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This story takes place right after the epilogue.

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"Sasuke can you come here?"


"Sasuke I need some help in the kitchen."


"Come on Sasuke! PLEASE?"

Uchiha Sasuke gritted his teeth as he ignored the annoying voice coming out of the kitchen. He was busy, dammit. He had no time to do women's work. He leaned heavily against the table as he began writing out brief details of his encounter with Stone Ninja.

"Sasuke you promised to help!"

"I did not!" he shouted, losing his waning patience.

"You did too!"

"Did not!" Sasuke rose up from the table and stomped into the kitchen where smoke wafted out of. He waved a hand in front of his face to clear the smoke. "Naruto, what the hell did you do to the ramen?"

Through she smoke he saw Uzumaki Naruto standing over the stove wearing his wife's apron and stirring a smoking concoction. The said blonde coughed heavily as the smoke stung his eyes.

"Hina-hime said that this was an easy recipe!" he whined.

Sasuke leaned against the door frame and rolled his eyes. How the blonde burned ramen he would never know. "You're an idiot."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

The sound of crying came from the back room causing Sasuke to swear under his breath. Giving a fierce glare he used his last resort "If you're here cooking, who's taking care of the office?"

"Oh crap!"

The pot of ramen spilled all over the floor as Naruto disappeared from the room. Muttering another 'idiot' under his breath Sasuke headed towards the source of the noise. Inside the cradle lay one year old Uchiha Yasuo. Large brown eyes gazed up into black ones. Sasuke gave a grunt before picking up the child and holding it to him. Almost instantly Yasuo stopped wailing.

"Awww… who knew the great Uchiha was such a softie?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the sound of his secondary rival's voice.

"Shut up Hyuuga."

Neji entered the room followed by a grinning Uchiha Keiko. "Neji-niisan took me to the park!" she cried.

It was Sasuke's turn to smirk. "Who's the softie now?"

The Hyuuga picked up the small girl and swung her onto his shoulders, gaining a laugh. "So? I just happen to enjoy being with your children. I'm glad that none of them took after you."

"Stop being so loud." Hisoka entered the room with an irritated expression on his usually stoic face.

"Then again…"

Sasuke looked down at his son with pride. Seeing little Hisoka made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The boy was the spitting image of his father in every way imaginable. He would make a fine Uchiha.

The door slammed open as Naruto barged in with a triumphant look on his face. "I just remembered! Shino and Shizune are taking care of the office for me!"

"Uncle Naruto!" Keiko squealed.

"Dobe. Now what are we going to eat for dinner?" Sasuke snapped irately.

Naruto's grin faltered "Um… take out?"

Hyuuga and Uchiha both sighed in unison. Couldn't they handle just one day without the women? Thinking the same thing they spoke simultaneously "I hate girls day out."

"Where's Nina?" Keiko asked from on top of Neji's shoulders. She pulled on the anbu's long hair for support earning a yelp from him.

Naruto, grateful for the escape quickly answered, "She's at Shikamaru's playing with Sachiko, Ryoichi, and Takashi."

The girl nodded her head slowly. Her stomach rumbled, "What's for dinner?"

Everyone groaned.



The shopkeeper clutched her forehead as the four squealing women searched through the merchandise. It was days like these that made him regret ever opening a women's' clothes store. His mother always told him that he'd meet a lady this way… well he met four and wanted to get rid of them.

"Sakura you should wear this! This will totally match your eyes!" Ino squealed as she swung a pale green kimono around. The sleeve of the kimono snagged on a hanger and tore. "Oops. Hey do you have another one?"

Hinata blushed as she took the torn article into her hands "I-I can s-sew this closed…" she said softly.

"Hinata-chan! You're the best!"

Hyuuga Tenten rolled her eyes at the excited blonde as she fingered her way through training outfits. "This one looks nice…" she gazed at a set in consideration. It looked similar to Neji's usual outfit but it was black, shorter, and built for a woman's body.

"Th-that w-would look ni-nice on you…" her sister in law spoke kindly. Tenten gave her a bright smile.

"Yeah I might buy it." She slung the set over her shoulder "Hey, how do you think the guys are doing?"

The rest of her friends paused in thought. Ino broke the silence "Well I know Shikamaru's hands are full with my one child and Tenten's two. I told him that he could've gone to Sakura-chan's house but he said it was too troublesome."

Sakura smiled "I'm sure that Neji-kun, Sasuke, and Naruto-kun are fine." She said as she headed towards the cash register "Still, just to be sure I'm going home a little early."

"THANK YOU GOD!" the cashier threw his hands in the air.

The girls gave him a strange look. "ookaayyy…" Sakura took a step back.



After picking up Nina, Sakura and Hinata headed towards the Uchiha estate. The small girl skipped ahead of her mother, her short blonde hair blowing freely in the wind. When she was born she was a shock to everyone.

"A blonde Hyuuga…" Neji had mused "Well I'll be."

She whirled around revealing pale eyes equal to her mother's. "Hurry up Okasan! Otousan will be waiting!" she ran as fast as her short legs could take her.

Sakura smiled at the girl. "She's so cute." She sighed. "So, when will her sibling be due?"

Hinata shrugged carefully "Not for another seven months. Naruto is hoping that it will be a boy."

Conversation lulled to a silence as they walked up the steps to the Uchiha mansion. Sakura quickly unlocked the door and swung it open, expecting to be greeted by a peaceful silence…



There was a loud crash followed by an explosion.




Sakura sighed and turned to her wide eyed friend "Whose turn is it?"


"Right…" she took her coat off and threw it on the couch. Rolling her sleeves up, she cracked her knuckles and stormed into the kitchen. Hinata covered Nina's ears.

There was a lot of crashing followed by "OW SAKURA-CHAN! NOT SO HARD!"


The noise eventually stopped. Hinata slowly removed her ears. Nina blinked her large gray eyes up at her. "Okasan?"

Sakura walked out of the kitchen while rolling her shoulders casually. She smiled cheerfully. Too cheerfully.

Hinata gulped and hurried past her friend. The kitchen looked like a battleground with broken pots, pans, chairs, glassware, and Naruto's limp form sprawled on the floor. Beside him, Uchiha Sasuke propped his weakened self against a counter trying to look casual.

"Hey." He said through gritted teeth.

Hinata raised an eyebrow "Hey. Naruto are you alright?" she knelt down beside her husband.

"Never. Better."

Sakura re-entered causing both men to flinch. She gasped dramatically and covered her mouth "Sasuke! Who did this to you?" she demanded as she activated a healing jutsu.

"You did."

She grinned up at her husband "You got that right! And I'll do it again!" she winked playfully. Sasuke grunted and turned away from her.

"I'm fine."

"Sure you are." Sakura looked unconvinced. "Now, why didn't you guys fix dinner? Keiko is hungry!" she motioned towards her sorrowful looking daughter. "And Hisoka is…" she glanced over at his stoic form "…being emo."

The Uchiha turned back to her "It's the dumb dobe's fault."

"Did you feed Yasuo?" she suddenly looked worried.

Sasuke gave a small sigh. How dumb did she think he was? "Of course I did."

Her face brightened "Thanks Sasuke!" she kissed his cheek "You're the best!"

He turned away so that she couldn't see his face turning red. The truth was, she still had that strange effect on him. You know, that effect where his stomach would turn flips and his face would heat up.

Naruto lifted his head weakly and caught sight of the blush. His face suddenly lit up "HA!" he laughed pointing at his best friend.

Sasuke leaned over and pounded the blonde's head into the ground.

Hyuuga Neji entered the room and looked at the chaos around him. He shook his head and exited the room. Hinata got up and ran after her cousin, leaving Nina to care for her father.

"No Otousan! It's Nina! My name is Nina!" she yelled to her dizzy father.

"Nahs oo mee yoo. (nice to meet you.)"

Sakura shook her head despairingly and rose up on both legs. "I'm leaving, and when I get back I expect this kitchen to be clean!" her cheerful smile suddenly turned to a look of murderous rage "OR ELSE!"

If Sasuke were any other man, he would've burst into tears. Instead he stared coolly at his strangely moody wife. She sure was acting strange lately. A sudden thought occurred to him. She couldn't be… could she? Nah it was probably just that time of the month again or something… Then again she was acting kind of funny.

Sakura noticed his calculative gaze and blinked in surprise "What, is something wrong?"

He shook his head. If she were pregnant then when would she have conceived? He thought on it for a moment before it struck him. The day after the reunion for those from his class. She had looked so beautiful in her gown with her hair pinned up that he… Sasuke grinned, he wasn't gonna think about it right now. Should he ask her about it? Nah, he'd wait till it was safe.

"It's nothing."

"Hn." She smirked "I thought so."

He stared at her retreating form with a smirk forming on his own lips. She was a strange one alright but he wouldn't have it any other way. His smirk instantly dropped as he surveyed the mess in the kitchen. This would take a while.



That night after all the children were all tucked in and given good night kisses from their mother, Sasuke finally managed to corner Sakura as she brushed her hair before going to sleep. She blinked up sleepily at him while absentmindedly continuing her slow strokes.

"Sasuke? What is it?"

He watched as she pulled her hair into a low ponytail and climbed into the bed. She sat up Indian style to stare at him evenly. He shook his head once more and climbed in so that he was seated right across from her.

"Sakura." He said her name slowly and carefully as if trying to figure something out. She stared at him in confusion.

"Sasuke, you're freaking me out…" she chuckled nervously.

Sasuke reached out a hand and gently pushed a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. She turned pink at the contact but never looked away from him. "Don't be." He said soothingly as he lay down, she copied his action.

He lay there staring at her contemplatively for several minutes. "How are you feeling?"

"What kind of question is that?"

He sighed patiently "Just answer."

"Well…" she paused to think "I've thrown up a little lately, but I think it was due to Ino's famous curry stew. Besides that I don't see anything wrong."

"Are you sure?" he pressed.

Sakura stared at her husband strangely. He was thinking of something. If only she knew what. She closed her eyes "No I'm not sure."

"I was thinking…" Sasuke said slowly, fixing his gaze on the ceiling now. "You might be… well you know…" this time there was no hiding the pink that rose to his cheeks. Sakura gasped.

"You mean…"

"Yeah." He covered his face with his free hand as she went over the possibilities in her mind. The possibility of another child was overwhelming. Hisoka, Keiko, and Yasuo kept them busy enough but another one? Not that she minded children it was just that… the more that she fulfilled Sasuke's dream the less she fulfilled her own, to be a great ninja. She still worked as a medic during her free time but it wasn't the same. She trained just to keep her body in shape. Even that wasn't enough, she secretly longed for another mission, any mission.

Her emerald eyes closed. This would mean even more years of waiting. When she opened her eyes she saw Sasuke's expectant expression. She couldn't help but smile. It would put her dream on hold, but it was worth seeing that expression on his face.

"It's alright," she said after a moment "I think it'll be fun to have another child."

Sasuke's eyes widened "Are you sure?"

"Well it's not my decision anymore is it?" she held a hand to her stomach "I mean, it's not like I would abort him or anything."


She stuck her tongue out "It's just a guess."

He smirked at the childish female as she crawled over and curled up to him. She was so weird sometimes. She sighed contentedly as she buried her face in his chest. It was then that Sasuke decided that weird was good.



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