So this is the sequel of the sequel! (The Runaway Boosh, The Sting of the Black Lake and now The Good Ship Zooniverse) This idea came out of a mixture of the Tundra episode and one of the Doctor Who books. Both of which belong to the BBC. I own nothing.
I decided to write this for the people who have been reading my stories, I am greatful to you all so here is a little Christmas present from me in the form of a sequel to a sequel!
Maybe this should be made into my own Doctor Boosh series x)
Anyway enough ramble, enjoy!

A harmless Zoo?

"So Doctor…Who are you exactly?"

"I'm a time traveller, we'll meet again in a few days, months maybe even a few years I don't know. But it's already happened to me, I've already met your future self."

"Really? What am I like?" Vince asked looking excited as he stuck his hands into the pockets of his decorated Zoo jacket.

"You have a different hairstyle…Slightly. And you don't live here."

"I don't live here anyway, I work here."

"Oh, where are we?"

"The Zooniverse." The Doctor recoiled at the word 'Zoo' he had always hated them. Seeing animals in cages, locked up looking tired and bored was not his idea of fun.

"You don't work here in the future, but I shouldn't be telling you anything about your future. I got a distress signal from this place." He headed for the door "So let's investigate."

"Cool, I got nothing better to do." Vince grinned as he followed the mysterious man from his future.

They left the hut and strolled round the Zoo, the Doctor starred at the cages with a disapproving frown upon his face. He pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver making Vince lean over to have a closer look.

"You've seen it before." He said blankly while pushing a button making it beep constantly.

"No I haven't." Vince shook his head causing the traveller to remember this was the past Vince not the future one he knew and loved.

"Of course. Sonic screwdriver, this will track the distress signal." They carried on round a corner, the beeping got faster and faster until it was a single hum. The two were stood outside Bob Fossil's office, which was locked "Vince…" The Doctor began as he fiddled with the lock and his sonic device "How come you came with me, when you don't even know me?"

"Well you know me from the future…So that makes it ok, right?" The time traveller didn't reply but simply smiled as he pushed open the door and crept into the empty office pointing his device around at the walls and furniture. He aimed it at the floor where the device hummed once again, he got down on his knees and tapped the wooden floor looking for a weak point while Vince went round to the desk and also got on his knees.

"Looking for this?" Vince asked as he pushed the office chair away and pulled back a rug to reveal a small trap door, the Doctor beamed at the mod and sprung up to unlock the little door.

"Vince, Vince, Vince! Don't ever change! You are fantastic!" He grinned as he threw the door back and jumped down into the darkness "Coming?" He called up and soon enough he was joined by the mod who shut the door behind them. They ventured down a long wooden hall with just the blue light from the sonic screwdriver, both ready to pounce or run if anything nasty came running at them.

"So what's this Zoo like?" The Doctor asked finally breaking the silence.

"It's harmless really, Bainbridge owns the place but you rarely see him here. Fossil is the boss but he's an idiot. He doesn't even know the names of the animals."

"Why do you work here then?"

"Because I can talk to animals."


"Yeah! I'm like Mowgli in flares!" Vince giggled slightly as he messed with his hair and carried on following the blue light occasionally and accidentally stepping on the backs of the Doctor's shoes, he didn't seem to mind though.

Finally they came to the end of the hall and stood in front of a large metal door, there were no buttons and no door handle so the Doctor instinctively buzzed his device around the door and let it slide open. They were greeted with a blast of ice cold air; snow blew against their faces and gathered at their feet. The Doctor turned to Vince, looked him in the eye and said "Is it still a harmless Zoo?"