The final chapter to the story, this ties in loose ends in the two previous storys...Loose ends I found and wanted to fix anyway
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Tia had mixed together different herbs and boiled them together in a pot over her fire, she bottled the liquid and handed it to the Doctor in a small glass bottle. He then left with Vince who was fully awake and said their goodbyes to the Controller, Bella and Zeeka.

"Zeeka will stay with us at the castle until we find a perfect home for her." The Controller whispered to the Doctor as the young girl hugged Vince goodbye.

"I want to stay." She begged while sobbing into the mod's jacket.

"Can't she come back?" Vince asked in hope but the Doctor simply shook his head making the young girl cry harder.

"I'm sorry Zeeka. We have to go now." He looked down at the girl who wiped her eyes and parted from the hug with Vince.

"Thank you, Doctor for saving this town." The Controller shook the traveller's hand firmly "Feel free to visit." He smiled.

"I might just do that."

"Thanks for saving my life." Vince smiled giving Zeeka one last hug "I might see you again in the future."

"I hope so."

The Doctor and Vince walked to the door they had entered, as far as they knew they were alone. They headed back down the hall and shut out the world behind them, they walked in silence to Bob Fossil's office which was still empty, the Doctor covered the trap door with the office chair then retreated to the hut with Vince.

"Tea?" Vince asked quickly, the hut was quiet and empty.

"Uh…Yes ok." The Doctor strolled in with his hands in his pockets "Let me make it, Vince." He offered making the mod sit down "You always make the tea for me."

"Do I?"

"In the future yes." He smiled as he flicked on the kettle. He took the glass bottle out of his pocket and tipped its contents into Vince's mug then added hot water, milk and a tea bag and made a cup of tea for himself "There you go." He handed him the drink with the potion in.

"Thanks." He took a sip then waited for it to cool down; the Doctor sat opposite him and waited patiently "We had fun." The mod beamed after a while of silence.

"Yes we did." He received a bright smile back as both men took a mouthful of tea.

Eventually the mod was fast asleep at the kitchen table. The Doctor watched him for a few minutes before getting to his feet and pulling on his long brown coat. He lay a hand on Vince's shoulder, squeezed it and smiled slightly.

"I'm sorry." He whispered then headed for his Tardis "I always wondered why you didn't recognise me when I first met you." He stood in the doorway and took one final look at his sleeping friend "See you in the future." He entered his ship and shut the door softly behind him. The sound of the universe filled the room whipping up a breeze sending loose paper and magazines flying, as the ship departed Howard Moon entered the hut to find his young friend fast asleep.

"Vince?" He shook him hard "Get up." He slammed a bucket down on the table making the mod jump; he sat up and moaned of a headache "Hangover?"


"What are you doing asleep?"

"I don't know, I can't remember…" He stood up and pressed a hand to his stomach, it was stinging strangely. He lifted up his top to reveal a scar in the shape of a 'v'.

"Woah…What happened there?" Howard asked quickly with concern in his voice.

"Don't remember…"

"Looks like you slept with your straightners on your stomach."

"Yeah. Maybe I did."

"Were you drunk?"

"Might have been…" Vince bit his lip in thought then dropped his top and stuck his hands in his pockets, his face screwed up into confusion as he pulled something out.

"What's that?" Howard asked as the mod held up a small red carved stone, he rolled it about between his forefinger and thumb.

"I don't know." He replied simply letting it roll into his palm, he clenched it then slipped it safely inside his pocket.

The end