presses his broad chest against her thin, frail back. He huskily chuckles into her ear as he feels her tremble. Gently, but with menacing purpose, he slides his hands over her wrists.

"Don't be afraid, Babe. I'd never hurt you…not unless you wanted me to."

"She didn't tell dad!" Violet squeaks out as he slightly twists her wrist.

"Let me see your hand." He whispers icily.

"My hand?" Violet whimpers.

"Where. Is. Your. Ring?" His voice echoes with rage and fury.

"Just calm down, Syn and-" Violet's eyes water up as she tries to explain herself.

"That's right." He grumbles. "I'm syndrome…the bad guy. Always the bad guy." His voice taunts. "You think of me as one…maybe I should act like one."

Before Violet can retort, he spins her around and slams her back against the door as hard as he can. The shock knocks the air out of her frail frame as her eyes bulge. Syndrome attacks her, his lips pressing as fiercely as they can against hers. That alpha-taste intoxicates him and he quickly looses control of his already irrational actions.

His right hand moves from her wrist, his fingertips lightly running over her arm and settling on her collarbone. Like a snake slowly encasing its meal, he wraps his overbearing palm around her thin neck and laces his fingers like a cobra's threatening grip against the pale flesh.

He hears her hiss in mild discomfort. Piercing blue eyes pull back and stare deeply into violet ones, and he sees nothing. So he kisses her again. Despite the rough treatment, he can feel her slight responding actions this time, though it could be his twisted mind playing tricks on him. Oh, but not this time…Violet is giving in.

She stops fighting…kisses back slightly…then out of nowhere, gets him with her knee.


"Damn…it…Vi." He wheezes, falling to the floor.

"That's for thinking with your lesser half." She grumbles, lightly kicking him over on his back. "If you really thought that, that was going to turn me on…you're an even bigger narcissistic jerk than I thought you were Buddy." She places her foot on his chest as a warning to stay flat on his back. "You should think things like this through with that brilliant mind of yours, instead of letting your twisted testosterone-induced fantasies run your actions and piss me off."

"It got you in bed the first time, didn't it." He hoarsely retorts.

"I wasn't wise to your games then." Violet chuckles. "You can't manipulate me. I came back because I love you. I want to be with you till the day I die. Don't spoil the moment by being a jerk."

"You'll have to go home at some point. What if next time you don't come back?" He whispers menacingly. "If you leave me too, I'll have nothing left-Violet I'll…"

"Being an evil jerk won't make you feel better." She lectures, looking down at him with authority. "You just need to be yourself…and do what's right."

"Maybe…wh-what's right is for me…" He stops for a long pause, constantly blinking as the brims of his eyes grow wet with his frustration. "…to just give up. And end it all. Permanently."

"Don't say things like that!" Violet yells, covering her ears and closing her eyes as she tastes that desperate air. "Don't you even think of doing THAT!"

"This world would be a better place."

"If you thought hard enough…you could make it a better place. If you just put your mind to it, you could be the hero you always wanted to be." She offers, her eyes large and glossy. "You could be a great man…killing yourself would only prove-"

"They would never believe me. They would take you away from me. They would…will never embrace me as a hero. I will always be a villain to them." He closes his eyes.

"You can be my hero."

"Babe…" His blue eyes fill with emotion before suddenly emptying into empty pools.

A blue light moves through Violet too quickly for her brain to even process the pain. Her eyes roll back and she collapses onto Syndrome. Strong arms wrap around her frail and now limp body with a fierce need to know she is here. His breathing grows shallow as his mind starts calculating. Processing. Estimating. Concluding.

"If I don't take matters into my own hands…I'll see my way right into a cell. Whether you mean to or not my dear, that is where you are leading me. That, is where Mrs. Incredible is planning at this moment to send me once you foolishly confide in her where I am."

Pausing for a moment, Syndrome lightly strokes her pale face with his thumb as he admires her morbid beauty. Violet lays still, but her light breathing assures him that she is a live. Merely asleep…or unconscious to be specific.

"If you haven't already given me away, my cherub angel." His voice is soft and loving.

His eyes dart up to something nonexistent, a mere plot of empty space where a vision of the two of them being pulled apart is pieced together by his deranged mind…and he feels cold and lonely just like he had all those years ago. That cold bitter emotion rises to the surface as his arms begin to tremble followed by his entire body.

Hatred. Being hated.

Uselessness. Being Useless.

Helpless. Being Helpless.

"I won't be the one suffering. Rotting or left with nothing. I will have my revenge…and Violet!"

"She loves me…but what if she sides with her family? That's what supers do, they sacrifice. Would she lock me away-of course she wouldn't, Violet loves me…"

"She said so herself…We will be happy, and have a family whether her folks like it or not. Whether she likes it or not…were going to spend the rest of our lives together…"

He stops, left eye twitching with his epiphany.

"Violet wants her family to be there though. She would want them to accept me so they could know their grandchildren…" He sounds hopeful.

"Then it only makes sense mom and dad should be at our wedding, whether they like it or not. But not uninformed of course. I should invite them to dinner first…"

His mind is completely lost as he chuckles menacingly.

"Throw 'em a little curveball."


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