When I opened my eyes, I found myself back at Hogwarts. Not the Hogwarts I had gotten used to over the last four months, the one in my original time.

I had landed in the great hall during the christmas eve feast and everyone was shocked to see me. Thinking of where I had just come from made me burst into tears. Unable to hold myself up any longer, I crumpled to the ground.

This sent everyone into a rush of activity. Harry, Ron and Ginny jumped up and ran towards me.

"Hermione," Ginny called. When my friends reached where I had collapsed, they kneeled down next to me, worried looks on all of their faces.

"Hermione," Ginny said again. "What happened? Are you alright? Where have you been?"

All I could do was throw my arms around the nearest person to me, which happened to be Harry, and sob uncontrollably.

It took about ten minutes for me to calm down and when I wiped off my eyes, I saw that Dumbledore had dismissed everyone and the only people left in the room were teachers, Harry, Ginny, Ron and me.

When I was able to talk again, I looked at my friends for a moment before saying, "Is Voldemort still at large?"

My friends exchanged confused glances and Ron said, "Hermione, what are you talking about? Of course he is."

I felt the urge to cry again but I was in control of myself and I only let a single tear slide down my face.

Without looking up at anyone, I whispered, "He promised."

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked, even more confused and worried. "Hermione, who promised?"

I knew they would not understand what I was saying but I did not care. "Tom. Tom promised that no matter what, it would not happen. I thought I changed hIm, Harry." I took a laboring breath, shaking with the betrayal and hurt that I felt.

"Hermione, we stIll don't understand. Who is Tom? Did he hurt you?" Ron asked.

My focus turned to my red-haired friend. "I thought he loved me enough not to lie to me. He said he would never call a meeting again, that he would never kIll again. How could he?"

I could tell by the looks on their faces that they thought I was insane. If I had heard myself, I would have come to the same conclusion. I did not care though. My thoughts were all centered on one person.

I heard a throat clear and I looked up to Dumbledore looking down at me. "I thought I had changed hIm, Professor," I repeated. "Tom said he loved me."

Dumbledore smiled sadly at me. "Tom did, Hermione. With everything he had."

Another tear slid down my face but my voice did not waver. "Then why was it not enough?"

"Had you stayed," Dumbledore told me. "It would have been. When you sImply disappeared, Tom could not take it. He had finally opened up to someone only to have that person ripped away."

My head started spinning. "I don't understand - he promised."

Before I could say another word, my eyes rolled up into my head and I passed out.