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"I'm so sorry!" Yuki said as she got up and help the guy up as she did she saw that it was none other then "TOM" she yelled when she saw who it was,

"Yuki, hey what are you doing here?" he asked her left her of the flood.

"Um, I came with some friends and I'm kind of looking for them. How about you? What are you doing here?" Yuki asked looking up at Tom handsome face, she looked him up and down and saw that he was wearing a black dress shirt with the top two buttons undone I could see some of the muscles he had he would make Kaname and Zero look like wips but it not In that gross way that you sometimes see in magazines he had just enough muscles to show off and yet it was subtle. His black shirt brought out his blue eyes in just the right way and his black hair was a little more mess then before, but it looked like it was support to be that way… his smile broth out his handsome face more. (A/n that is so my dream guy lol)

"Oh um got in another fight with my dad, and I though this places could make me feel a little better" he looked around the club and then at Yuki and smiled once more making Yuki bit her lips slightly "I have to say, seeing you here really makes my night," he add smiling at her like a little kid in a candy store.

"OH wow ,well its good to see you again too." Yuki said smiling and then a slow song came on.

"Hay, want to dance?" he asked as she held his hand out for hers.

"Um ok ,sounds fun." Yuki whispered just loud enough for him to hear. She could feel her face grow red, but she took his hand and he walked her to the dance flood, once there he bowed and took her waist and stared to dance, but it was not muggle dancing it was Wizard waltzing like in her 4 year! He left her up, so easily and a fell of the people stopped and just to watch them, until they were the only ones dancing. Everyone watch them in amazed as the two dance as one. They seem to be in their own little world not noticing that they were the center of action, once the music was done everyone clapped. Both Yuki and Tom come out of their little world, Finlay observe that they were the only ones that were dancing and everyone was clapping for them, they both blush as they looked at each other, but before either could say anything Yuki hear her name being called out.

"Yuki over here!" yelled Ginny as she waved them over to a table,

"Hey guys, what did you guys get?" she asked as they both sat down beside Hermione and Tom sat next to her with his arm behind her set.

"Coke here one for your friend, btw am Hermione granger."

"I'm Ginny Weasley"

"I'm George Weasley"

"and Fred Weasley," Tom nodded at them

"I'm Tom just Tom" he said and the others nodded,

"so how do you know Yuki?" Hermione asked

"O we meet some time back right Yuki." Yuki nodded and thank him with a nodded for not saying anything about that day,


"Yuki!" some one called from behind her, she turn to see none other then the night class.

"HI Aido-san, Ichijo-san, guys ,what are you guys doing here?" Yuki asked

"oh well we came to have some fun the last thing we thought was seeing you here, so who are they?" Ichijo asked

"Oh this is Ginny, Hermione, Fred, George and Tom their all my friends, guys this is a few students from school night class," Yuki said

"Hello" Ginny said


"what up?" Fred and George said together,

"Please to meet you, come on Yuki lets go dances some more." Tom said as he took Yuki hand and left her up she giggled a little

"Be back guys," she said as she walked always with Tom and a few of the night class went to get something to eat as the others sat near the friends, getting to know each other,

"I think Yuki found her future boyfriend" Hermione said smiling as she looked at them dance to a fast beat song,

"Ya your right, they make a cute couple and I don't think his a muggle I mean he waltz like we do, too bad we can't talk about it with so many muggles around" Ginny said as the other nodded

"ya but he is going to have to pass our test first, if he wants to go out with her," George said watching the to 'couple'.

"and its not an easy one and then there is Harry and you know how he is it well take a while for him to accepted him if they do go out." Fred

"Ya, but hey you never know Lily can hander things on her own all, we can do is lay back and wait for her to come to us, like we go to her when we need her." George added

"so true." Fred said as he laid back at his set.

"What are you talking about? Kaname would never late anyone take Yuki away from him." Aido said looking at the 4 friends

"um Ya, like Yuki would go for a guy who has a fiancé, further more this Tom guy is much Hotter the only down thing about him is that his muggle, but who knows he dose know our dances, so he could be one of us, but then again someone he know could have teach him so we better be careful." Hermione said think a little too far into the future as she drink her coke,

"Lets not worry about that Hermione lest go dance" Fred said as he took her hand and pulled her to the dance flooded followed by Ginny and George. They where all enjoying their time together and by the end of the night Tom had become good friends with the others.

"We have to do that again some time." Ginny told him as they went out of the club. Tom had his arm around Yuki's waist and she had her arm around his as they walked.

"Ok next time you guys are in town we can do it again." Tom said chuckle a little

"All right that sounds great. We better go we have a lot to do tomorrow." Hermione said as the other nodded

"Un I guess I will see you another day or you could call… I mean you know my number so ya,." Yuki said as she looked always to nerves to really know what to say.

"Ya ,I well call you and I hope I see you in town again soon and when I do I'll take you out to eat Ok my treat." he said as he kissed Yuki's cheek, Yuki whole face turn red

"Um Ok sound fun, so I will see you later," Yuki said as she let go of him and he of her, both wanted to say something more but didn't know what.

"bye Yuki" he said as he waved to them as they left. Once they know they where out of sight Fred and George put an arm around Yuki.

"Now we see you had a lot of fun. Now, where did you meet him?" they asked together.

"I don't know what your talking about guys lets just head home I'm tired." Yuki said and the others laughed a little. The twins, Ginny and Hermione were happy to make their friend happy she had a hard week with her steering out about her step family find out she was a witch and a celebrity before she was one and being hunted by that same wizrad that made her and her brother famous and then find out that the guy she like almost loved had a fiancée took a lot out of a girl so now that she was here with them laughing along to their jokes and commons was a nice change, Yuki and the other were so light hearted it made everything they did worth it as long as their friendship held. They know that if they could hold on to each other in the end nothing was going to bring them down in the end she and Harry would take down The dark lord and they would be able to have more nights like this…. Now all that was need was to fight the war that they know was coming but they didn't think about that they just wanted this moment to last for a long time.