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Ch1 While You Were Sleeping


I could tell Bella had finally fallen asleep by her slow breathing and regular heartbeat. Both changed almost imperceptibly in the instant she was truly asleep. As I listened to her, I sighed. This was what I would miss most when the time came for me to change her.

The scent of her blood, the flush of her face, they pleased me, but this was something different. Holding her while she slept made me feel. . .strong. Not like a vampire feels strong, like a man feels strong. It made me feel, for a brief time, like I could protect her from anything and everything.

I knew this wasn't true. Bella had been hurt, a lot. And the worst truth was that I was to blame for most of it. I had done so many things wrong, with the best of intentions.

But, while she slept in my arms, it was as though nothing could intrude in the perfect tranquility of our togetherness. I could listen to her sigh in her sleep, talking to me in her dreams. I could fill my senses with the smell, the feel, the very essence of her. It was by far my favorite part of my day.

As I lay reveling in her nearness, Bella began to dream. I smiled, curious as to what tonight's show would entail. As our wedding drew near, her dreams were becoming increasingly vivid, some about the horror she felt about facing Rene, some about the wedding itself, some about. . . other things.

"Edward," she whispered. I smiled again, I loved when she had dreams about me. I thought of her every moment of my waking days and nights. It was somewhat comforting to know her thoughts were full of me enough to dream of me.

Bella began to move around, and I loosened my grip on her slightly, so I wouldn't wake her by restraining her. As I released her, she reached up, putting her arms around my neck. She drew her nose along my throat, breathing in my scent and sending tingles down my spine.

"Mmmmm, Edward," she sighed again. This dream was getting interesting. I briefly thought I should probably let her go before things got carried away, but then she pulled my head down, bringing her lips to mine. She kissed me with such earnest passion, all other thoughts were banished.

I responded to her with passion of my own, one arm gliding around her waist, the other sliding up her back, pressing her to me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew something wasn't quite right, but it was drowned out by the sound of Bella's rapidly beating heart.

Bella rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her. Okay, truthfully she couldn't have pulled me anywhere on her own, but by that time, I didn't need much encouragement. She arched her back, pressing into me and exposing her beautiful throat. I kissed it greedily, filling my mouth with her taste, and my head with her scent.

"Edward," Bella sighed, my hand encircling her waist grabbed the fabric of the t-shirt covering the small of he back. My other hand moved the neck of her shirt, so I could kiss her collarbone.

"Please," she whispered, I froze, had I gone to far? "Now," she insisted. Desire lit up every fiber of my being. It had been so much harder to control myself since I had decided she could have me whenever she wanted. She wanted me now. The fire of passion burned through me smothering the voice in the back of my mind that kept trying to get my attention.

I moved my lips back to hers, using my mouth to express agreement with her decision. My hand lingered on her throat, feeling her pulse racing against my palm. Then I heard a sound that broke through the cloud in my brain.

Footsteps on the stairs. Charlie was awake!

I flew from Bella's bed to the far corner of her room, trying desperately to control my breath so Charlie wouldn't hear me panting. The voice in the back of my head finally made itself heard.It doesn't count as giving permission if she's asleep, you cad!

Suddenly I was horrified with myself. What had I been thinking! I was mortified that I had been so overwhelmed as to come so close to taking advantage of Bella while she was asleep.

Now that I was able to concentrate again, I could hear that Charlie was just using the bathroom. He was soon on his way back to bed. His thoughts didn't even turn to Bella.

I noticed Bella's posture had changed. She was on her side again, her arms reaching.

"Edward?" she questioned. She was searching for me. I stayed frozen where I was. I couldn't return to her embrace. "Edward?" she sounded panicked. I didn't trust myself yet.

She began to toss and turn. It was obvious her dream had turned into a nightmare, more unpleasantness that was my fault. I started across the room, determined to find some way to comfort her. Her voice froze me in my tracks again.

"Jacob?" She asked softly. My heart sank. She was dreaming of him? Had I become such a nightmare to her that she was looking for him? I watched in terror as she continued to talk to the man I knew would always own a piece of her heart.

"Jacob?" she asked again. "Here?" "Now." "Away." "Edward." I knew I was only getting part of the conversation, but my imagination began to torture me with unpleasant images.

"No," Bella said clearly. No, Jacob or No, Edward? "No!" she shouted. Then with a scream, she sat upright in bed, eyes wide.

I was instantly beside her, my arms around her. Whatever she had been dreaming, I couldn't leave her alone with her terrifying visions. She turned to me, clutching my shirt.

"Edward!" She cried hoarsely, "You're here!"

"Always," I replied gently, hoping it was what she wanted to hear.

"You were gone! I couldn't find you, then Jake. . ."She stopped speaking, collapsing into sobs on my chest.

"Shhh, my love, shhhh," I soothed, gently stroking her hair, kissing her forehead. I decided I didn't want to know what she had been dreaming. I didn't care. I just wanted her to stop hurting. "It was only a dream. I never left. I'm here, Sweet Bella, I'm here." I turned her face up and began to gently brush her tears away. I hated to see her cry. I kissed her eyes softly.

"Oh, Edward," she sighed in a familiar tone. I couldn't resist kissing her lips, but I did so only briefly, sweetly.

She immediately relaxed in my arms, comforted by my concrete presence. "Better?" I whispered softly to her.

"Yes, much," she conceded. "Edward, I had the most horrible dream! Well, at first it wasn't so horrible, quite nice actually." I smiled against her hair. She pulled back to see my face.

"You heard?" She asked, blushing. I decided I had to confess, or my guilt would consume me.

"Actually," I had to look away, "I participated in that bit." I looked back to see how angry she was.

"What?" She asked, "You mean that part was real? You were. . . in my sleep?" I couldn't read the expression on her face.

"I'm so sorry, Bella," I pled for her forgiveness, "you were just so. . ." I searched for words.

"Insistent?" She supplied, blushing deeper.

I smiled again, "Well, yes, but that's no excuse for,"

She stopped me by placing a warm finger to my lips. "I see we were having the same dream," she paused gazing deeply into my eyes. I became lost in the deep brown pools. Had she really changed her mind? "We were married," she finished, looking away.

Of course, I thought. Once Bella made up her mind, she rarely changed it.

"I suppose I can forgive you this once," She said smiling. Bella always forgave me, especially when I didn't deserve it. "But, you were gone so suddenly. Did you pull away?" She asked. Again, I had to confess.

"Actually, Charlie woke up to use the bathroom. If I hadn't heard him coming up the stairs. . ." I shook my head, too embarrassed to finish.

Bella seemed amused, "I'm really that good?" she asked.

I smiled, brushing some hair away from her pale face. "You have no idea."

She laughed, "I guess I don't." I cringed at the reminder that she was unconscious during the whole episode. "But I will," she finished, pulling my face back to hers. There was promise shining in her eyes, even as she blushed.

I smiled again, kissing her forehead. I didn't trust myself while she had that look in her eyes. "And the nightmare?" I asked her, deciding maybe I did want to know after all.

She grimaced at the reminder, "What did you hear?" she asked. Gaging how much she would have to remember.

"Well, you were calling for me, I guess because I had so suddenly left the bed." I paused trying to keep my voice even. "Then you called for Jake." Despite my efforts to remain calm, my voice broke on his name.

"Oh, Edward! I'm so sorry!"she cried softly. I thought it absurd for her to apologize for how she really felt, but she continued before I could speak. "I wasn't calling for Jake! While I was looking for you, he just appeared. He said he was there for me. I told him I needed to find you, but he kept insisting that he was there. I started to feel like he had done something. That you couldn't come back." She paused, shuddering at the memory, "That's when I woke up."

Relief flooded my system. She choose me! Even in her most private dreams, where anything was possible, she wanted me. "Oh, Bella," I said and kissed her, immersed once again in her scent, her warmth, her presence.

When I finally pulled away, she smiled at me. "I'm sorry you were worried, Edward, but really you should know better. You're my life. You're in my every thought. Of course I dream of you!" She stroked my face reassuringly, I leaned into it, savoring the warmth of her hand.

"You're right, I should have known better," I agreed, knowing I would still worry every time she said his name in her sleep. "And you should get back to sleep. I promise to behave myself this time."

"I don't," she said smiling again, snuggling closer to me.

"You're cruel," I chided her, not really meaning it.

"Hey, I can't help it if my finance inspires me with. . .vivid dreams." She said, unapologetic. "He's unbearably attractive."

I laughed, her voice saying the word 'fiance' still filled me with unspeakable joy. "As are you, my love, as are you."

I began to hum to her, and soon she drifted off to sleep. She had no more dreams this night. I was grateful, for I didn't think I had any self control left, despite my promise. I stayed through the night and into the next morning. I couldn't bear the thought of her having another nightmare if I left. My arms wound securely around her, and I once again thought that, in spite of the occasional nightmare, I would truly miss holding her while she slept.

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