Tell Mary...

I sat on my bed like any other time when Edward wasn't here. I got up from the bed and grabbed my coat. I carefully went down stairs and the phone off the hook. I punched the number in phone. It started to ring and then someone picked it up.

"Hello?" said a groggy voice.

"Hey Dia." I said.

"Oh Bella!" Dia's voice perked up. "Whats up? Are we going to have a practice today?" She asked. I could tell that she really been wanting to practice.

"Yeah, finally. Call the rest of the boys and meet me at the studio. Kay?"

"Yup. I got it. I'll see you done there." I hung up the phone after a quick goodbye. I buttoned up my coat and walked to the door. I stepped out into sunshine. Even though it was sunny; it was still quite cold.

I turned my keys around in my hand. I opened the old creaky car door and hopped in. I started up my car and jumped. I chuckled that I got scared of my own car. I backed out of the driveway and started down the road. My cell phone rang in my pocket. I picked it up and looked at the name.

"Hey," I said.

"Hello, Love. I miss you. Were are you?" Edward asked. I chuckled to myself.

"I'm out. I have to restock on stuff." I lied. I hated lieing to him but I I've been lieing to him for a while. "I'll be back in awhile. I miss you to Edward. Love you."

"Love you too, Bella." Then he hung up. I put my cell phone next to me.


I pulled up to the studio and parked the truck. I opened the door and locked the truck. I jumped out and was greeted by a over excited Dia.

"Hey." I laughed. She pulled me into the studio not even waiting.

"Hey Mr. Vorrest." I called as she pushed me in to the backroom.

"Hey Ms. Sing-a-lot." He called back. I laughed at his new nick name for me. Nich and Kenji were already setting up. Dia ran over to her guitar and picked it up.

"Hey Bell." Kenji and Nick said at the same time. Ryan walked in and gave me a simple wave. I walked over to the microphone and took it off its stand. Ryan walked over to the electric piano and sat down.

"Okay people. Lets start with Tell Mary."

"Oh, play along.

She wills it. Oh Sunday came.

Promised you'd tell her.

She sat up in bed. Answered your call dear.

Smeared purple and red.

You're gonna leave her tonight. She sat up with her eyes wide.

You fell in love with a girl you knew.

You've come to say goodbye.

You're gonna leave her tonight. Under a cheap July sky.

Tell Her. Tell Mary.

After the first touch. Her skirt boring.

Her voice deep and charming at first.

You could make her come back once in a while.

If you painted a fresco.

There she be with her powder half falling off.

So perfect from far.


Meet me at the pictures Mary.

Adam said that he was leaving.

Meet me at the pictures Mary.

Adam said that he was leaving.

Meet me. Meet me.

You're gonna leave her tonight.

You're gonna leave her tonight.

She sat up with her eyes wide.

You fell in love with a girl you knew.

With a girl you knew.


Tell her. Tell Mary.

Tell he. Tell Mary."

I finished the song. With some tears in my eyes. This song was written when Edward was gone. Thats when our band was formed. They helped me through the pain. They showed me how to express my feelings.

"Bella." I spun around to my Adonis.

'Edward." His face was calm. But, his eyes were full of sorrow. I didn't realize that it was raining. Edwards hair was dripping. Dia looked over at him.

"Bella, who is he?" She asked. She put down her guitar and walked to my side.

"Edward is my fiance. Why are you here, Edward?" I asked.

"Wow, Bella. You got some voice right there." said a booming voice. Emmett walked through the doorway. Alice followed close behind.

"Bella, why did you lie to me and say that you were shopping?" I looked down guilty.

"Yeah, why didn't you tell me that you were getting married?" Dia whispered. I mouthed a sorry. She shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, I didn't want you guys to know my secret life." I replied.

"Singing is her secret talent. I've never heard anyone sing like her." Dia proclaimed. She smiled proudly until I punched her on the arm.

"Ouch." She rubbed her arm.

"Ummm, lets go home and we'll talk." I waved goodbye to the band and gestured for the Cullen to follow me. Great, now I have to tell them everything.

A/n well thats the first chapter. Tell Mary is by Meg & Dia. Listen to the song it sounds great. I don't own The twilight series Stephenie Meyer does. Thanks 4 reading

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