AngelicV: Hey I'm back, and no the Coke Cola company isn't trying to kill me, Grimlock just can't tell the difference between a thug and a mailman!

Grimlock: He looked like thug!

AngelicV: Anyway we are now in a very interesting part with the story! Jazz is visiting a human town as a human and Optimus and co are off on an insect hunt! They better be bringing big nets!

A Day As A Human

Jazz had driven through the cities before but it didn't make him gaze in awe at the sights. He was looking up, for once, at the building's with their flashing signs and amazing designs. Jazz was always fascinated with alien cultures but seeing it through the eyes of a human made him realize that just because he used to see it through his robotic optics didn't mean it would look the same with the human eyes he had now. Spike was trying to persuade him to visit the arcade while Carly suggested he'd visit a shopping mall! He only had an hour but he wanted to do so much. As they walked through the city, Jazz had finally mastered drinking soda through a straw.

'Man this is great! Why can't Ratchet install one of these things in me?'

'I think because it would soak right through your circuitry, silly!' laughed Carly as she sipped her drink.

Jazz looked round and saw the place that Spike and Bumblebee usually visited. He always wanted to go in but he was too big, now he was just the right size now. He looked at Spike smiling. Spike could tell what he wanted.

'Alright Jazz.' he chuckled.

The moment Jazz entered, he suddenly wow'ed really loudly making a few people stare at him. He had always wondered why human kids played on these machines. Jazz used to do it too but not everyday. All around him he saw brightly coloured machines that young humans were playing on and laughing at. Some where really young and others seemed the same age as Spike but all of them were getting into the games, forgetting reality. Jazz wanted to try but wasn't sure which one to pick. He walked over to one that looked like the front of a car, the words 'BEAT THE SCORE' waved across the screen an pictures of cars racing each other flashed.

'THIS ONE! I'm gonna prove to you Carly that I can drive!' shouted Jazz.

Spike laughed as he put the token in the slot and explained how to play with the excited Auto-man. Within 10 minutes, Jazz had beaten every high score on nearly every machine within the arcade. He was surrounded by kids all ages trying to catch a glimpse how he worked his magic. Spike and Carly just stood in the back round slightly surprised that Jazz was such a computer whiz. He did used to be a machine after all. Jazz looked over the heads of human children to spot his friends.

'Hey Spike! Can I have another soda?'

Carly giggled.

'He is enjoying himself, isn't he.'

'Yeah but he won't be like this for long when Ratchet figures out how to get him back in his own body.' replied Spike as he made his way to the vending machine.

As he selected a drink Jazz hadn't tried yet, he was surprised when he noticed two girls walking up to him. They both had perfect bodies, angelic faces and tempting lips. Spike was an average Joe and he considered himself lucky that Carly found him attractive. The two girls smiled as they stood in front of him.

'Hey there. Are you with that cutie over there?'

She pointed over at Jazz who was playing Space Attackers. Spike smiled and looked back at the girls.

'Yes I am...he's my cousin.'

'Wow, you're related to that hottie!'

Spike realized that the body of Dr Pepper was young and handsome but when he acted like a nerd, nobody really noticed him. When Jazz ended up in his body he made him more attractive and interesting. The only thing that Spike hated was when he was compared to someone more attractive than him. Still he looked back at the girls and put on his best grin.

'Yep, he's my mother's, brother's, wife's, nephew! But we're pretty close.'

Soon Jazz had become impatient with his drink and made his way over to his human friend who was surrounded by a couple of human females. Jazz had learnt from Carly that Spike was always attracted to females, that it was a guy thing. Jazz never really understood it all but now that he was human he might get a good idea why Spike enjoyed talking to girls. He walked up and smiled one of his best smiles he could make his human body do.

'Hey Spike! What happened to the drinks man?'

Jazz almost jumped back when the girls suddenly turned to face him. Spike ran round them and stood next to Jazz, placing his arm over Jazz's shoulder.

'Ladies this is my cuz, Jazz Witwicky!'

Jazz looked at him, with a confused expression.

'Cuz? Since when was I your-'

Spike nudged him painfully in the gut and Jazz had to stop himself from crying out. That didn't feel nice, not one bit. Did Spike always do this around females? To experiment, and revenge, he nudge Spike harder than what Spike had done to him. Spike gasped and fell to the floor in pain. Jazz looked at his arm and back at Spike.

'Err...sorry about that Spike. I thought human's do that when with a female or something!'

The girls forgot about Spike and began to advance towards Jazz.

'Wow, you're strong! Wanna get a drink?'

'The vending machine is right there!' said Jazz.

The girls giggled and took Jazz by the arms and began to drag him out of the arcade. Jazz didn't want to hit them but was surprised at how strong they were.

'Spike! A little help please!' he cried.

Spike was still in pain from the blow Jazz gave him and was trying to stand up. Carly had returned from the bathroom and saw Spike in pain with a missing Jazz. She ran over and helped him up.

'Spike! Where's Jazz?'

Spike tried to get his breath back.

'He...took off...with some...girls!'

'WHAT!' she screamed.

Jazz was now gone and now he was a human and probably had no idea how to use a phone or how to get back to Autobot base. Plus if a Decepticon saw him, he was as good as gone. Carly grabbed Spike's arm and ran out the arcade, looking left and right down the street. Where could Jazz be? Where should they start looking? Suddenly she saw something that made her silently whimper. Bumblebee pulled up and transformed back into his robot mode, causing a few onlookers to stare. Bumblebee looked a bit angry with the pair but was more concerned that it was pair he was looking at, not a group of three.

'Spike! Carly! Where's Jazz?'

'We lost him! Some girls took off with him!' cried Spike.

Bumblebee frowned and looked round the large city. Where would he start looking for his lost friend?

'Okay, now let's ask ourselves. If I were a robotic bug with no brains and was always hungry, where would I go?' inquired Ratchet

Optimus Prime wasn't having much luck finding the Insecticons. He had sent a few to look out near their base but they hadn't returned. The only thing they would be doing now was eating and causing a little destruction here and there. Since there was over a million crop fields around the world he knew this wasn't going to be easy.

'We have to keep searching. If we don't we lose a friend and I don't want that more than you do.'

'Yeah but Prime, those Insecticons could be anywhere!' moaned Wheeljack.

'We need some kind of trap that they would fall for.' suggested Ratchet.

Those bugs would fall for anything. They were attracted to crops high in energy and they were all around the world. Hopefully Wheeljack's invention would help. It was some kind of Energy Distributor, it would attract the Insecticons with their energy sensors thinking it were crops. It only had a 30 mile effect so they doubted it would work. All they could do was wait. They hid within the rocks that surrounded the area and waited to pounce in case they appeared.

'Say Optimus, how are we going to capture them when they do show?' inquired Ratchet.

'Don't worry, I have a plan.' said Optimus Prime, still looking at the Energy Distributor.

Soon they heard the buzzing of Insecticon engines. Optimus looked up to see only two Insecticons and not one of them was Shrapnel. Wheeljack looked back and Ratchet frowned. This wasn't good at all. Bombshell and Kickback landed near Wheeljack's invention and transformed into their robotic modes, both angry and confused.

'What is this? We need energy for Shrapnel or he'll deactivate for good not a tool box!' screamed Bombshell.

'How was I supposed to know! My sensors said there was a whole field of crops here!' argued Kickback.

The three Autobots looked at each other. Shrapnel was dying? This was really bad.

'What now Optimus?' asked Wheeljack, looking over to where his leader should be.

However he was gone. Looking round Wheeljack was horrified to see Optimus walking out to the two Insecticons.

'What in Primus is he doing!?' cried Ratchet.

It didn't take long for Kickback and Bombshell to notice the leader of the Autobots walking up to them, they jumped back and got out their weapons.

'It was a trap set by the Autobots!' cried Kickback aiming his weapon at Optimus.

Optimus Prime raised his hand and threw his weapon down.

'Wait, before you attack I have a proposition for you!' cried the leader of the Autobots.

Kickback and Bombshell continued to aim their weapons at their defenseless enemy.

'Your ally is damaged and you don't have the science (or the brains, he said quietly) to fix him. If you bring him to Autobot HQ we can fix him on one condition!'

The Insecticons looked at each other confused.

'What is this condition?' demanded Bombshell.

'We need Shrapnel's power to help a friend. If you agree to help us we shall help you!'

Ratchet and Wheeljack couldn't believe what they were hearing. The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime was bargaining with Insecticons? Though the Insecticons didn't get on with the Decepticons, they still were Decepticons inside and out. Bombshell was discussing this matter with Kickback in a low voice, while Optimus Prime waited for a reply.

'Should we trust him Bombshell? It could be an Autobot trap!'

'True but we can turn the tables Kickback!'


'We can let them repair Shrapnel and when he is fixed we can destroy the Autobots within their own base!'

Kickback paused, letting the information sink in. Then he began to snicker.

'I like your thinking Bombshell!'

They turned to give the leader of the Autobots their answer.

'Very well, if you fix our comrade we will convince him to help you! We will meet at your headquarters later!' cried Bombshell.

Then the two Insecticons Transformed into their bug like forms and disappeared. When they were gone Ratchet and Wheeljack ran out.

'Prime, what are you thinking? We can't trust the Insecticons!' cried Wheeljack.

'I know Wheeljack, but if they don't help Jazz is in trouble. We will remain at full alert while they are within Autobots HQ.'

Ratchet frowned.

'I'm not looking forward to fixing that insect!' he snarled.

'Look girls, I'm having a wonderful time but I really need to get back to my cuz!'

Jazz had somehow ended up in a fancy human eating place with the human females who dragged him off earlier. They sat at the small table gazing at him and giggling, making poor Jazz feel uncomfortable. He had no idea what these females were planning to do with him but he had a feeling it was something that would freak him out. One of the girls sipped her drink and looked at him with gaping eyes.

'So Jazz, do you have a girlfriend?' she suddenly asked.

Girlfriend? What did that mean? Were they talking about Carley? She was a girl and she is a friend so Jazz presumed that was it.

'Yeah! Her name's Carly!'

The girls moaned at this response and began to pout.

'Do you really like her?'

'Well...yeah, I mean-'

'How long have you known each other?'

'About a couple years but-'

'Did you ever make-out?'

That was new to Jazz, the former Autobot. What in Cybertron does "make-out" mean? Was it something humans did? He had let Carly sit within him when he was a car but that was when he was a robot and he guessed it didn't count as making out.

', not really.' he answered.

The girls suddenly squealed with glee and moved in closer, making Jazz feel even more uncomfortable.

'So you've never been kissed?' they asked.

Jazz was getting a bit fed up. These girls were throwing things at him left and right and he had no idea how to reply. Kiss was something Spike had mentioned a few times but he didn't really see Spike kiss, whatever it meant.

'No I haven't! Is this really important cause I-'

What one of the girls did next really made Jazz jump. She grabbed him and suddenly forced her lips on his! Jazz couldn't move, this was a new sensation that was a little strange but a little interesting. Autobots never did this and probably for good reasons cause the next thing Jazz felt was something thick and moist being forced inside his mouth. He pushed the girl off and ran out, his face was red for some unusual reason. The girls cried out to him but he bolted out the door and down the street as far away as he could. Jazz wasn't too sure if he wanted to feel that again, it was new and interesting but somewhat strange. He suddenly felt a pain in his chest and stopped running. His breathing, Spike had told him was how humans lived, was fast and he was leaking lubricants all over his face. Normally he could run even further but he was too worn out.

'Aw man...gasp...being a human isn't really all that fun now!'

Suddenly he began to make noises that was painful for his chest and throat. It was like what Dr Pepper did when they met the first time. Jazz fell back as it got worse, suddenly everything was starting to hurt and his engines, or lungs as Carly made out, were getting harder and harder to use. He suddenly felt really hot and felt like a virus had jumped into his circuitry. He stood up slowly and looked round, he had to find Spike or Carly or he would probably damage himself. As he began to walk he heard a very familiar voice.

'There you are! We've been looking for you!'

Jazz spun round to see something that made him fell a little uncomfortable right now. Thundercracker and Sky Warp, smirking their usual way stood there in a dark alley. They stepped a little closer but not too close too be noticed by the human's in the street.

'Megatron wants you to tune up that machine you made, or else!' snickered Sky Warp.

Jazz jumped back, almost forgetting that he was a human not an Autobot.

'I'm gonna kick your sorry exhaust pipes back to Cybertron you Decepti-cans!' he cried.

Thundercracker and Sky Warp had never heard a human use Cybertronian talk at them. Maybe he got a little to friendly with the Autobots, and cocky too.

'You little maggot! When we're done with you, I'm gonna turn you into human jerky!' growled SkyWarp dangerously.

Jazz now remembering his predicament ran as fast as he could down the street. The sight of the Decepticons made the onlookers run and scream, making Thundercracker's and Sky Warp's job a little harder. It wasn't easy for Jazz either, people kept bashing into him in a panic and he was feeling pain all over. He looked over his shoulder to see that Thundercracker had seen him. For once, Jazz the fearless Autobot soldier, was very afraid.

Bumblebee heard the ruckus and checked his scanners. Two Decepticons were in the area and the small Autobot figured that they weren't there for sightseeing or energy. He left Spike and Carly and ran off, activating his communicators.

'This is Bumblebee! We have Decepticon activity downtown They must be after Dr Pepp...I mean Jazz!'

'This is Blaster, blasting at ya! I'll be there after this beat!'

'Just try to keep them busy! As soon as I drag my brother away from this car-wash we'll be there!'

'But Sideswipe, they have a new lotion!'

Bumblebee was glad that there were some Autobot's in the area but was more concerned with Jazz. Humans weren't as fast as Autobots and Jazz was always fast, he could wear himself out easy! He ran until he saw Thunder cracker and Sky Warp trying to grab the human Jazz as he run between lamp posts and parked cars.

'Keep still, you little pip squeak!' snarled Sky Warp, as he lunged but missed the running human.

Jazz was sweating and his breath was heavy, meaning that Bumblebee had to act quick. He fired his blaster at Sky Warp who cried in surprise and suddenly turned his attention on the small Autobot.

'You are gonna pay for that!' he shouted, aiming his blasters at the small Autobot

Bumblebee dodged and tried to make his way over to Jazz who was still running from Thundercracker.

' would be...nice...gasp...Blaster!' gasped Jazz, barely breathing.

Blaster had appeared on the scene and pounced on top of Thundercracker.

'Sorry, this station's been canceled!' he chuckled as he pounded the blue Seeker in the face.

Jazz had to stop, he couldn't run any further. Humans weren't very good at running so it was no wonder they always walked. He hid in a alley and waited for any ally to appear and rescue him. Jazz didn't like being rescued but in his current situation he had no choice. He waited until Spike and Carly ran down the street looking for him. He called out to them and they ran over, dodging Bumblebee who was thrown towards them by Sky Warp. Carly run right up to Jazz.

'Jazz! Are you OK?' she asked.

'Fine...gasp...but I'm some reason.' he replied.

'You're probably tired from all that running you did!' guessed Spike, but Carly wasn't too sure.

She checked him up and down and placed a hand on his forehead. She then looked at Jazz with shock.

'Jazz! How on Earth did you get a cold?' she asked.

'A cold? that?'

'Humans get it when we're sick. You need to rest!' she cried.

Spike suddenly realized something as Carly held onto Jazz so he could rest on a discarded chair. Jazz had been a machine for over 10-20 millions of years, he might had got a computer virus from time to time if Autobots did but Jazz had never got a human virus. He might not be able to cope and cold's could be deadly if not treated correctly. Jazz was still gasping and coughing and Carly was trying to get him to calm down. Suddenly they were covered in a large shadow. Spike turned slowly, hoping to see an Autobot. To his horror he saw Astrotrain standing there with a smirk.

'Time to go little humans!' he snickered, grabbing them all in one swoop.

Carly screamed, Spike yelped and Jazz started cursing in Cybertronian. Astrotrain bolted down the street and with skill, transformed and locked the three humans within him in his Space Shuttle mode. Bumblebee heard the commotion and tried to reach him, missing by inches. He watched as the Decepticons took off victorious.

'Now what!' cried Bumblebee.

Thankfully Blaster was near and he fired a tracking device on Astrotrain before he took off. He run up to Bumblebee who just stared into the sky as their friends disappeared as captives. Worst of all if Jazz didn't get treated soon, Dr Pepper might wake up and they could destroy each other trying to control the body. All they could do was wait until they got a fix on the signal and hope they could get there on time.

Jazz: Aw man! Now I'm a hostage!

AngelicV: Don't worry Jazz, you're gonna save the day in a suprising way!

Jazz: How? I'm a little human, how can I beat theose Decepti-cans if I'm so weak?'

Grimlock: Jazz is weak, Grimlock strong!

AngelicV: Grimlock be nice! Jazz is strong...just not right now.

Grimlock: Fine. Grimlock strong but Jazz is strong within little puny human!

Jazz: Please tell me Grimlock is not a poet!

AngelicV: Sweet! You should recite some more Grimlock! See you next time!