A face From the Past

Moonlight spilt onto the floor of the corridor, only breaking as a dog bounded passed. It's black fur catching the light.

'Trust the fat lady not to let me in' Sirius thought. Part of him wanted to go back, have another go at getting into Gryffindor tower. Halloween. It was possibly one of the only times when the tower would be empty of students. If only he could have got in... but he couldn't go back. He had no idea of what time it was. Everyone could be pouring out of the Great Hall at any moment.

He turned another corner, he would be out of the castle soon. Out of the castle and Pettigrew would again be out of his reach. If only he had got inside... Maybe if he... no, he couldn't go back. He shook his head and kept going.

He could hear the sound of students in the Great Hall, enjoying the Halloween celebrations. He couldn't help but think back, to remember how he had shared similar times with James and Remus and even Peter. How young they had all been. And how happy! A sense of warmth grew up from his stomach but it soon turned to bile. The past was gone. He had to remind himself of that. The light buzzing of chatter gradually grew quieter again- drifting away from him and he continued to make his way through the castle.

He was almost at the door, there wasn't far to go. He was about to make a final dash for it when he heard footsteps approaching. Cursing in his mind Sirius retreated into the shadows, out of sight from the one person, other than himself, who seemed to be avoiding the celebrations.

He watched as a young man walked passed. He had dark black hair and a confident stride. He walked straight passed where Sirius was concealed without stopping, he was probably heading for his dormitory. Sirius waited a moment longer and then emerged from the shadows and began to make his way towards the door. However, he had not gone far when he heard the footsteps returning. It seemed that the young man had turned back on himself. For a moment Sirius froze, unable to think of what to do. The footsteps got louder. He turned round, the boy was right in front of him now. Sirius almost moved out of the way when, just for a second, he looked into the boy's face and found himself completely unable to move.

He looked beyond the black hair and the confident stride and actually looked at the boy. He gasped. He would recognise that face anywhere...


His blood ran cold. He was unable to move. He even forgot that he was a dog and tried to speak. A low whimper was all that escaped his lips.

The boy bent down so he was level with Sirius and began stroking his ears affectionately. Looking around the foyer.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. He even had the same voice. Though it had been ages since Sirius had ever heard Regulus use that tone. A soft, friendly tone like he always used to use with Kreacher. Sirius let out a snort. Somehow it seemed typical that, on their first meeting, Regulus would treat him like a house elf. "What are you doing here?" The boy- Regulus- repeated.

Sirius still couldn't do anything to respond. His brother... his brother was alive and at Hogwarts.

"You don't have to be afraid. I bet you got lost." The boy rose again. "No collar..." he muttered while stroking at Sirius's bare neck. "Where's your owner?" He asked looking down at Sirius again. "You probably don't have one... I should take you to Hagrid, we can't have stray dogs roaming around the castle."

He then took hold of Sirius by the scruff of his neck and began to lead him towards the Great Hall... the Great Hall! Sirius' senses suddenly returned to him. He couldn't go to the there- Remus would be there and he would recognise him immediately. Easily breaking free from the boy's grip Sirius quickly bounded away, making his escape from the castle and Regulus.

But was it Regulus? How could his brother be alive and at Hogwarts? And yet he had seen him with his own eyes...