Poison Ivy

"Finally," Blair said. Aw she'd been anxiously awaiting his call, how sweet, he thought.

"Hello to you too. I heard about the field hockey throw down. All those mouth guards and short skirts? I hope somebody filmed it," Chuck said. He loved this fight between Blair and Serena. He hadn't been this entertained for a long time.

"You're heinous," she said with disgust. He loved it when she talked dirty and needed a favor.

"Which is probably why you called me," he returned. He had been pleasantly surprised and very intrigued when he listened to his voice mail to find Blair requesting him to call her. He wasn't sure what kind of trouble she wanted to stir up now, but he was eager to play.

"You know me well," she said with what sounded like a smile. Oh, but he did. He'd known her for years. He always enjoyed her company and he loved that he knew how her mind worked—whereas Nate sure didn't. She was more woman than Nate could ever handle, but who was he to point out the obvious?

"Women like to pretend they're complicated. I know better," he said with a smirk. He, Chuck Bass, knew women…very well.

"Serena came home for a reason," she started. Ah, yes, Serena, he thought. He was hoping she'd say something about Serena. He was eager to ruin that bitch. She'd rejected him one too many times now.

"One could only guess," he said. He didn't think Serena came back for Nate. Nate may be a lot of things, but he couldn't have been that good in the sack. It had been his first time—not that Chuck wasn't happy for the guy—but, as Chuck knew, practice makes perfect.

"I'm done guessing, I want answers. And no one likes to be on the ground floor of a scandal like Chuck Bass," she said. Her voice had slid into her "do-me-a-favor" sweet voice. God, could she be cute when she wanted to be, he thought. He couldn't possibly turn her down when she talked to him like that.

"I am a bitch when I want to be," he smirked. She knew him well too.

"Oppurtunity to cause some trouble? Uncover a secret?" she said, as if he hadn't already decided to do some digging. He was good at finding out secrets, good at keeping them—like Nate and Serena's love play, but he was fan-fucking-tastic at revealing those secrets at the worst possible time for his own enjoyment.

"Take yes for an answer," he confirmed his acceptance.

They hung up and he thought for a minute. Hmm, Blair asking for a favor. He loved it whenever she needed him. The times were few and far between, but he liked that she would turn to him whenever she was feeling a little vindictive and evil. Damn, was that hot.

As he told the driver to turn back to school, he thought in the back of his mind that he hoped whatever Serena was up to was very good. He wouldn't mind having Blair owe him one—a big one.

"Mom! How's Paris?" If he wasn't so excited about his discovery he would have smirked at her for pretending he was her mother. She could really lie and deceive like the best of 'em. He wondered who she was with that she had to lie like that.

"You're not going to believe where I found our little princess," Chuck said. This was good, really good. This news was going to destroy Serena and endear Blair to him.

"Really," she said. Her voice dragged out enticingly near the end of the word. Oh yeah, she so owes me.

Even though he was hoping for some private time with Blair, he could never have predicted being in her bedroom, alone, in the light of day.

He was leaning next to her as she checked out the photos he'd taken of Serena. She was wearing an alluring perfume that was giving him a little thrill.

"Admit it. Even for me this was good," he said proudly. He was very pleased with his work, and his afternoon had gone by un-wasted to be sure.

"You weren't such a perv I'm sure the CIA would hire you in a second," she said. Ouch, he knew he'd had more women than all the guys in his junior class…combined…but he wouldn't really call himself a pervert: more of a player…a very, very, good player.

"Defending my country. There's a future I never imagined," he smirked. Or a future he wanted.

"With good reason. What is she doing there?" she asked herself more than him.

"Well what's anyone doing there? It's a facility for the disturbed or addicted," he stood up and started walking around the room, near to the bed. He still couldn't believe he was in her bedroom. He had admired her bed when he'd first come in. For some reason he wanted to try out that bed more than any others he'd been in—and the number was quite high.

"You must have your own wing," she smirked at him. He looked back at her and grinned.

"You don't get nearly enough credit for your wit," he said. He enjoyed bantering back and forth with her. He always felt like she was on his level instead of stuck in a simpering whiney girl mode that all other girls her age tended to revel in.

She gave him this sexy sweet smile that got him a little bothered. He looked away and walked towards the mirrors next to her bed.

"So the question is: what do you do now?" he asked.

"Well I was thinking total social destruction," she stood up and walked towards him with a wicked grin. Did he say bothered? She wasn't getting him bothered, she was getting him hot. He felt a tingle below his waist. Destruction was one of his favorite words and on her lips, too enticing.

"And here I thought you were getting soft," he returned her smile. She favored him with another grin, proudly tossing her head to the side.

She was too hot. How could Nate not seal the deal yet? Part of him actually wanted Nate to just get it over with so that Chuck could seduce her when he wanted to. He stayed away from her because he knew she'd never go for him and because he knew she belonged to his best friend. He worked really hard to avoid the part of him that wanted her, but today—for some reason—he couldn't fight his inner demon that made him say what he did next.

"So this is your bed huh?" He dragged a small decorative blanket lying on the bed towards him.

"Leaving. Now," she commanded, grabbing the blanket away from him. Gone was the sweet sexy grin. She was back to looking annoyed with him. He should have known she'd shut him down. He couldn't say he wasn't disappointed.

"You can repay me another time," his expression became one of slight annoyance too as he walked towards the door.

He paused before he reached it and turned back. "Are you sure Waldorf?"

She spun around and stared at him like he was crazy, "Uh…yes? Hello? Nate?"

He grinned and strolled back over towards her. "Come now—there's got to be some part of you that wants to get back at him for what he did." And Chuck was more than willing to assist her in the great best friend swap.

She froze and her eyes stared frostily at him. He was undeterred. He continued towards her until he was standing right in front of her.

"Give him as good as he gave," he whispered to her before reaching up to run his fingers through her hair. He waits for her to smack him or say anything to reject him once again. He knew this was probably stupid, but he couldn't help himself.

He looked at her and her eyes suddenly change and he's shocked to realize she's actually considering his words. He felt himself get a little hot under the collar. Then he saw her eyes move to his lips.

Before he could stop himself, he leaned slowly toward her and trailed his lips against her bottom lip, nipping it gently before pulling back and letting her lip slide through his.

His eyes find hers again and he stopped. He waited for her to decide. She's not like the other girls he's been with. He doesn't want to ruin their friendship, just give them a few more benefits.

She's staring at his lips again. He couldn't believe that she might be considering going for him. He's trying to control the rush of blood threatening to overtake him. Then she blinked and shook her head. His disappointment is acute. He waited for her scathing put down. It wasn't quite what he expected.

"I can't have sex with you Chuck," she whispered. He thought she sounded almost regretful. She was looking at his lips again.

He had a thought and slowly brought his lips up into a wicked grin of his own. He leaned towards her until he was a breath away from her lips and whispered, "Who said anything about sex? There are other…ways."

She looked away. He stepped back. He thought that was her answer. He was about to leave. At least he had given it a shot. Of course, he had to do something about the slight pressure that had been building between his legs.

He's turning away when she jerked her head back around and found his eyes with hers.

"Okay," she whispered.

His eyebrows rose in surprise before looking at her with his eyes heavily laden.

She gave him a small, almost uncertain smile, "But I… can't…" She couldn't go all the way. He understood. Hell, he was ready to take whatever she offered.

"Shhh…" he hushed her and ran his hand across the side of her face, gently caressing her before sliding his hand behind her neck and dragging her close.

They kiss full on now, sampling each other's lips and growing used to the taste of each other. Her arms slide up his chest and around his neck, his arms slide around her back and he held her to him. Damn, she could kiss. He shrugged out of his school blazer before he continued. That was definitely too uncomfortable for what they were about to enjoy.

Holding her close, he started moving towards the bed he had been eyeing since he arrived. She followed him eagerly. They fell together on their sides, continuing to make out.

She was responsive and, oh so, enthusiastic. He groaned against her lips and she pressed against him. He found himself being pushed to his back as she crawled on top of him still kissing. He wasn't expecting her to behave like this, and he was finding himself getting much too hard, too quickly.

Her legs slid to the sides of his and she sat up. She was straddling him now and she shifted her hips. He hissed when her center came into contact with his. She started moving against him.

"Blair," he warned. He grabbed hold of her hips.

"What?" she asked confused.

"Stop that," he said.

She must've felt then exactly what she was doing to him as his front swelled against her. She looked down where they were pressed against each other. "Oh."

He reached up to put his arms around her again and flipped her over, settling next to her instead of on top, meeting her lips again. She tasted amazing, he couldn't get enough as his mouth and tongue plundered hers. He moved his mouth, kissing down the side of her neck, pausing to lick and suck her skin, leaving small love bites. She gasped from the pleasure and ran her hands over his back and up to his shoulders.

He pulled back and moved his head down to burrow against her covered breasts. She arched her back and he reached a hand up. He used his thumb to run in circles against one breast, finding the nipple and circling it before closing his thumb and forefinger together in a gentle pinch. She groaned his name.

He leaned down toward the breast he's playing with and put his mouth over the cloth covering her, making sucking motions as best he could with the clothing hindering him.

She sat up, pushing him away. He looked at her in confusion until he realized that she's reaching for the hem of her shirt. She drags it up over her head. He noticed she's not looking at him, but she does glance at him briefly as she reaches to undo her bra. He saw a slow blush coming over her features as she finished removing the bra and lay back down waiting for him to resume.

He grinned his sexy grin letting her know that she pleased him before giving his attention back to her bare chest. His touch was causing her to move her hips, almost thrashing. She tried to move her leg up over him but it was awkward with him lying next to her. He paused and thought that he had a better handle on his control, so he slid over her until he was nestled between her legs. He rubbed himself against her. She groaned and wrapped her legs around him. Maybe he didn't have that firm a grasp on his control as he thought. He stopped moving.

She looked at him, confused. He whispered, "Let go." She undid her legs. He slid back off her and undid her belt, sliding it off; then pulling down her pants and panties all in one movement.

He settled back on top of her fully clothed. He kissed her lips some more while he struggled to remove his shirt. She helped him with the buttons and pushed it down his shoulders. He finished shrugging out of it and they worked together to pull his undershirt over his head. Then their mouths melded together again. He moaned as she ran her hands across his chest and around his back, now skin to skin.

He began rubbing his-pants-clothed self against her naked mound. She bent her legs at the knee and planted her feet on the bed on either side of him, leveraging her hips up to arch against him. He grunted and gave into the sensation as long as he could stand it.

Finally, he pulled back and she gazed up at him, wondering what he was doing now. He slid backwards off the bed to stand. She was spread out in front of him, looking at him with lust filled eyes. He let out a breath at how alluring she looked; then he pulled his pants and boxers down and off.

She stared at him in surprise before slamming her legs back together at the knees.

"Chuck, no," she said forcefully, unsure about his intentions now and worried about what she might have gotten her self into.

He lay back down next to her instead of on her. She almost cringed away. "Relax Waldorf. I'm not going to hurt you," he said. "Shhh…I know the rules," he whispered, kissing her again.

She relaxed like he said to do and met his kisses eagerly once more. He trailed his fingers down her chest, over her stomach, and down further to the curls below. Her eyes widened when his fingers slid into her. "Oh…," she moaned in realization.

"Yeah, oh," he whispered with a smirk. He buried his face into her neck and fought for control while he rubbed his thumb over her clit, eliciting a few cries from her, before sliding a finger into her most private of places. She groaned and arched against his hand.

He continued kissing her neck and working wonders between her legs. She bucked against him, crying out. He slid a second finger inside her to join the first. She started crying out his name. He just grinned and concentrated on keeping his rhythm smooth for her. Finally she peaked; when she did she reached down and grabbed his hand, slamming him into her. She quivered and clenched and finally fell back completely relaxed with a content smile on her face, her eyes closed.

He grinned down at her and slowly removed his fingers. He slid them back up her stomach, drawing light circles. He waited for her to look at him. When she finally did, she whispered his name. He kissed her again. She met his lips fervently.

He slid his hand over to hers, threaded his fingers through hers and dragged their arms down across her body to his. He let go of her hand and pushed it against the straining part of him.

She froze in kissing him and jerked back. He held her hand in place and rubbed it against him. He whispered, "Wrap your hand around me Blair."

She didn't do anything at first so he grabbed her hand in frustration and spread her hand open. He thrust himself against her palm. "C'mon Waldorf," he pleaded. He needed this release so bad.

Her eyes were unreadable but finally she closed her hand around him. He closed his eyes and lay on his side. He wrapped his hand around hers and guided her hand up and down, showing her what to do. He grunted when she finally took over the caress.

She couldn't believe the feel of him. He was so hard and warm and strong and the look on his face showed how much power she had over him. She got an idea…

She slowed in the caress and clenched her fingers lightly. His eyes opened in surprise and he looked at her.

She grinned and pushed against his chest so he fell to his back. She sat up and reached for him again with better access and easier movement. She decided to play, exploring rather, and rubbed her thumb against the head.

Chuck bucked his hips up this time. "Blair!" he yelped. She continued tracing her fingers up and down him.

He jerked, "Blair, fists, wrap around, God please."

Chuck Bass was begging her? She wrapped one hand around him at the base and the other one above that one. She began the same movement he'd shown her, enjoying the feel of him.

He was breathing heavy and moaning. Soon he was crying out and his mouth dropped open. Suddenly his eyes went wide and he moved his head around as if searching for something. They fell on his undershirt that was lying on the edge of the bed; it hadn't made it to the floor.

"Let go," he commanded. She did and he rolled over to the side to snatch up the shirt. He covered himself with it and jerked against his own hand before exploding and releasing into the shirt.

He collapsed face first onto the bed and tried to regain his strength. He felt the bed shift and was surprised when he felt her move up behind him and cuddle against his back. Her arm slid across his back, holding him to her. He relaxed into her, surprising himself, and somehow fell asleep wrapped in her arms.

When he woke maybe an hour later, he was lying facing her back, pressed up against her: back to chest, thigh to thigh, and butt to… hello. He could feel himself stir from being nestled against her. He had to get out of there now. He slowly slid out of the bed, careful not to wake her.

He dressed quickly, throwing his undershirt away—he definitely wasn't wearing that again.

He paused before leaving the room and looked at her, resting so innocently and peaceful. The ramifications of what just happened were racing through his head. He'd done it. He'd messed with his best friend's girl—the only girl in the Upper East Side he was supposed to stay away from. At least she was still a virgin. That showed restraint he never knew he had.

He knew this whole thing was about payback. She never would have done this just to return the favor for his investigation with Serena. She'd done this because of what Nate had done to her. He knew all the reasons and he still felt this odd feeling knowing that he'd given her her first orgasm.

He knew all the reasons and he still wanted to crawl back into that bed and let her use him again and again. She was so beautiful.

He walked back over to the side of the bed. She was facing away from him. He leaned down and ran his hand against the side of her face. He couldn't understand this need to touch her again. He found himself leaning down to kiss her gently goodbye.

With eyes still closed she said, "This changes nothing and we never speak of it again."

He sucked in a breath. He knew she was right. He didn't know why he was even still here. He nodded, as if she could see him, before turning and leaving.

The next day he arrived for the Ivy mixer anxiously looking forward to seeing her again. He didn't understand any of this. He hadn't even had sex with her, why was she on his mind? He needed to stop this now. Nate would be at the mixer. He had to be careful not to give anything away.

He had arrived early because he knew she was on the committee arranging the festivities. He figured he'd get her alone before the event began—for what purpose? He had no idea.

He found her giving orders, as per usual, and making some notes on a clipboard. He stood by, staring her down, hoping she'd feel his gaze. She didn't. He wasn't on her radar at all. She continued with her instructions and went to work on some decoration or other. She walked past him on the way and gave him a nod the same way she'd always done. She was completely disinterested. He realized that while he was fighting these alien feelings she really had put the entire encounter out of her head.

Fine, he thought. He wasn't going to act differently either. He was a player. He played the field, so he was going to. He walked away and looked for entertainment elsewhere.

Thirty minutes later the mixer was in full swing. The Yale rep was a boring, stuffy guy. He pretended to care about his conversation when his ever wondering eye saw a sexy older woman talking to some other pip-squeak junior. Ben was his name, he thought. Ben would certainly trade places with him if asked. Especially if he wanted to be invited to Chuck's lost weekend.

"Can you explain why Serena's commandeering the Yale rep while you're supposed to be his usher?" Blair demanded to know. He grinned and wondered if he could get a rise out of her with what he said next.

"I switched. I'm trying to get into Princeton," he looked over at the woman from Princeton. She gave him a secretive knowing smile. Man was he in for a treat later. He looked back to Blair who finally realized what he meant by his comment. She didn't act jealous at all; instead she rolled her eyes in disgust.

"Oh don't get your La Perla's in a bunch. Look who's arrived," he grabbed her hand and led her over to the newest arrival. "Dr. Ostroff."

She looked at him in astonishment. Good, she liked her surprise. "Blair? Dr. Donald Ostroff," he introduced them. Blair put her arm through the man's arm and wondered away. He smiled after them. He really did enjoy this game. He knew Blair wasn't going to disappoint him when she finally paid Serena back today. He forced Blair out of his mind for what felt like the millionth time since he'd fingered the little queen. Now, where is that Princeton rep?

Later he watched, standing with Kati and Isabel, as Blair stood up and announced to the entire gathering that Serena was an alcoholic. He was so proud of her. She really did revenge quite well.

She smiled a false smile at Serena. She had the entire gathering convinced. And Serena! He fought hard to keep himself from laughing out loud. She was so embarrassed. He really loved playing these games with Blair. She was definitely wasted on Nathaniel.

He noticed the little squabble between Serena and Blair after the announcement was finished. The look on Blair's face, she wasn't backing down. He loved it! He went back to whatever conversation he was having—he wasn't paying that much attention—and took a sip of his drink.

He looked up again and glanced around searching for her. He didn't see her. He wanted to find her and tell her how amazing she was. He excused himself and found her talking to Eric Van Der Woodsen. Eric had just walked away as he approached her.

"What was that all about?" he asked, curious. He looked around the room and realized no one else was there. He walked closer and reached out, brushing his hand against hers, hoping she'd take it and want to go somewhere private for a quick make-out session.

She paused, clearly thinking about whatever Eric had just said to her.

"Nothing," she said before pulling her hand away in disgust and walking away.

He watched her leave. He guessed he would be getting into Princeton after all. Jersey girls were supposed to be wild in the sack anyway. Now he just had to convince himself that he wasn't disappointed that Blair had rejected him.

To be continued...