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or Things Change: The Prologue

There is light, endless light. All my troubles, worries and fears have been gone for some time now. I am even beginning to forget what even happened to me. I am slowly losing the painful memories. Nothing can hurt me now, and I can't hurt them.

I float in a glowing pool of light that appears to be of the strangest shade of white. It feels like the one time I went swimming in the ocean when I was bound to the Earth. However, I feel warm. It is strange, being dead, as I assume that I am. It is…peaceful. I hadn't expected this when I did my part to save the city.

I am happy. I am home. I am-

My vision turns black. My surroundings turn into an Earthly setting. Walls of an underground cavern creep into my sight. A searing pain rips through my body. I fall to the ground off of a rock I seemed to have been standing on. I close my eyes tight, not wanting to come back into this world.

Cold stone meets my face. I open my eyes.

I sit up and look at the cave around me. It seems familiar, but distant somehow. Like a dream I had once. I glance down at my body, where an orange disk with a black "S" logo rests on an all-too-familiar silver body suit.

Pain sears through my body again. I keel over, watching the memories fly past my eyes.

A carnival. A strange Tower in the shape of a "T". A dark room with one dark, sinister eye staring out. Molten magma in the middle of a secret lair.

I remember everything as I lay on the rock. I finally gather my strength and try to stand up. My legs wobble, but I can walk. I see a large opening in the rock to my left. As I walk outside, I ponder what I am going to do now.

The Titans will never take me back. They cannot see me like this. I don't want them to see me like this. I would only cause them pain again.

A green boy's face flashes before my eyes again. I hesitate before I keep walking once again, even though I have no idea where I am going.

I walk into the city. People stare at me as I walk by, but I do not care. My head is spinning. I feel dizzy, but I keep walking. Finally, before I reach an intersection, I black out.

I wake up in a white bed. A man and a woman are standing near me.

"Who are you?" They ask. I sit up.

"My name is Ter-" I pause. No, I will not go by that name anymore. I need to move on from my past. I black out once more.

No matter who I am, I know one thing: My past is behind me. Nothing is holding me back now. I am finally free.

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