Please read this, I know you hate these things... so do I. Lately, I've been seeing that people are review/adding the stories Beautiful & Lethal and Secret Talent, which I find interesting. I honestly thought they weren't my best work. In fact, I thought that they were my least favorite stories! But, I guess you guys thought other wise.

The reason I thought they were not good was, that I found many spelling mistakes and grammar errors. I think that when you find stuff like that, it makes the story less favorable (well, at least in my case). I kinda got mad at myself and stop writing for awhile.

Then, the review and favorites came. I was surprise, to say the least. I truly didn't think that anyone would think that those stories were interesting or good. I also have got the impression that people like the OOC Bella (guns, tattoos, bad ass), and the 'talented' Bella. I thought that no one would like Secret Talentbecause; you see so many like them. A lot of stories are about Bella singing and hiding it from Edward (and family).

If my assumptions are true please please please tell me. I will try to get a chapter up for every story (but one-shots). I'm trying my best.

Love your somewhat confused author,

N.S.T. (A.K.A. Roses and Tears)