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It wasn't in my nature to stick out, and becoming best friends with some of the most popular kids in school had never been my intention. Meeting James, Sirius, and Peter just happened... and I cant tell you how glad I am for it.

" Remus... Remus did you pack those healing potions I made you in a safe place? I don't want them breaking on the train ride. " My mothers voice was soft and controlled as always, with just the hint of disdain she always had when she spoke to me.

" Yes Mum. " I said quietly, my tone respectful. " They're rolled up in my shirts, and they have cushioning charms on them. "

" Good. " She replied.

We stood silently, staring at each other as the families surrounding us kissed and hugged their children goodbye.

Today was the day I was to go to Hogwarts, and I couldn't wait.

My being a werewolf had made it incredibly clear to my parents, who in turn made it clear to me, that I would never get the chance of a magical education, never get any semblance of a good paying job, and never make friends that wouldn't find out what I was and run the other direction.

It had been hard to accept at first, but I had eventually understood.

Then Dumbledor had been made Headmaster, and suddenly I had a chance. My mother and father had been skeptical at first, but they too had begun to believe that I might possibly be able to go to school.

So now I stood, trunk packed and ready to go. I was itching to get away from my mothers watchful eyes, but still I stayed, staring at the women who had brought me into this world.

She was beautiful, her long golden hair pulled back in a messy bun that still managed to look perfect. Though her robes were obviously older, they were well taken care of, and made her look more distinguished than anything. Her brown eyes were cold though, as they gazed at me. We looked nothing alike, though I had been told that when I was younger I had had her exact color of brown eyes.

" Well, goodbye Mum. " I ducked my head and slowly moved away as she had shown no inclination of hugging me as the parents around us did to their own children.

" Remus-- "

I stopped and spun around quickly, hope flaring in my chest painfully.

" Yeah Mum? " My voice sounded kind of breathless, even to myself.

Her eyes seemed soft for a moment, and I felt my heart clinch painfully. Would she tell me she'd miss me? Would she ask me to write? What would she say?

" Remus, you--- mind your teachers. " Her voice hardened suddenly, and I felt my heart slow and my stomach drop.

Of course she'd never say something like that.

" Yes Mum. " I said, quiet as a mouse.

Then I turned my back on her, and made my way onto the scarlet and gold Hogwarts Express, and braced myself for the onslaught of kids my age.

My story began.

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