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Chapter 1

Yuki was in her room getting ready to attend her other school. It was her last day there, then she would have to stay at home with her father and wished she didn't have to confront them, but unfortunately, due to certain circumstances her other school was currently going through, she had no other choice but to tell them who she really was, her true identity she had kept a secret all these years. The problem was that she couldn't simply reveal everything to her foster family, she couldn't simply appear saying:

"Oh headmaster, I have to tell you that I am a witch and I attend a school called Hogwarts every night far across another country where they teach me magic. Before I forget, I also have to mention that I have a twin brother and we are the two only living survivors of our family, murdered by Voldemort who is without doubt, the most evil wizard on the planet. Unfortunately, for some reason he is still alive to kill my brother and I. My brother's name is Harry and has a scar on his forehead while mine is on my shoulder. My memories were erased until the time we meet again and thus, now restored. Lastly, next year my school might stay here at Cross Academy to ensure everyone's safety from Voldemort and his growing powers."
Right, that would so turn out great. Yuki looked at the time after she thought about her problem before getting her portkey that would take her to Hogwarts where her brother and friends were waiting for her.

Upon arriving, she heard her brother:
"Hey Yuki it's about time you arrive, I stared to think that the Dark Lord already killed you," Harry commented her newly arrived sister.
"Funny Harry," she replied as she walked towards them. They attended their classes and accomplished their finals. The whole day was then dedicated to their numerous tests. At the end of the day, Harry and Ron seemed like they were going to die while Yuki and Hermione, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying finally arrived where Dumbledore told everyone that they would be visiting Cross Academy, in Japan, though he did not give the reason why. He just mentioned that it would be safer to be somewhere else.
"Yuki have you talked to your step-dad, the headmaster?" Harry asked her as he ate his food.
"No I haven't had the time or rather, know where to start; you guys have to come and help me." Yuki replied as she saw the nod of her friends.
"Sure Yuki, I'll tell my dad and mum I am sure they will be more than willing to come and help you."
"Thanks Ron; you guys are the best," Yuki said as she finished eating and gave Ron a smile, Ron blushed at the action. Once they finished eating, they went to their rooms. Yuki went with Hermione, together, they talked for a few minutes, talking about random things under the sun but then Yuki had to leave.
"Well I have to go. If everything goes well, I'll see you this summer! Hopefully my father will let me go stay with you guys, when he finds out about everything," Yuki mentioned to her friend as she once again left.
She used her portkey to bring her back to Cross Academy. She got in her Cross Academy uniform and went out. She still had some time to do some of her duties and still get some night was calm; everything was quiet, which she was grateful for. All she had to do now was to wait for a letter from Ron and Harry, to see when they could come and help her tell the headmaster and the others. She walked back to the dorm, laid on her bed and went to knowing that not far away, someone was watching.