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Irvine adjusted his scope and didn't turn as a shadow fell across him. "Thanks, Almasy," he said casually. "Not only are you in my light, you've pretty much given away my position."

This earned a snort from the gunblader, who settled more comfortably against the stone gargoyle that hid him from view from the streets or neighboring rooftops. He looked down at the sharpshooter. "What are you doing, Kinneas?"

"I should think it would be obvious." Irvine glanced up briefly. "My job."

SeeD was originally formed to assassinate Sorceresses. Rinoa was going to go out onto the street any moment now, and then that would be the end of her. Seifer looked at Irvine's hands, calm and steady on his gun. "You told Squall you choke under pressure."

"I lied." Calm, too calm. Irvine wasn't proud of what he was about to do, but he was in a mood to do and not regret it.

"Does he know you're out here?"

"What are you, Almasy, my mother?" Irvine looked at Seifer, annoyed. "The world's in trouble again, and so the world expects SeeD to make it right again. Rinoa's a Sorceress, ergo she is a threat."

"Matron's a Sorceress, too," Seifer pointed out.

"Matron didn't run at the first sign of trouble," Irvine spat, and there lies the problem. He put the safety on his gun and turned to face Seifer completely. "Rinoa always claimed she wanted to use her Sorceress powers for good, but damned if she'll follow through for anything beyond what she wants. She ran, Seifer, even before Squall could suggest she help out a little. All Rinoa wants is to be saved like some sort of princess and live happily ever after. I'm not going to wait for the enemy to figure that out and use it against us. Squall won't fight Rinoa. He's her Knight, he can't."

There was quiet for a while as Irvine closes his eyes and regained the calm he needed to pull this off. He flicked the safety off on his gun and aligned the shot. Rinoa appeared in the doorway, hand on the knob. Irvine's hands were shaking, not because he was afraid or reluctant to do this to Rinoa, because neither were true. He just didn't want to hurt Squall any more than the other teen has already been hurt.

Suddenly Seifer was right behind Irvine, an arm coming around him and a gloved hand resting on top of Irvine's, right over the trigger. "Don't look," Seifer ordered in a low tone.

Irvine shifted the gun a little as Rinoa opened the door and did as Seifer said. "All right."

A shot rings out.

Sorceress Rinoa is no longer a threat.