chapter 7

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Sakura's eyes widened in fear as she stared at the anomaly that was before her. How could this be? This shouldn't even be possible….and yet, who else could it be. She had studied that face in her history books for years.

"How is it possible…you're Uchiha Madara!"

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"Well aren't you the smart kinoichi," He replied in his overly cold and emotionless voice. "You always were brighter than your teammates."

Sakura began to panic as he walked closer to where she was standing, she knew she should be running or fighting, or something but she could barely manage to keep breathing as his ominous form approached her.

"Why are you here?"

He chuckled at this remark.

"My dear Sakura," his smile stretched farther across her face at seeing her surprise in him knowing her name. "I have great plans for you. You are quite the kinoichi, in fact you are one of the best I have ever seen, strong, brilliant, a skilled ninja in battle…"

His voice trailed off as he noticed her nervously trying to create distance between them. Noticing his scowl she tried to keep him talking.

"As flattering as this is I really should be going, Sasuke will be worried…"

She paused as he outright laughed at her.

"Oh Sasuke my dear will not be much of a problem for me, though he might resent me somewhat for taking you from him…"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Why the hell do you need me you freaking ghost?!"

Sakura was beyond pissed now, what was it about Uchihas that made them egotistical pompous bastards?

"A ghost my beauty? I think not…"

Sakura stopped breathing as she felt him disappear and reappear behind her. Goosebumps were raised on her arms as she felt his hand softly brush against her face.

"I assure you Sakura, I am just as real as you." his voice chilled her to the core. It was so cold and heartless… Sasuke had nothing on this guy.

Sakura struggled to control her voice. "I don't know why you're here, but if you think your going to get to sasuke you have another thing coming!"

He laughed sinicly at her. "Now why would I need him when you are right here in front of me?"


Sakura froze, not daring to move an inch as she felt his hand slide up her spine to her neck. How was she supposed to fight him? He was hiding most of his chakra, but from what she could still feel, he had mountains more of it than she did, even at her full power. Sakura desperately hoped sasuke was around somewhere, cause otherwise she was screwed.

Finally snapping out of it she knocked his hand off of her and turned to face him, stubbornly ignoring his smoldering look of fury at her defiance.

"Why the hell would you want me you bastard!?"

He regained his emotionless stare. When he answered her Sakura nearly fainted, "Why? Well because my dear Sakura, you are the perfect canadit to restore the Uchiha line with."

Sasuke raced towards the training grounds in a mad rush trying to find Sakura. He didn't know what this bad feeling was, but whatever it was, meant Sakura was in danger, and that was something he couldn't allow.

Finally sensing sakura's chakra pattern, sasuke dashed into the trees of the farthest training ground from the village. What he saw made the pit of his stomach drop.

Sakura was unconscious and in the arms of a very strong shinobi. This alone would have been a big enough issue in and of itself if Sasuke hadn't noticed one specific detail about Sakura's captor.

He had the sharingan.

The man noticed his shocked expression and let out a cold laugh. "Hello Sasuke."

Sasuke continued to stare at the man in disbelief. Too his knowledge everyone in his clan was dead, how did this strange man have his blood line limit?

The man regarded sasuke with a cool disinterested look. "You are of no use to me in the rebuilding of the uchiha clan, leave before I eradicate you."

Sasuke shook with anger, "I wont leave here without Sakura! Besides, who are you and how do you have my blood line trait?"

The man smirked. "Who am I you ask? I am Uchiha Madara, I am the original Uchiha and I will be the one who rebuilds the Uchiha clan as the rulers they were meant to be."

"How can you be Madara, he died in a battle with the Hokage hundreds of years ago."

Madara grinned evilly at him, "I transcend time, and if you will excuse me, I will be taking my leave."

Sasuke drew out his sword quickly, "Oh no you don't! Your not going anywhere with Sakura!"

Madara laughed in a way that brought the sickening feeling back to Sasuke's stomach. "Your little cherry blossom is mine now Sasuke, and you will never find us. I hope you enjoy hell."

Leaves began to swirl around Madara and Sakura's limp body as Sasuke desperately tried to reach them. His fingers slipped right through the place they had just been. He had just lost the only thing of importance left in his life.

He had lost Sakura.


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