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It was another cold winters night at Misselthwaite a 15 year old Mary Lennox sat by her window staring out at the moors. Her thoughts were interuppted by the sound of someone outside her door.

"Ms Mary? Are you awake" came a voice

Mary recognised the voice at once and ran to open the door to reveal Martha her maid and close friend " Yes Martha?"

" I didn't mean to disturbe ya ms Mary but i hear ya birthday is comn' up"

" Yes it is. Why?"

"I was just wondern' for you see your uncle would like to hold a ball in your honour."

" Really?" asked Mary astounded "I've never had anyone do something like that for me. Would I be allowed to invite anyone I want?"

"I'm no' sure Ms Mary. Why? Do you wish to invite a certain gardener who goes by the name of Dickon?" teased Martha knowing about Marys affections towards Dickon.

Mary had been in love with Dickon from the moment she met him. He had been her first real friend, he was the first person she trusted and the first person who cared about her and the first person who had seen her cry for the first time in all the time she was alive.

"No I might invite Ben if I am allowed to invite anyone" Mary said trying to defend herself.

"Then why are you blushing?" smirked Martha.

"Be quiet. I'm going to go to sleep I had a long day in the garden. Good night Martha." said Mary as she crawled into her bed.

"G'd night Mary. Oh and your uncle wants to see ya tomorrow yo see if you do want this ball ok?."


Martha left the room trying to be silent as to not disturbe Mary any longer. Mary fell into a deep sleep dreaming off her at her ball dancing with Dickon and at the end they both admit their love and kiss.

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