Mindy's Blackmail Scheme

Chapter 1: Hatching the Plan

Mindy was quite angry that she was no longer school class President knowing that Mandy had taken the title from her in some sort of bizarre-like fashion.

"I can't believe that loser Mandy took my position!" cried Mindy as she began to pace around her room, "There must be a way that I can get back at her, but how."

Suddenly, an golden apple out of nowhere appeared on a counter near her bed.

"Say, what the heck is this doing here?" asked Mindy as she picked it up.

Then in an flash, Eris appeared before Mindy's very eyes.

"Who the heck are you?" asked Mindy, "Are you a friend of the loser Mandy and her big nosed playmate, Billy?"

"Now that you have mentioned it" replied Eris, "I do know Billy and Mandy, along with also the Grim Reaper."

"How much have you heard of my grip against Mandy?" asked Mindy.

"Enough to have certain evidence that would humiliate her" replied Eris as she handed over a tape, "this evidence would certainly make you laugh and could likely be used against Mandy come next school presidential election."

"So just what the heck is on the tape anyway?" asked Mindy.

"Just let me show it to you" replied Eris as she used her powers to then morph the tape into a DVD and popped it right into Mindy's expensive television.

Mindy couldn't believe what she was seeing. That Mandy had the body of a fly eating over several tons of garbage in the effort to find the supernatural zipper.

"I just don't know how the heck you got this footage" said Mindy with such shock.

"Let's just say that chaos has its ways of working around" replied Eris.

"So how do we work this to our advantage?" asked Mindy.

"Well, I say we use this as blackmail" replied Eris as she gave an evil grin to Mindy.

"Boy, is Mandy going to certainly be surprised with this" laughed Mindy to which Eris joined her in the evil laughter.

The scene then switches back to school, where Mandy walks right into the scene being feared by members of the student body, as if she were being treated as if she were a mafia boss.

"Oh please Mandy" said Sperg as he came to her side and gave her his lunch money, "please take these twenty dollars that was really suppose to be my lunch money."

"Fine" said Mandy as she swiped the money from Sperg's hand and walked off.

"Please Mandy!" cried Irwin as he then stepped right in front of her, "I'll be your every loyal body guard to guard your safety and obey your obedient commands."

"Sorry, that position has already been taken by Billy" said Mandy as Billy dressed up in his old CIA outfit came into the scene.

"Move aside Irwin, President Mandy is coming through" said Billy.

"Come on yo, you know me" said Irwin.

"Step aside, or I'll have to use deadly force" said Billy to which Mandy then signaled Billy to go and hog-tie poor Irwin up as he screamed in pain.

"How did you do this?!" cried Irwin.

"Let's just say Grim had a helping hand in activating Billy's CIA chip inside him" replied Mandy as she walked off.

As Mandy slowly began to head toward her class, she had just passed Mindy and her popular "crew".

"Hey Mandy, ate any good cans lately?" asked Mindy sarcastically to which stopped Mandy in her tracks.

"What did you say?" asked Mandy as she turned around to Mindy.

"I said, did you eat any good pile of filth?" laughed Mindy.

"Listen Mindy, don't push it, I don't know how you got that secret" said Mandy, "if you tell anyone about that, I'll make sure to seek Grim after you."

"Oh, I got some magic of my own on my side" said Mindy, "say a golden apple of chaos?"

"Eris" said Mandy as Mindy and her popular "crew" left the scene, "I should have guessed she would snoop on my activities."

Mandy thought nothing of what Mindy said throughout the rest of the school day, that is, until Mindy was prepared to show her first commercial election ad.

"Class, here's a short election campaign ad from Mindy who is going to seek to unseat Mandy" said Ms. Butterbean as she turned the television.

"I am Mindy, and I approve of this message" said Mindy as the scene on the television switched to her on an empty scenery with black background.

The scene on the ad then focuses to a garbage dump, and also what looks like to be Mandy's head on a fly's body. To which the "fly" began to eat quite a load of garbage as shown on the video ad.

"My fellow students, is this what your class President only known as Mandy has become?" asked Mindy's voice on the ad, "I ask you, that this abomination of a class President shall never even hold the office of someone who picks up what a dog leaves on the grass. Elect me, Mindy again as your class President and I shall retain dignity in the office."

"Ha, Mandy ate garbage!" laughed Sperg, "You also owe me the twenty dollars I gave you earlier in the day."

"Fat chance" said Mandy as she pushed Sperg out of the way to which Mandy was quite steamed after the ad by Mindy.

After leaving school, she had finally arrived back at her place, where Grim was watching television on the sofa.

"So, how was your day Mandy?" asked Grim.

"Just look at this" replied Mandy as she grabbed the remote control and switched to the channel that had Mindy's political campaign ad on, "you have some explaining to do Reaper."

"I swear, I never gave anything away" replied Grim, "I think someone else must be doing this to get me framed."

"Like who exactly?" asked Mandy.

"Well, whoever it is, we really need to investigate on how Mindy got that video when you happen to be a fly" replied Grim.

"Come on bonehead, let's get cracking at this" said Mandy.