Hey I'm back!!! AngelicV at large! Here's my next fic, I doubt it would make a toon but I wanted to make it for so long…plus I really wanted to use Jazz in this, hee hee hee! Read on!!

Guard Duty

Jazz was bored. This was extremely rare for someone as fun and exciting as Jazz. This cool, smooth talking Autobot from the planet Cybertron made quite a reputation for himself as the fun loving machine on the whole planet. He could even make the sulkiest of machines have fun and had been known to make the up-tight Perceptor enjoy himself once. No one would believe that Jazz, the Autobot, was bored. No one knew how he got bored but he was bored out of his mainframe. He just sat in front of Teletraan-1's control panel within Autobot HQ. If an Autobot could yawn he would by now but all he did was tap his feet on the floor. Unbeknownst to him, it was starting to annoy the other Autobots…especially Perceptor.

'Man there's nothing to do!' suddenly wailed the bored machine.

'Well why don't you assist someone instead of making that infernal noise!' screamed Perceptor, making Jazz jump from his seat.

It was also rare to see Perceptor get really mad and all the other Autobots just stared.

'I would…but Wheeljack's working on something and I ain't too keen to get near him. Ratchet's tuning up Blaster! Hound, Prowl and Mirage are out on patrol! Cliffjumper, Brawn and Huffer are in the city on patrol! Powerglide is off doing stunts with Cosmos! I have no idea where Omega Supreme is! Grimlock and the other Dinobots are wreaking havoc somewhere and Bumblebee is out with Spike and Carly! Even Optimus and Ironhide are up to their exhaust chutes in work and none of them need me! Also the Decepti-cans aren't up to anything today! I got nothing to do man!'

Jazz was waiting for a bit of sympathy from Perceptor but all he got was,

'You said something?'

Jazz growled with frustration and left the room, almost knocking over Sunstreaker.

'Why that no-class brute! He almost ruined my new coat!'

Jazz had never found himself bored. Back on Cybertron he would race with the other Autobots on days like this, but even they were getting bored of that. Jazz sighed, he was miserable and no one seemed to care. He then heard an engine he knew and looked up. Bumblebee had returned with Spike and Carly. As the humans got out with their bags Bumblebee transformed back into his robotic mode.

'Hey Jazz! What's up?' he asked.

'I'm bored!' was the reply.

Bumblebee almost cried in shock.

'JAZZ! THE Jazz! Is bored? I must have burnt out a circuit or something.'

Carly her hand on Jazz's foot.

'Aw, don't be like that Jazz. We could play a game.' She offered.

Jazz frowned; the games on Earth were really easy. Scrabble he could complete in three seconds. Chess he could do in five.

'Why don't we play an old fashioned round of numerical tag?' he suggested, it was the most popular game on Cybertron.

It was Carly's turn to frown. That game was really confusing. Bumblebee tried to play with her but apparently she lost the moment she tried to make the first move.

'Sorry Jazz.' She said.

Jazz sighed and Bumblebee patted him on the shoulder.

'I'll play with you later. I gotta report to Prime, later!'

As Bumblebee ran off, Jazz became curious with the bags that Spike was holding.

'What cha got there Spike?' he asked.

'Nothing much, just some snacks.'

Spike then pulled out a small object covered in plastic. He tore open the plastic to revel a brown coloured thing, which he put into his mouth. Jazz had seen Spike, Sparkplug, Chip and Carly do this in the past but he never asked why.

'Why do human's do that?' he asked.

Spike made a movement with his throat and replied.

'Unlike Autobots who get their energy from Energon cubes, humans eat these things! Like this candy bar! It gives us energy.'

With that he took another bite. Jazz had seen him eat stuff like that before and was always going on how it tasted good. Of course, Autobots can't taste so he could never try and if he did it would clog his Audio Processors. Jazz sometimes really envied the humans; they seemed to always have fun. He jumped slightly when someone tapped him from behind. It was Ironhide.

'Hey kid, I've been looking for ya. Prime wants us in the main control room stat! We got us a little job.'

'Finally, something to do!' thought Jazz, following the older machine.

'I GOTTA WHAT!?' screamed Jazz.

'Jazz, I need someone to guard him from behind. If the Decepticons attack, you grab him and run!'

Jazz was furious. He got the grab and run job while everyone else got the defend and kick Decepti-can job! Optimus wasn't planning on changing jobs either. He got a transmission from a science centre that a young Dr Harrison Pepper was presenting his new energy charger, a machine that could help any future energy crisis. If the Decepticons found out they would attack.

'How does this thingamajig work anyhow?' asked Ironhide.

'Dr Pepper is going to revel that secret today. He's the only one who knows how to operate it so he could be the Decepticons target.'

Optimus looked sharply back at Jazz.

'Jazz, you are one of the Autobots fastest soldiers. That is why I have given you this task.'

Jazz sighed and tried to put on a grin.

'I won't let those Decepti-creeps touch that lil'dude Prime!'

Optimus nodded and turned to face all his troops.

'Autobots! Transform and rollout!'

The Autobots transformed as quickly as lighting and drove off, unaware that they had just been monitored by Laser Beak, the Decepticon spy bird. At Decepticon Base, they had heard the whole thing.

'So there is a devise that can recharge anything with energy!' said an excited Megatron. He turned to his troops.

'Decepticons, we must retrieve this machine and use it for our own desires!'

The Decepticons all agreed…all except one.

'I hate to ruin your moment great leader,' came the shrill voice of Starscream,

'But that Autobot Jazz is fast. Thundercracker, Sky Warp and I have trouble keeping up with him!'

Megatron frowned, Prime had thought of everything but he didn't think that he, Megatron, would get a little help.

'Starscream! Contact the Insecticons! Tell them I have a little proposition for them.'

'But Megatron, those dumb insects always stab us in the back when they think of it!' cried Sky Warp.

'Trust me!' replied Megatron, grinning evilly.

Soon the ultimate energy fountain would belong to Decepticons!

Jazz wanted to start tapping his feet again. He was on the stage waiting for this Dr Pepper to show up. The other Autobots were outside while a few were standing at the back of the theatre. The room was filled with scientist from all around the world but none of this interested Jazz. He was bored again. Sometimes one of the other Autobots would be with him but not this time. He looked out from behind the curtain and zoomed his optics on Bumblebee and Sideswipe. Bumblebee was snickering at something Sideswipe had told him but both of them were getting told off from Prime. Jazz sighed yet again. Even they were having fun on the job.

'Autobot Jazz I presume?' came a voice.

Jazz spun round and looked down. A young African-American man was standing right next to him with a smile. Jazz zoomed his optics on the name tag.

'Dr Pepper right?' he asked.

'The very one! I would like to thank you for your cooperation for today. This machine I have invented will benefit all of man-kind!'

Jazz looked at the object covered in a drape.

'So how does it work doc?'

'Oh you will have to wait. It's quite simple but…'

He paused and began to cough badly.

'You OK man?' asked Jazz.

'Yes I am thank you. I'm coming down with a cold, that's all. That's why I pushed the date a little earlier.'

The human smiled back up at Jazz.

'I hope you enjoy this Jazz, you got a front row seat.'

Dr Pepper walked out onto the stage and the audience began to applaud. Jazz folded his arms and remained alert. When the clapping of hands died down, Dr Pepper began to talk.

'Fellow scientists from around the world. Today, I will present to you a devise that will solve energy problems in the world! Behold…the Energy Reformatter!'

Jazz snickered,

'What a dumb name.'

Dr Pepper pulled back the drape to revel a machine no bigger than Bumblebee in vehicle mode. There was some 'ohhh's' and 'ahhh's' from the crowd but Jazz could tell that Wheeljack wasn't impressed.

'This machine can recharge cities! If, for example, New York gets a power cut because something destroyed its power station, this can keep the city running for weeks!'

There was a murmur in the audience and Jazz thought it was pretty impressive. The only question was how did it work. He wasn't the only one, Megatron and the Decepticons were observing from high above. Megatron was trying to hear what was being said through Soundwave.

'Blast it Soundwave! Can't you get a better signal?'


'If we get closer, we'll be spotted!'

Megatron snarled angrily, this would have to do. Then he heard what he was waiting for.

'Dr Pepper, how does this remarkable machine work?'

'Finally!' wailed Starscream.

'Simple, it works by…'


Megatron looked down in shock to see the science centre rooftop explode.

'You fool Starscream!'

'It wasn't me!'

Megatron looked back down to see the Insecticons fly around the building.

'They must have gotten here a little too early. No matter, Starscream, Thundercracker, Sky Warp! Stay with them, I ordered them to go after the Scientist and the Autobot!'

The seekers transformed and flew down. Megatron then gave the order the others were waiting for.


Jazz did as he was told. The moment he heard that blast, he grabbed Dr Pepper and ran out the building. Optimus Prime began firing on the descending Decepticons.

'Autobots! Defend the humans!' he ordered.

He looked round and was glad that Jazz had made off safely with the Scientist but was horrified to see the Insecticons on his tail.

'That's all he needs! Sideswipe! Sunstreaker! Stay with Jazz!'

'We're on it Prime!'

'But Prime, it's raining! Can't you-'

'Come on bro!' sighed Sideswipe, dragging Sunstreaker by the arm.

The brothers drove off to aid their comrade. Soon the humans were safely out the building and Optimus gave a new order.

'Autobots! Defend the machine!'

'Too late!' cried Bumblebee.

Rumble and Frenzy had ran out the building carrying the machine. Soundwave was covering their backs. As Optimus fired at him, Bumblebee frowned.

'As long as the Decepticons don't get that Dr Pepper, they'd be stealing it for nothing.'

Jazz was running. Not zooming down the road in his vehicle mode but running. It began to rain and he was running down a muddy path that was too dangerous to drive through. That wasn't ticking him off though, the fact that Insecticons were following him was. Dr Pepper was safe in his arms but was getting completely soaked. Worst of all, a storm began to brew. Jazz did a quick equation in his mainframe, Shrapnel + Storm Trouble. Not wanting to be Fried Autobot, Jazz quickly spun round and fired on the three bug machines, who fell to the ground and transformed into their robotic forms.

'Y'know, I prefer it when you're insects. You're waaay ugly in that mode!'

Dr Pepper snickered at the remark and Shrapnel just growled.

'You're the ugly fool here Autobot, Autobot! I'll fry all of your circuits, circuits!'

'Oh shoot!' yelped Jazz and he ran.

Shrapnel began to control the storm sending bolts of lightning left and right. Jazz dodged them but just barely. Luckily two Autobots appeared to save the day!

'Hang on Jazz! We'll get you out of this!'

'Yeah but do we have to fight in the mud?'

Jazz was really starting to get annoyed with Sunstreaker's ego. Above him he heard the jets of the seekers. This was starting to get bad. He couldn't fire on all of them; he had to guard the scientist. While he ran and thought of what to do, Starscream aimed his blasters but not at an Autobot.

'Starscream! What are you doing?' demanded Thundercracker, who noticed what Starscream was aiming at. He was aiming at Shrapnel. Starscream had grown tired of the Insecticons.

'I'll do Megatron a favour of wiping them out!' he cried as he fired.

Bombshell turned and saw the blast heading toward his comrade.

'Look out Shrapnel!' he cried.

'What do you mean, mean?'

Before Shrapnel could figure it out he was hit, but Starscream hit him at the worst possible moment. The storm began to get wilder and stronger. Soon Jazz was dodging bolts of lighting at nearly every turn. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were trying to find cover and the Decepticons were having trouble keeping their altitude.

'Decepticons! Pull back!' cried Starscream.

Kickback and Bombshell grabbed their fellow Insecticon, who was out, and took off. Sideswipe found cover in a cave and pulled his brother in with him. He looked back for Jazz.

'Jazz! Over here!'

Jazz began running still dodging the lightning. Jazz was finding it hard to see, the water was covering his optics. Sideswipe began calling out something but he couldn't hear.

'Jazz! Watch out for that…'

Too late, Jazz tripped over a giant root. The small distraction caused the Autobot to fail at noticing the bolt of lightning heading for him. Sideswipe watched in horror as both Jazz and Dr Pepper were hit by one powerful blast.


Once the blast and shock was over, Jazz began stumbling around. Static was coming out of his Vocal Processors and his lights and optics were flashing. Even his car alarm was going off. Dr Pepper was unconscious in his arms but looked like he had a nasty shock. Then Jazz stopped moving, he stood quite still and it suddenly got quiet. Soon smoke was pouring out of his mouth and he fell on his back, not making a move. Sideswipe had to wait until the effect Shrapnel had on the storm had disappeared before running out to his comrade. Sunstreaker followed and tried to pull the human from his arms, jumping back the moment he touched him.

'OUCH!' he cried.

'What?' asked his brother.

'Nothing, I just got a little shock.'

Sideswipe was little more concerned with Jazz. He wasn't moving at all.

'Is he going to be alright!' cried Carly.

It had been an hour after the Autobots returned to base. Dr Pepper was taken to a human hospital but Blaster and Tracks were watching him. Jazz was being taken care of thanks to Ratchet and Wheeljack. All the Autobots were waiting for any news on Jazz.

'We have failed to protect Dr Pepper's devise from the Decepticons; however they won't know how to use it so they'll come after him. As soon as Jazz is back on his feet we'll all keep an eye on him.'

'He's not much use to them the way he is.' Said Spike.

'True.' Thought Optimus.

When they recovered Jazz and Dr Pepper, they had been told by a human doctor that he was completely out cold, alive but out. That won't stop Megatron though; he had ways to extract information. The Autobot leaders only concern right now was Jazz. Sideswipe had said he had been hit really badly by the lighting storm Shrapnel caused. He sat down on a gigantic chair and waited. Bumblebee was tapping his feet, Ironhide was leaning against the wall frowning. Hours had past and Carly had fallen asleep by the time Ratchet came out with Wheeljack. The Autobots all stood up suddenly but were slightly concerned with the face Ratchet was making.

'Ratchet, what of Jazz?' asked Optimus.

Wheeljack steeped forward…and shrugged.

'We're just as confused as you are guys!'

'What's that supposed to mean?' asked Prowl.

Ratchet stepped forward.

'Well he's functioning; we patched him up but…'

The Autobots waited for ratchet to finish.

'…He's not coming online. He's personality and memory banks seemed to have been erased. It's almost like…Jazz has been erased from his own data files.'

The Autobots had the look of complete shock but Spike had no idea what it meant.

'What do you mean erased!'

'Erased means when something is…'

'I know what that means; I mean what happened to Jazz!'

Ratchet sighed.

'It's like he is no longer functioning within his own body. That his body is now as lively as a drone. It may look like Jazz…but it's not.'

There was a bitter silence.

'Does that mean…Jazz…is…gone?'

Spike didn't want to use the "D" word. Ratchet just nodded his head but Wheeljack stepped in.

'I know this sounds crazy but it's possibly that his data wasn't erased…it just got moved somewhere else!'

Spike and Carly looked up in hope at these words.

'But Wheeljack, how could it?' demanded Ratchet.

'Look if he did get fried then his circuits would be too! But they were still functioning when we checked them out! They must have moved Jazz's data somewhere else when he got hit by the lightning!'

There was another silence that was broken by Bumblebee.

'…But where did it get moved to?'

Jazz felt extremely bad. He opened his optics to see he was in some kind of medical room. It didn't look like Ratchet's room but as long as someone was repairing him, he didn't care. However the pain he was getting on his head was really bugging him. It was right above his optics which was unusual for an Autobot to get. He put his hand up there, surprised that it felt really soft not hard like it always was. Jazz looked at his hand and froze. It wasn't his mechanical hand he saw every day…it was a hand made of flesh and bone. He looked at the other one and it was the same. Jazz jumped of the funny looking operating table and fell to the floor. Usually when he fell to the floor he got a dent and he worried about it later but when he hit the floor he cried out. It was really painful, worse when Ratchet was fixing his spark core. He tried standing up, moaning from the pain and looked round. This defiantly wasn't the Autobot base.

'Hey guys?' he tried to call out.

He grabbed his vocal processors in shock, even his own voice was sounding wrong. It didn't have that robotic twang Autobots had! He looked round till he saw a mirror on the wall. He ran up to it and peered into it almost screaming at what he saw. He was looking at that Dr Pepper fella but he realised that he was also looking at himself. Jazz looked at himself up and down. He wasn't made of metal anymore; he was covered in organic flesh. He wasn't an Autobot from the planet Cybertron anymore…he was a human.

Jazz: Yikes, This is getting kind of creepy!

AngelicV: But Jazz! You're the first Autobot in Cybertron history to turn into a human!

Hot Rod: No he isn't!

AngelicV: Stay out of this Hot Rod!

Arcee: But we were the first Autobots to turn into humans!

AngelicV: This story takes place before season 3 so it counts!

Jazz: I think I better leave.

AngelicV: Anyway how did you get here? This is only open to the Season 1 and 2 Transformers!

Arcee: Grimlock let us in!

AngelicV: WHAT!! Oh he is so not going to get his own fic! But hey readers! Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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