Rolling out of bed was much harder than it should have been.

Letting out a small groan, Remus's hand came down slightly harder than it should have on his alarm clock. Luckily it didn't break, but it make a rather unhealthy noise as it was silenced with a thunk.

Groaning once more, Remus ran a scarred hand across his face, trying to rub his tiredness away without effect. Though he had been tired enough to fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, he had woken up frequently during the night, the strangeness of sleeping in a new place playing havoc with his dreams.

Glancing around through blurry eyes, Remus noticed with some satisfaction that none of the other boys had yet risen. He had set his alarm clock to go off exactly ten minutes before it was necessary for the rest of the boys to be up. That should give him plenty of time to get cleaned up and dressed. He was glad he had taken his shower last night, it made everything much much easier.

Slipping gracefully from his bed, he made his way over to his trunk swiftly. Pulling his robes out from their depths, Remus walked toward the bathroom with a growing sense of excitement. Soon he'd be going to classes!

Closing his hand around the handle of the door to the bathroom, he smiled as he noticed it was shaped as if it were a lions head. Pushing lightly, the door swung open to reveal a simple room that held two showers on opposite sides of the room with a toilet and two sinks. Since none of the boys had had time to trash it yet, the place was perfectly clean.

Shedding his pajama's, Remus began to pull his clothes on when he caught sight of himself in the mirror.

His back looked like someone had taken a knife to it. Scars, old and faded, to fresh and pink lined his back and every other inch of exposed skin. A laugh much to bitter for an eleven year old boy tore its way from Remus' throat when the thought crossed his mind that he looked more like a tiger with all his stripes than a wolf.

He turned to face the mirror more fully, assessing his body critically. It had been ages since he last really looked in a mirror for any reason other than to brush his hair. The scars on his body were worse on his torso. A bite, dark as it had been when it had first been given to him stretched across his right side, you could actually see were the teeth of the wolf had sunken in. Apart from that, the worst marks were mostly just long gashes that hadn't healed properly. Light bruising traced around parts of my ribs, one or two of them an ugly purple color.

Yes, Remus knew it had been a good idea not to change in front of the other boys.

But he also knew that some parts of his body couldn't really be covered. Moving closer to the mirror, Remus examined his face.

He had really been lucky now that he thought about it, only a few faint scars remained from his wolfy days. He might end up being questioned by some of the boys, but he didn't doubt he could think of a good enough lie for them.

Sometimes he thought it was bad that he was so good at lying.

The strangest thing he'd have to explain away was his eyes. At the moment, they would have been a rather nondescript brown... if it hadn't been for the ring of gold around the iris.

When he had first been bitten, years and years ago, the brown was completely gone, only to be replaced with a bright gold color that would have given him away as a werewolf to all magical folk if it hadn't been for the fact that he had stayed away from most people as a child.

Slowly, as he grew older the gold in his eyes faded, though it did come back almost completely in the week preceding the full moon.

Blinking, Remus pulled his school shirt over his back and got ready for the first day of his new life.

Remus Lupin had a bit of a conundrum. It was 15 minutes before breakfast ended, and not one of the boys in his dorm was awake.

Sirius hadn't bothered to shut his curtains last nights, and was sprawled sideways across the bed with his mouth open and his hair all over his face. James had closed the curtains, but one hand could be seen falling over the side, and every once it a while a finger would twitch as if trying to grab something from a dream. Remus glanced at the other boys bed, but was met with nothing but the soft snores of its occupant.

He wasn't exactly sure what he should do.

He could wake them up to make sure they made it on time, but they might be angry about him getting them up. Then again, he could let them sleep in and they might be upset with him for not getting them up for breakfast.

Running a weary hand through his hair, Remus thought about how much easier it was to make decisions for only oneself.

Throwing caution to the winds, he made his way hesitantly over to Sirius' bed.

Leaning over the dark haired boy, Remus cautiously shook him.

Sirius mumbled softly in his sleep, " Reg... Reg leff m' lone... beat you over the... Kreature's toenails... "

Remus stooped lower. " Um... Sirius? You've got about 5 minutes until breakfast starts and we have to go, or you'll be late for classes. "

Sirius' eyes snapped open with horror as he scrambled out of bed, hollering loudly for James to " Get the ruddy hell out of bed! "

The plump blond boy emerged from his own bed covers bewildered as he watched the drama that was Sirius as he tried to pull his robes on over his pajama bottoms. James, who had thrown his curtains back hastily was quickly pulling his night shirt over his head as he grappled in his trunk for a pair of pants.

It took about three minutes for the boys to finish dressing, and Remus was feeling vaguely impressed as they pelted out of Gryffindor Tower and into the direction ( they hoped ) was were the Great Hall would be.

In a few hopeless minutes, they were completely lost.

" Great... just fantastic. " Snarled Sirius. " We haven't been here a full day and we are already going to get a detention! "

James grinned lightly at his friend. " Gotta be some kind of record eh? "

The blond boy, who was out of breath and panting in the corner looked horrified at the idea of getting into trouble so early in the year, and Remus was in the same mind frame.

" We have to keep moving. " Said Remus, voice soft as the boys all turned around to stare at him. He felt himself flush red, but James just nodded his head.

" What way do you think we should go? " Asked James.

" Um... " Remus was quiet for a second, and tried to think. He could barley hear soft voices coming somewhere from his right, so he figured it would be a good place to try. " How about we go this way? "

James and Sirius shrugged their acceptance, and the blond boy trailed meekly behind them as they made their way quickly along. Remus smiled slightly at the nervous boy.

" Hi. " He said lightly as he fell into step behind the two black haired boys.

" Hello. " The boys voice was almost as quiet as his own.

" I'm... I'm Remus. "

" Peter Pettigrew. "

They traveled in silence after the two boys until they came to the open doors of the Great Hall. Kids were just beginning to finish their breakfasts when the wayward group of Gryffindors jogged lightly into the room.

" Glad to see you could make it boys. " Said Professor McGonagall, as she raised a severe eyebrow in their direction.

Remus flushed brightly along with Peter, but Sirius and James just grinned brightly. Eyebrow still raised, the Professor handed each student a slip of paper that Remus found had their classes and the times of each on it.

" You have transfiguration first boys, don't be late. Oh, and Mr. Lupin, the Headmaster would like a word with you after dinner. "

With that, Professor McGonagall turned on her heal and made her way back up to the heads table to whisper something to Professor Sprout, leaving the four boys to grab some toast and run haphazardly to her room... getting lost again sometime in the process.

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